Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw digital download.

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Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

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Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

“The Vision that you glorify in your mind, the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart: this you will build your life by, this you will become.” - James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Are You Ready to Step Up and Join Your Visionary
Raw Food “Tribe” in THE Most Potent,
Groundbreaking and Life-Changing Raw Food and
Life Transformation ProgramEver Created?

Welcome call: Thursday 6th October 2011
Program Starts: Tuesday 11th October 2011

If your answer is “YES” and you’re ready to make the next 12 months of your life the most magical and compelling ones so far, then here’s your OFFICIAL INVITE to join the most eagerly awaited raw food program of the year…

Living Magically on Raw Life Transformation Program

A Year to Transform Your Diet, Body and Life More Than You Ever Dreamed Possible.

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

From Karen Knowler

Tuesday 27th September 2011

Dear Friend,

  • Are you ready to create the most incredible diet, body and life for yourself - no compromising, no excuses - for REAL this time?
  • Are you ready to become the hero in your own story, the one who makes things happen while relinquishing fear and all traces of unworthiness or inadequacy so you can move forward boldly and courageously and successfully claim your prize?
  • Are you ready to make 2012 THE year that you step into a brave new world and start living life from the deepest and most magical place possible?

If you are ready for a life most extraordinary, to learn from a world-class mentor the secrets that no-one else is talking about, to take the best that the raw food diet has to offer, mix it up with your own unique wish list of desires and dreams and work consciously and courageously with universal laws and the law of attraction to create the life you have always dreamed of, then you’re in exactly the right place and I couldn’t be happier or more excited for you!

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

Hi, I’m Karen Knowler, and I’ve been on the raw food and personal/ spiritual development path since 1993. If you know anything about me or my story you’ll know that I’m a firm believer that eating raw food is one of THE single most profound things you can do to transform and awaken yourself on every level BUT… your newfound energy, passion and zest for life absolutely needs to have somewhere to go - or you could actually end up feeling much worse than when you started!

You see, over the years I have coached and taught literally thousands of people about how to go and stay raw, and I’ve also trained many others to do the same, but the ONE BIG SECRET that no-one seems to be talking about is that YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BIGGER PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE - a path or a vision that is so compelling, so squealicious that you absolutely need to stay plugged in to the energy of raw foods to keep you there!

If you have reached a place in your own raw food journey where you are ready for MORE, if you are ready to make the next 12 months the most magical and compelling of your life so far, while raising your raw food game and the rest of your life along with it, then I have created the perfect program for you.

You see, I too am about to start out on a different more magical path myself over the coming year and I have a question for you…

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

“Who’s Coming With Me?”

It’s been a long time coming, but I have spent the past 18+ years being part of the raw food community and watching to see how the teaching and message has evolved as the movement has gained momentum, but you know what? No-one is really talking about what I believe the raw food journey to really be all about. I think it’s time to just cut to the chase get clear and excited about where raw food is going, about where YOU can go, and I’m blazing a trail so that you too can walk a path that is truly the most vibrant and rewarding one possible.

Are you ready to come with me?

“Karen’s insight, knowledge and experience have been a true guiding light to me as I have moved forward and broken through new boundaries. While her compassion, honesty and integrity have made her an absolute pleasure to work with”.

“I can honestly say that all areas of my life have grown and improved alongside Karen’s coaching services. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen as a coach to anyone who wants more magic in their lives. Thanks Karen!”

Casey Lorraine Thomas, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Detox Counselor, Perth, Australia

If It’s Time to Re-Write *YOUR* Story and Turn it Into Something Truly Magical, Here’s How…

Step 1: Say “YES” to You and Your Journey

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

I believe that there comes a point in EVERY person’s life where they ask themselves, “Am I going to follow my own path or do what everyone else is doing?”

Statistically, I would say that about 99% of people choose the latter, but chances are that as you’re reading this page YOU are ready for something a little more special and exciting…

To live a truly magical life you absolutely have to be able to step away from the crowd and claim a special doorway for yourself, the one that your heart calls you to enter, and that every fibre of your being says “yes” to, even if you feel as scared and wobbly as you feel excited. Know that quite simply nothing less will do.

And then, of course, when your commitment and decision is made you need to confidently and joyfully walk up to the door, turn your key in the lock and step courageously through it…

Step 2: Eat Raw

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

Raw and living foods are the energetic keys to the door that you are trying to open. Quite simply at the most basic level, raw and living foods are vibrational tools that can and will affect your body, your Self and your life in ways far more far-reaching than any of us can ever possibly know.

