Justin Brooke & Rich Schefren - The Traffic Strategist Coaching Calls

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Justin Brooke & Rich Schefren - The Traffic Strategist Coaching Calls digital download. Info: [31 ebooks (PDF) + 31 Audios (MP3)]. I want to turn you in...
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Justin Brooke & Rich Schefren - The Traffic Strategist Coaching Calls

Type: Digital download

Format: [31 ebooks (PDF) + 31 Audios (MP3)]

The Traffic Strategist Coaching Calls

Before You Finish Your Order We Have
A Special Opportunity You Must See…

This is not for everyone, and it’s not a mandatory purchase.

However, some people may want the “red carpet treatment.”
Put Your Name on The List

Inside every group of people there is always an elite sub-group.

Navy has the Seals…

Army has the Rangers…

Marines have Force Recon…

The elite members of a group always get special attention and status. If you had an American Express Platinum Card you get to skip lines and board your plane faster.
Special Attention & Status

Not everyone is cut out for “premium” life though. Some people would rather just do the minimum and hope for the maximum.

There’s a test you can take, right now, to see if you are meant for elite status.

Just ask yourself if you usually go the extra mile because you MUST HAVE the best results. If so then you qualify for elite status.

Since you qualify, we’d like to invite you into the PREMIUM version of our Traffic Strategist Newsletter.
You Are Invited To Attend

You still get everything you just paid for like everyone else, but you also get included into a smaller elite sub-group that meets weekly.

As a Traffic Strategist Premium member you will get special attention and status.

Your emails will get answered faster.

You’ll receive notices of hidden files for premium members only.
Secret Files, Weekly Calls,
& Private Social Groups?

Plus, you’ll get to attend the weekly round table calls. On these calls you’ll get direct access to me and I’ll be able to answer all your questions.

We even have a private Facebook group that’s hidden to the public. You couldn’t even find it if you new the name and searched for it.

The only way to get in, is if you are a premium member.

Before I tell you the cost of membership…
Involves 26 Millionaires

Let me tell you a story that involves 26 millionaires and a private group just like the one you are about to join.

When Rich Schefren created his first coaching program he devoted his life to his first group of students. It was critical that he do whatever it took to make that first batch of students become raging success stories.

Some members he had to drag through kicking and screaming to insure their success. Others he had to spend hours on the phone answering questions.

I’ve seen him get on calls at 9am with students and finish in the afternoon.

It’s hard work, but he created 26 millionaires and NO ONE can take that away from him.
It’s My Turn To Step Up
& Make You Become Successful

Traffic Strategist Premium is my coaching program.

I’m looking for a few people to be my core students that I devote the next 90 days of my life too.

I want to turn you into a huge success story, like Rich did with his 26 millionaires. When I do that it’s going to help all my future sales. That’s why I am deeply invested in your success.

I’ll drag you kicking and screaming through it if I have too. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

If you have 4 hours worth of questions… Then I’m going to be on the phone for 4 hours.
We Will Spend 90 Days Together

Over the next 90 days, you and I are a team.

I’ve been paid as much as $8,000 per month for my consulting.

$500 per hour for coaching by phone.

I’ve been hired by 9 figure earning companies, best-selling authors, and millionaires.

I don’t say this to brag, but to show you what a steal of a deal it is to join or elite Traffic Strategist Premium group for just $697.

Plus, since you just paid us $200 for regular access, we’ll count that towards your purchase today.

That makes it only $497 for 90 days of weekly coaching calls.
That’s less than $50 per call!

If you’re wondering about a money back guarantee, you’re probably not right for this group. Money back guarantee’s are for quitters to make them feel safe.

Are you a quitter?

Look, if you get on the first call and think I’m an idiot, then of course I’ll give you your money back. I don’t want any one’s money unless they are happy.

However, if you show up to the second call, then I know you are happy and you are staying for the full 90 days.
This Is a Limited Time Offer

I’m not a believer in shutting down sales, I think that’s the opposite of smart.

Due to the time commitment involved with the weekly coaching I will eventually have to shut this page down. I don’t know when, but I must make sure I have enough time available to help every client in a professional and thorough manner.

If I get even a hint that my performance might suffer because I let too many people in, then I’m shutting this page down immediately – without warning.

I know this has been pretty blunt and I apologize if you took it as rude or mean.
I’m Just a Blunt Kind of Guy

I’m very serious when it comes to this topic.

My past students have said they loved the fact that I would tell them like it is, instead of just telling them what they want to hear.

My goal is your success, not your feelings or your friendship.

Although, you’ll see once you get to know me that I actually like to cut a lot of jokes and have a good time… AS LONG AS we are reaching our goals.

Enough talk…

Time for action…

You are either meant for elite status and you click add to cart right now

Or you click no thanks and join the others in regular access.

Regular access is nothing to be ashamed of either. It’s a great program that will still save you thousands by not having to rely on your own trail and error.

Although, If you want the best, then you gotta go with Traffic Strategist Premium.
Are You Premium or Are You Regular?