Kaihan Krippendorff - The Art of The Advantage

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Kaihan Krippendorff - The Art of The Advantage digital download. Info: [161 Videos (MP4)]. This DVD will engage you in a powerful strategy development m...
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Kaihan Krippendorff - The Art of The Advantage

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Format: [161 Videos (MP4)]


The Art of The Advantage

36 Strategies to Seize the Competitive Edge

By Kaihan Krippendorff

Outthink your competition with a rapid methodology for designing out-of-the-box competitive strategies.

Contrary to commonly-held assumptions, size and resources play minor roles in a company’s competitiveness. The Fortune 500 is dominated by companies once small that overcame larger adversaries. Military history is filled with stories of weak armies defeating larger enemies.

Kaihan Krippendorff has studied corporate conflicts for over a decade. His work shows that creativity and flexibility are more important than money or size. He has found that companies do not beat their competition by outspending their competitors. Rather they win by outthinking their competition.

The key to gaining a competitive advantage is to find a "winning move" to which your competitor will not respond. History’s greatest military strategists, from Sun Tzu to Napoleon Bonaparte had the ability to see such a “winning move”. Similarly, the most competitive companies of the last decade dominated their peers by making strategic choices which others viewed as illogical.

Is there a "winning move" you have not considered?

This DVD will engage you in a powerful strategy development methodology – based on a set of ancient Chinese warfare metaphors – to rapidly design a plan to outmaneuver your competition. Kaihan uses this methodology to help Fortune 500 corporations including Microsoft, Pfizer, and Fidelity Investments design out-of-the-box competitive strategies.

You will learn:

  • The 36 patterns of competition
  • A seven-step cycle for unleashing strategic innovation
  • The three fundamental sources of advantage
  • How to design strategies your competition will choose not to respond to

"The Art of the Advantage offers 36 timeless lenses to bring fresh perspective to familiar situations. It is a treasure for the true strategist."

– Jacques Antebi, Partner, McKinsey & Co.

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