When we start eating this way most of us believe, and rightly so, that we will look and feel better for eating “live” food instead of the dead denatured stuff that most of us grew up on, but what we aren’t told is that unless we address every other area of our life as we go we are in for a rocky and turbulent ride to say the LEAST.

This was a lesson I had to find out the hard way, and it’s obviously NOT the way that I would ideally recommend! However chances are that if you’ve been eating raw food for a few months or more you’ve already discovered first-hand that going raw is about way more than knowing what to eat and what to put in your weekly shopping basket, in fact…

Going Raw Can Prove A Rocky Road!

“Shift happens” because live food detoxifies us on EVERY level. Because of its very nature, raw and living food literally replaces old dead inferior matter with new live superior matter and this has a ripple effect from the cellular level out.

And when this starts happening - and in most people it’s usually within a matter of a few weeks - not only do we start detoxifying physically, but we start detoxifying emotionally, mentally and spiritually too. It’s profound to say the least; a raw path demands only the best from us and no-one gets to escape it!

In fact as I have come to see it, raw food literally commands our body to pursue those things we know we want. It sets us up for the journey, cleans our cells, our bloodstream, our tissues, rids us of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and spiritual disconnect. It shines us up from the cellular level out; it heals our heart, clears our mind and connects us to the most potent force in the Universe - our very Heart and Soul.

In essence it sets us up for the magical journey ahead, but eating raw food and expecting life to be magical is simply not enough…

Step 3: Connect To and Live Joyfully From Your Soul

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

Living Magically is not a thought process or even something that typically makes any logical sense, but it is the most reliable, powerful and awe-inspiring way to journey through life for sure.

“Unfortunately”, when it comes to living magically, there are no short cuts! You can’t just wave a magic wand and have everything you want or eat raw food and wake up transformed forever; instead you get to do something much more fun - you get to co-create your body, life and journey in conjunction with God/ the Universe by understanding and opening up to the way it flows and communicates through you. Granted, this may take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it! It’s just a case of doing more of the same and doing it over and over until your magic and manifesting muscle gets really, really strong!

Of course, living this way is the ultimate reward for taking the road less travelled. By taking the time to really get to know yourself, by going inwards and listening to the voice of your soul, by nourishing your body, mind and soul with the purest and highest vibrational “ingredients” you get to step into a way of living and being in the world that is infinitely rewarding, fascinating and quite simply breathtaking. When you choose to live this way, at a whole different level in a whole different world, you really do get to witness the magic that is always, and has always been all around us in each and every moment - except now you really get to see it and feel it.

This is Living Magically on Raw.

If this sounds like the path you want to walk too, here are the 7 things that need to be true for you to put yourself firmly and squarely on the path to Living Magically on Raw:

1) You need to create, and maintain an empty and sacred space - inside and out
2) You need to discover who you REALLY are (at the deepest level), stay plugged in to that and live from that place as much as humanly possible
3) You need to birth an Inspiring Vision for yourself that is so juicy and so compelling that to live it really would look and feel as if you are living heaven on earth
4) You need to do the necessary inner work to keep yourself committed and on track, no matter what
5) You need to upgrade your raw food diet to help propel you to the next level - a vibrational shift is always required before a new reality is born, and cleaning up your diet is one of the most profound and far-reaching ways of doing that
6) You need to consciously redesign your external environment to support the birth of your new body, self and life - the flip side of the inner game, and absolutely just as important
7) And you need to “operate” in a way that keeps you plugged in and living all of the above on a daily basis as you go on to create ever-increasing magic in your life

“Karen is a MASTER at helping people get to the heart of the matter in whatever they are setting out to achieve. She gently encourages us to look at the deeper levels of what is creating our resistance to change. She lets us know that change is possible, by drawing from her lifelong experiences of transformation. Her integrity as a coach and counsellor is profound, providing a level of trust that enables us to make our own changes at a pace that makes those changes last.”

- Jennifer Una, San Francisco, USA

Your Private Invitation

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

So passionate am I about helping thousands (if not millions) make this shift to a fully-fledged magical life in the raw that it is with great pleasure that I announce the second run of my most profound program EVER, a truly life-changing combination of inspiration, guidance and support designed especially for you as you walk your raw food journey and move forward to create a diet, body and life that you adore.

It’s called The Living Magically on Raw Life Transformation Program and it runs for 12 months starting on Thursday 6th October 2011.

