Karen Knowler - How to Get Started With Raw Foods

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Karen Knowler - How to Get Started With Raw Foods digital download. Info: [2 eBooks - PDF] | 3.89 MB. Easy, simple, doable. If you want more for your hea...
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Karen Knowler - How to Get Started With Raw Foods

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Format: [2 eBooks - PDF]

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"The Raw Food Coach’s How To Get Started With Raw Foods
...And Have More Energy, Clarity and Vitality Than You Ever Thought Possible!" eBook

By Karen Knowler

161-page eBook - DOWNLOAD NOW!

THE book to get you started, motivated and inspired to go raw, no matter where you're starting from.

This eBook is JAM-PACKED full of first-class information that starts at the very beginning and takes you through all you need to know to bring more raw food into your diet - so you can eat a little, a lot or anywhere in between.

Easy, simple, doable. If you want more for your health, body and energy levels you will benefit way beyond what you can currently imagine from this value-packed, all-bases covered 160 page eBook (this would translate easily into a 400+ page normal sized book) which has over 14 years worth of healthy eating knowledge and practical raw food know-how packed into it. Just look at what it covers! Features 3 different menu plans to suit you whatever stage you are at - they will take you from wherever you are today to as far as you want to go in the future. This eBook will give you an incredible kick-start today and remain valuable for the rest of your life. And the reviews are right - it should be twice the price, but I want you to have this information, and I want you to have it RIGHT AWAY!

How to get the most out of your eBook
Let's Take It From The Top
What IS Raw Food?
What is "Living Food"?
But What Makes Raw & Living Foods So Special? What's the Difference?
Why Enzymes Are Not Just a Bonus But An Essential To Life, Health and Vitality
Feel The Difference
Why Raw Foods Are Superior (and Cooked Foods Aren't!)
Benefits, Benefits, Benefits…
50 Great Reasons To Go Raw
So What Can YOU Expect?
How To Deal With "Less Than Positive" Comments
If It's SO Good Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?
You Have To Give Before You Gain
The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself
The 7 Steps To Going (And Staying) Raw
Your Journey Starts Here…
Step 1: Understand “Why Going Raw Is A Whole Person Journey
Step 2: Food, Glorious Food
The Raw Food Groups
So What About Meat and Dairy?
Raw Ingredients Shopping List (Sorted By Genre)
Recommended Eating
What To Do With Your List Now That You Have It
Where To Shop
How To Find New Suppliers or Shops Near You
What To Look For
How To Select The Best Fresh Produce
How To Select The Best Dried / Pre-Packaged Produce
Buying On A Budget
Step 3: Create a Living Foods Kitchen
The Perfect Live Food Kitchen
A Beginners Guide to “Raw Kitchen Equipment”
The 3 Pieces of Kitchen Equipment You Should Ideally Own
The “Raw Kitchen Equipment” Guided Tour
How I Got Started
Basic First Buys For Your Kitchen That Could Make All the Difference
Setting Your Kitchen Up For Success
Creating Your Vision
Some Pointers For Those Who Need to Compromise
How To Make The Most Out Of What Space You DO Have
Final Check Questions
Step 4: Get Creative!
The Top 5 Raw Food Preparation Techniques
The Importance of Sprouting (How to Sprout and Growing Indoor Greens)
Step 5: Raw Food Recipes For Everyday Living
What You Need To Know About Your Recipes
Step 6: Menu Planning
The 10 Important Guidelines For A Truly Healthy Raw Food Diet
Step 7: Where to Next?
Beyond The Theory
What To Expect When You Eat More Raw Food
So, Where To Next?
Going Deeper
It’s Your Time!
Next Level Resources: Steps 1 – 7
Final Words…
One Final Word of Guidance

Your One Week Raw Kick-Start Pack
Your Programme Outlined
Choose Your Starting Point
Take A Look At The Menus
Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 3
The Menus Explained
Your Questions Answered
The 3-Day Prep Zone
How You Can Best Support Yourself
Healthy Cooked Options
Other Healthy Eating Pointers
Your “One Week Raw” Shopping List
My One-Week Shopping List (Master sheet)
Let’s Get Started!
Your 20 Raw Food Recipes

Blank Menu Plan
Best Mail Order Resources
Further Information
Live Food Teachings
About Karen

Karen's Personal 90-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase Karen will refund you every penny you paid if you contact us within 90 days of purchase.

