Kate Beeders - Conversations to Clients™ Online Course

Kate Beeders - Conversations to Clients™ Online Course digital download.

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Kate Beeders - Conversations to Clients™ Online Course

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Kate Beeders - Conversations to Clients™ Online Course

Kate Beeders - Conversations to Clients™ Online Course

It’s time to forget everything you currently feel about the sales conversation.

That icky feeling you get when you have to ask for money…
The discomfort of feeling pushy and trying to “convince”…
The anxiety and fear over facing possible rejection…

The best sales strategies in the world won’t work if you don’t believe in your own value.

Conversations to Clients™ is a new online program designed to get to the ROOT of your sales struggles - so you can stop letting them get in your way, and start inspiring your ideal clients to buy!

It’s not all about money.

If it were, you’d be working in the corporate world, punching a clock and collecting your paycheck!

Life is short.

And it’s no secret that the key to happiness and success for people like us comes from a balance of making an impact AND an income we can count on.

But you can’t make a difference for anyone until they buy your product or program.

And that’s where sales come in.

But the truth is, you don’t have a business if you aren’t willing to have sales conversations. You have to get real with yourself about what is required to build a profitable business. All of the other marketing stuff won’t work.

Let’s shift your perspective on what sales really means!

There are a LOT of programs out there teaching entrepreneurs how to sell.

So why then are hundreds of businesses closing every year?

Because most of the time, those programs are handing out generic scripts instead of teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage the most important tool they have - unique brilliance!

Instead, you might end up following that generic script which in no way connects your brilliance to your client’s deepest needs, and what happens then?

What happens is that many entrepreneurs spend their entire career under the misguided belief that they “just aren’t good” at sales.Products and programs that could have changed thousands of lives lay dormant because their creator was convinced that they just didn’t know how to sell.

This isn’t true!

The problem is, some business owners never take the time to uncover the ROOT of that belief (hint: it got its start long before their business began!)

Are you operating under that same idea?

There are plenty of programs out there that promise “six figures in six months.”

But people are failing at these programs because they’re just handed cookie-cutter strategies that fail to leverage the most powerful factor in any sale—YOU!

And furthermore, a lot those programs are all about the money, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably NOT.

You know you need to make an income you can depend one; one that allows you to live a life of freedom and fun, but you also want to feel great about how you’re making that money!

This is where mastering the art of the inspired sales conversation comes in!

Even the best coach can’t help you until you help yourself identify and overcome the blocks that come up for you during the sales process.

Feelings of embarrassment, shame, unworthiness, anxiety, fear…they’re all sabotaging your chance of closing that deal and changing that life!


  • You know you could be reaching more clients than you currently do
  • You consistently trip over your words any time you try to close a sale
  • You’ve become the king or queen of procrastination and will do just about ANYTHING to avoid sales conversations
  • You’re ready to uncover the inner objections that are your stumbling blocks to successful sales
  • You know you could be helping more people if you could just get passed the sales hurdle!
  • You’re tired of feeling anxious and fearful around the thought of sales
  • You want to FINALLY step into your brilliance and let it shine

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