Why 12 months? Because this is the time you’ll need to work through this profound material and transition your diet and your life to the most amazing, magical place. As you already know, for most of us, going raw (in every sense) is not an overnight process and to change your life in a big and far-reaching way is going to take some time. This program will guide and facilitate your transformation in a way that excites and compels you but also gives you sufficient time to process the information and do what needs to be done to get the most benefit possible from it. A shorter time frame would be unrealistic and trust me, I know exactly what’s required!

If you feel that 2012 is the year that you commit to your soul and to pursuing YOUR calling, you will know right away if this is the program for you.

Karen Knowler - Living Magically On Raw

What You Receive…

Join me now as I walk you through the 12-month program that absolutely will, no question, literally change your diet, your body and your LIFE and the way you see yourself and your potential FOREVER.

Commit to the Living Magically on Raw Life Transformation Program and you will receive:


  • Monthly teachings and assignments to take your raw food diet and lifestyle to a cleaner more potent and magical level
  • The key teachings of my much-raved about “Let’s Get Rawganized!” Program


  • The “Living Magically on Raw” forum where you can set your intentions, access all of the downloadable course materials, connect and make friends with your new special “tribe” and receive input and feedback online from me.
  • The “Living Magically on Raw” Journal - a beautiful spiral bound journal featuring daily, weekly & monthly pages that will keep you focused and on track so you can more easily achieve your goals and monitor your progress.
  • The brand-new for 2011 “Living Magically on Raw” Inspiration/Coaching Card Set to bring additional value, ideas and insights to your world.
  • Weekly accountability by email in order to help you reach your LMOR goals and dreams.
  • One 90-minute Group Welcome and Introduction Call (Thursday 6th October 2011)
  • Twelve 75-minute Monthly Group Teaching Calls where I will cover the topics for the month ahead (typically 35% food/65% life) An MP3 of the call will be uploaded to the forum within 24 hours of each call taking place and a PDF transcript will be uploaded for your to print out and read within the week.
  • One 75-minute Group Celebration Call (at the end of our time together)
  • The “Living Magically on Raw” Binder to keep all your program materials filed safely and beautifully together.
  • CDs and printed transcripts and worksheets of every Teaching Call sent to you at the end of the Program - that makes a total of 12 CDs, 13 transcripts and 12 worksheets yours to keep FOREVER. (You can put yourself back through the program at any time for the rest of your life!)


  • Monthly assignments/worksheets that will move you forward in BIG and magical ways - these are the cornerstones of our work together and they’re going to be a LOT of fun! (Remember, the soul loves to have fun, this is not “work” this is PLAY!)


In order to get you off to the most profound start possible I am gifting you RIGHT AWAY with:
The very fabulous “Raw Transformation Life-Change Program” valued at £249

Click here to read all about what you will receive after you join the Living Magically on Raw Program >>


“The Money Breakthrough Method Experience” valued at £499
If you want 2012 to be the year YOU increase your WEALTH, as well as health and happiness, then this 2-part virtual workshop (all you need is your computer and an internet connection) will give you everything you need to clear up your money mayhem and create a beautiful and fabulous relationship with money - forever.

Click here to read all about the 2-part Money Breakthrough Method Experience YOU will get to benefit from for FREE as a special LMOR BONUS during November and December 2011 >>

These are the component parts - i.e. How your Program is delivered.
All these components together are worth AT LEAST £5000 ($7730 US).

And here’s the juicy content you can look forward to working with each month…


In this, our first month, it’s time to MAKE SPACE FOR MAGIC to happen! In order for you to make serious magic and welcome new and amazing opportunities and possibilities into your life you need the physical and energetic space to be able to attract them and receive them. It really is that simple.

  • You’ll create space in your body, mind and heart so that your soul can be heard
  • You’ll declutter and refine the contents of your home so your environment is “attractive” and feels soo very good!
  • You’ll clean up your existing diet and create a new way of eating that will help propel and sustain you ready for your magical journey ahead


In month two, with the space for magic now created, it’s time to MEET YOUR RAW SUPERHERO SELF. Those in my Raw Magic & Mastery Program agreed that this was one of the most powerful things they have ever done on their raw journey - and knowing who you *really* are is critical to claiming the prize that you name for yourself.

  • I’ll take you on a guided visualisation so that you can have the life-changing experience of meeting your Raw Superhero Self (or Soul Self)
  • As a result of what you learn about yourself, you’ll redefine, on paper, who you believe yourself to be and create your new and powerful “I am” statement - this is who you’ll be and where you’ll act from moving forward
  • You’ll create a “Successfully Rawganized” kitchen binder that will get all of your raw recipes, menu plans, shopping lists and so much more in place. This will prove invaluable to you not just for the year but for the rest of your life.