(But we know you're going to love it!)

Karen Knowler - How to Get Started With Raw Foods

Reader reviews

I *really* feel like I should send you additional money for How to Get Started -- *wow*. *So* much there, and you make it just soooo easy to get to having a very respectable amount of raw in one's diet. Thank you!!!” – Pam, USA

“Hi Karen - dropping you a v. quick email to say that the e-book is absolutely fantastic and well worth the wait! You could charge double for it and it would still be amazing value. It looks great and is packed full of inspiring information and advice.” – Sarah, London

"I am fascinated by your e-book! You are as always on the cutting edge... It looks wonderful and I look forward to reading it. Congratulations, Karen, on all your initiatives. I am a true admirer of you and your work." - Ena, London

"I've been whizzing through your book today, and once again, you have written with such clarity and passion, I've found it hard to put down. You have succeeded in de-mystifying the whole raw food thing for me, and have inspired me to go for a big increase in the quality and quantity of the raw food I currently eat, which is little more than the usual salad and the odd crudite here or there at the moment (though I have been known to sprout now and again!). I love the fact that you've covered every aspect of raw food, including an important section on what to expect at the beginning with initial "side effects" of detoxing, and the whole body approach. As with your previous book, I really enjoy your writing style: matter-of-fact whilst retaining a sense of humour, and your total passion and belief in your subject shines through. I feel as though you are talking to me as a friend (I can actually hear your voice at times!), giving your well thought out views and obvious expertise to provoke thought, whilst leaving it up to me to decide how much or little I want to try. Personally, I much prefer that approach to just "being told", as some are wont to do :-)

This really is a complete guide for the beginner on How To Get Started With Raw Foods - it does exactly what it says on the tin! I will be recommending it to anyone who has any curiosity about raw food, along with anyone who has already started and wants to know more. Thanks Karen! Now to the kitchen...." - Sarah Green, UK

"I have finished reading and I must admit I feel pumped! I liked the step-by-step process. Staying on process like this you have no excuse not to give Raw a go! You seemed to be in my head as I was making excuses while reading then I'd turn the page and you'd overcome it! The 3-day prep section was a great idea and I think if I was starting over again then I'd do it that way! In fact, you have motivated me to clean out the kitchen this weekend so thanks for the extra work!

The Q & A's were also great as I think they'd help alleviate worries when transformation starts to happen.

I absolutely love the "Cheese" recipe - Cheese is our biggest hurdle even trying to go vegan we still slip by using cheese. I think your recipe will help us stay vegan!

The how to sprout section will pay for the book itself many times over if you use the homemade methods you mention. We tried sprouting and then looked at sprouters but it looked expensive after buying a new mixer, blender, and juicer. We will give your way a go and I’m sure it will save us money and give us all the living enzymes we need. Might save us drinking all that green juice!

All in all I loved it. It wasn't what I was expecting to be honest, most of these raw food books have 2 pages of why and how then 200 recipes but this book really does allow readers to dip their toe in with confidence. Great Job. - Jason Hulott, UK

“This book is well written in an easy and fluid style and just "touches the spot" for all of us newish raw foodies. The tone is encouraging and realistic throughout, and the recipes are simple and truly delicious. There's also a lot of really useful information on the "whys, hows and wherefores" of a raw food diet. I had fallen into the trap of forgetting why I started raw foods, but Karen's new eBook reminded me just how much I love fresh vegetables and fruit, and renewed my commitment and enthusiasm.” – Jane, UK

"Hi Karen. I have been enjoying your ebooks. Printing them, getting them in binders and reading them. Being a graphic designer myself, I really appreciate the formatting and design of your ebooks. Not only are the pages filled with treasured information, but they are so lovely to look at! I look forward to your next ebook." - Debra Bredican, USA