Karyn Thomas - Amazon Conversion Maximizer

Karyn Thomas - Amazon Conversion Maximizer digital download. Info: [WebRip 26 MP4s + 1 PDFs]. Let Amazing.com’s Karyn Thomas teach you simple and effect...

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Karyn Thomas - Amazon Conversion Maximizer

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip 26 MP4s + 1 PDFs]

Amazon Conversion Maximizer

Duration: 1:44:54

Are you ready to connect with your customers in a way that makes them want to take immediate action to buy your product? What if you could grow your revenue stream by not focusing on bringing in more traffic? What if, instead, you tweaked your listings to convert the same traffic at a higher rate?

Let Amazing.com’s Karyn Thomas teach you simple and effective strategies that will help you to fully optimize your title, images, bullet points, product description, Q&A’s, reviews, and pricing structure to give you a huge advantage over your top competitors.

In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step course, you will learn to take daily action, and apply the powerful tried-and-proven conversion strategies that will earn you more sales and grow your business! Discover why these top strategies are converting many products up to 75% daily. This is the perfect course to prepare your product listings for the extra traffic that comes through highly efficient and effective campaigns.

Table of contents:

Selling the Why
– Course Introduction and Welcome Video.mp4 (Duration: 0:08:38)
– The “Selling with the Why” Opportunity.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:23)
– Using Emotional Persuasion.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:15)
– Creating a Brand Message.mp4 (Duration: 0:02:59)
– AmazonConversionMaximixer_M1L4_Link.pdf
– Sources to find Powerful “Why Tag-lines”.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:21)

Identifying Your Unique Selling Point
– Your Business SWOT Analysis (No video lesson)
– Finding Opportunities to Stand Out.mp4 (Duration: 0:08:03)

Optimizing Your Title on Amazon
– Finding the Most Important Keywords to Target.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:48)
– Creating a Powerful Title.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:41)

Creating High-converting Bullet Points
– The Do’s and Don’ts for your Bullet Points.mp4 (Duration: 0:02:42)
– Brainstorm Benefits of the Benefits to Find Golden “Why Tag-lines”.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:15)
– Using Customer Product Reviews to Find “The Why”.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:51)
– Use the Why, How, and What Formula to Create Each Bullet Point.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:34)
– Infusing Your Bullets with Keywords.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:34)

Maximizing Your Product Description
– Provide the Right Information with the Why, How, What Formula.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:16)
– Methods to Close the Sale in Your Product Description.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:53)

Persuading with Powerful Product Pictures
– Powerful Tips for Each of your Product Images.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:09)
– Sources to get Images and Design Work Created Inexpensively .mp4 (Duration: 0:01:42)

How to Use Product Reviews Effectively
– Ideas to Get Awesome Reviews.mp4 (Duration: 0:05:51)
– Responding to Reviews.mp4 (Duration: 0:02:56)
– How to Handle 1 Star Reviews.mp4 (Duration: 0:02:10)
– Making the Most of the Customer Question Section.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:41)

Finding the Optimal Price
– Pricing Strategy #1 (Balance of Price and Quality).mp4 (Duration: 0:03:49)
– Pricing Strategy #2 (Focus Group).mp4 (Duration: 0:02:19)
– Pricing Strategy #3 (Price Experimentation).mp4 (Duration: 0:03:10)
– Pricing Strategy #4 (Competitor Comparison).mp4 (Duration: 0:02:19)
– Thank you video.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:48)