Kashief Edwards - How To Start A Successful Vending Machine Business

Kashief Edwards - How To Start A Successful Vending Machine BusinessHow to A Successful Vending Machine Business (Advanced) Get coached through common obstacle...
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Kashief Edwards - How To Start A Successful Vending Machine Business

Kashief Edwards - How To Start A Successful Vending Machine Business

How to A Successful Vending Machine Business (Advanced)

Get coached through common obstacles with our group calls and take the opportunity to join our affilate program that lets you earn while you learn.


Today I will show you how you can take a simple soda vending machine and snack vending machine and make extra money for yourself so you can buy the things you want, provide a retirement income for yourself or just simply have extra spending money for the things in life that you enjoy doing.

The truth is that Vending is a great way to make easy cash! Yep! that’s right cash, because when your in vending you don’t have to wait for checks in the mail or wait until payday to get paid.

In fact you get paid each and every time to go and restock one of your vending machines. Also you don’t have to wait for your BOSS to maybe give you a pay raise when it comes time for your review.

You simply get a pay raise every time you place your machines on a new location and making money.

The Vending Business Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Business and Is A Simple Business where literally anyone can create an income and you don’t need a University Degree to do it.

Hey, Listen I am probably a lot like you. I had a full time job for many years driving a city bus and when I built my vending business big enough then that’s when I fired my Boss.

Yep! That’s what the vending business can do for you.

How many people do you know have left a full time job where they had great seniority, made $50,000 per year and had an excellent medical and dental benefit plan and just one day quit?

Well that’s exactly what I did and the only way that I could have done it was because I built a highly profitable vending business from scratch.

…and I’ll tell you the down right honest Truth!

The Vending Business is a great business but you need to work at it to make it all come together


1. Know The Game Before you Play it: (Gain I true understand of the vending business and how to make real money!)

2. Forming Your Business: (Steps and tutorials on how to set your business up)

3. Find Locations Like A Boss: (Seven different ways to find locations & the secret to make them find you!)


4. Common Maintenance Issues: (Learn a few common maintenance issues and how to deal with them)

5. Where To Find Purchase Machines: (A walk through guide that works in every city)

6. Where To Find Products: (A walk through guide that works in every city)

7. How To Properly Move Your Machines: (A informative guide that helps make the job easy)

8. How To Service Your Location Properly: (Learn how service your locations like the pros)


  • Secret Sale Boosters
  • Affiliate Program (Earn while you learn)
  • Group Calls Twice Monthly
  • How To Get FREE Machines
  • The Art of Negotiation


Your Instructor


Kashief Edwards

Kashief Edwards

Hello! I am a successful vending machine business owner and over the years I have helped others get into the business. Now I am helping others learn how to a successful vending machine business. In this course I’m teaching what has made my business successful and others like. It took years to learn all of this information on my own now these vending secrets are available to you!

Course Curriculum

A Chance To Earn While You Learn

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Understanding The Business (10:04)
How Much Does Getting ed Cost? (5:21)
Do I Need Insurance? (1:47)


Let’s Get to Know Each Other (7:37)


Intro (12:32)
LLC (8:57)
Social Media (23:10)
Website (5:39)
Business Cards (17:21)
Answering Service (4:51)


Intro (1:06)
What Does A Good Location Look Like? (3:01)
Cold Calling (6:04)
Driving For Dollars (4:42)
Mass Emailing (1:30)
Using A Locator (3:09)
Website (2:10)
Networking & Referrals (3:10)
Running Ad’s (2:14)
Closing the Deal


Intro (5:02)
Where to Look? (9:54)
Machines I Recommend (3:49)
How Can I Tell If the Machine Is Good (3:48)
Renting v.s Buying (4:37)
Card Readers (8:37)


Intro (15:17)
Where Should I Buy My Products? (5:39)
Best Products to Use (5:26)


Intro (7:40)
Mesurements (1:49)
What’s Else Is Needed? (1:49)

Servicing Locations

Intro (4:34)
Stocking & Service (10:37)
Programming (4:38)
Vending Machine Setup (2:59)

Common Maintenance

What to Look Out For? (8:37)
Replacing Parts (6:03)


Sale Boosters (4:30)
Getting Free Machines (3:48)
Coffee & Water Services (3:20)
The Art of Negotiation (4:33)

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