In month three, it’s time to decide on your destination. With the groundwork laid internally and externally, and by being now powerfully tapped in to the magic within yourself and your environment, now it’s time to DREAM YOUR DREAM! I will inspire and coach you to create the most compelling vision for yourself, one that stretches you, brings you fully alive and almost (if not literally) makes you squeal!

  • You’ll craft a written vision for yourself and the next 9 months ahead that excites you like you’ve never been excited before!
  • You’ll create a vision board like no other - I’ll be sharing the myriad of different ways you can do this and this will effectively create your destination
  • You’ll create a new vision for your diet and your body and learn some of the most powerful ways to overcome issues that may have held you back or derailed you in the past


In month four, it’s time to get everything in alignment so that your success is as assured as it can possibly be. There is inner work and outer work that needs to be done, and it’s work that you may never have heard about or put in place before. This is about WHOLE PERSON ALIGNMENT - making sure that every aspect of you is on the same page and totally committed to the journey ahead. Without this, we are trying to build on sand. This work must be done!

  • You’ll have “The Four Conversations” and work with any inner issues to make sure that all aspects of you are committed and aligned to your vision
  • You’ll create a “Modus Operandi” - a way of being in the world and in your life that sets you up for success and establishes powerful and supportive new standards and boundaries
  • You’ll create a new and exciting raw menu plan using a wide range of tools and techniques to create the perfect raw diet for you


In month five you’re going to immediately START STEPPING INTO YOUR VISION and make some things happen right away (I will coach you to the max on this one!) while creating a game-plan for the rest of what you desire to ensure that your new chosen reality comes into being by the end of the 12 months. This is powerful stuff but you’ll be ready for it because of all the foundational work you will have done. Prepare to be amazed!

  • You’ll write your “Movie Script” - you’ll be super clear on how you want your life to show up in minute detail by the end of September 2010 using this powerful, life-changing exercise
  • You’ll create your “Perfect Schedule” - and start living as much of it as possible right away. I’ll show you how!
  • You’ll create a personalised raw recipe collection to add to your binder containing all of the recipes that are going to help you reach your desired diet, body and raw lifestyle goals


In our sixth month at our half-way stage, it’s time to MOVE DEEPER INTO THE MAGIC because you’ll be needing all the knowledge and know-how possible to keep moving forward towards your dreams. I’m going to share with you a whole myriad of resources, tips, tools and techniques that will help you tap into the magic and STAY in the magic. When you have this knowledge anything is possible.

  • You’ll learn how to connect powerfully with yourself in the most magical ways and gain additional wisdom and information, any time you need it
  • You’ll create potent self-care and lifestyle rituals that will plug you instantly into the Universe and/or your own source of magic
  • You’ll “rawganize” your kitchen, creating a clean and super-efficient power spot in your home for creating and enjoying the most magical raw diet ever


In month seven it’s time to learn how to DEAL WITH THE CHALLENGES - because they will inevitably come. All of us get tested - it’s part of the deal. And our tests and challenges are usually THE most powerful catalysts for profound breakthroughs and surging ahead on our path. By learning how to spot your trials, how and why they happen and what to do in the face of them, there won’t be any stopping you. And if there’s nothing stopping you then naturally victory will be yours!

You’ll learn how to name your trials and create “bullet-proof” strategies to overcome them each and every time
You’ll name your nemeses and do some powerful inner work to understand the draw and how you can dissolve and release them forever
You’ll create “Super Stashes” - the raw food rescue packs that will help you stay raw in any unusual or limiting situations


In month eight it’s time to SIGNIFICANTLY UP THE VIBRATION of your raw food diet and all aspects of your environment and your Living Magically Journey. When you know how to conquer any trials on your path you are, in many respects, home and free. It is simply a case of doing more of the same, keeping your Self and actions in alignment with your vision and keep walking the path. Having said that, in this different, lighter and freer space you have the opportunity to up the ante in a number of powerful ways. Using the standard of Beauty as a sole focus for moving forward makes very light and efficient work of future decisions. When you choose beauty, you create beauty - and a magical life is for sure an incredibly beautiful one, both inside and out.

  • You’ll run every area of your life through the beauty test and take action accordingly
  • You’ll proactively bring MORE beauty into your life in a number of exciting and life-changing ways
  • You’