Justin Saunders - Facebook Ads Secrets

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Justin Saunders - Facebook Ads SecretsJustin Saunders - Facebook Ads Secrets

Course Curriculum

Get Started With FB Ads
  • Welcome
  • Learning Facebook Ads As A Beginner (1:47)
  • Set Yourself Up For Success By Creating A Business Manager The Right Way (2:48)
  • An Overview Of All The Types Of FB Campaigns (6:35)
  • How To Ensure Any Type Of Ad Works & Spy On Your Competition (14:47)
Running The Campaigns
  • Finding Ad Images That Generate Results (10:04)
  • 5 Step Formula For Creating Successful Ad Copy (6:40)
  • The Keys To Mastering Facebook Lead Generation Ads (5:01)
  • The Easy Way Of Creating A Pixel & Installing It On Landing Page (4:42)
  • How To Create A Winning Campaign And Cut Cost Per Results By 50% (13:01)
Master FB Ads
  • Creating A Campaign From Scratch (15:02)
  • A/B Split Testing 101 (5:38)
  • How To: Create Dynamic Creative Ad (8:40)

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