Julie Renee - Beautiful from Inside Out

Julie Renee - Beautiful from Inside Out. Weight Loss Fast with Quantum ActivationsIf you’re thinking about being truly beautiful from the inside out a...
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Julie Renee - Beautiful from Inside Out

Julie Renee - Beautiful from Inside Out

Weight Loss Fast with Quantum Activations

If you’re thinking about being truly beautiful from the inside out and are ready to have a rocking body by summer now is the perfect time to join in with quantum activations Beautiful From The Inside Out weight-loss eight week program

Beautiful From The Inside Out is a proven program and we are so excited ~ for the first time ever to offer weight loss along with the ‘youthing’ program. If you have thought of having a facelift or wanted total body rejuvenation, tightening and toning during rapid weight-loss this program gives you the natural meditation method for accomplishing your goals in just 60 days.

If you like the idea of having a natural advantage and you’ve not yet succeeded with your weight loss goals (having tried other weight-loss programs with little to no results) ~ you’re probably missing a few important elements for weight loss success. Removing the DNA programs around overproduction of fat, and clearing soul contracts and curses, as well as emotions and past life issues, make all the difference in accomplishing your heart’s desire and owning the body you’ve always imagined!

All of these items and many more will be addressed in your Beautiful From The Inside Out Weight loss Journey! Imagine your body returning to its happy fit self! This is a World Premier program and the first time ever offered from Julie Renee.

A gorgeous element of this program is that your self-esteem goes through the roof! While doing these incredible meditations you feel great about yourself ~ happy with how you look ~ and you fall in love with your very being.

In the program we don’t teach you how to eat and we don’t teach you exercise - these are things you can get from other programs. It’s perfect timing while going through the quantum activations. Our meditations and activations focus your 100% success patterns on sustainable weight loss. You mold and model the body that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Can you imagine being the way you’ve always wanted to be? Can you imagine fitting into the pretty little black dress or those slim jeans you used to enjoy wearing? Now is the time to hop on board and get the support for weight loss that you have never in your life experienced.

Here’s What’s Included

Part One - During the 8 weeks of classes we will activate your metabolism, enhance your master hormonal gland regulators, permanently clear away DNS over weight and imbalanced fat production issues, along with clearing spiritual parasites, and break the obsessive eating and dietary inconsistencies.

While you are going through this incredible quantum activations weight loss program you will be using the meditation series to grow younger.

Part Two - This section aspect of the program includes three distinct beauty meditation sequences. Each of these programs takes 60 days to complete.

Here’s what we are up to in your 8 weekly training sessions:

Week 1 - Right permission and ability to lose, (gain) weight, to live in the body you imagine to be your ideal body and enjoy with ease and grace your beautiful life living in and owning your beautiful dream body

Week 2 - Metabolism - Reboot Liver and Thyroid (clearing and regeneration of both) we’ve moved the liver flush instruction up early in the class as many folks find this a very helpful weight loss accelerator.

Week 3 - Releasing and removing compulsions and addictions especially around diet, nutrition and loving to eat healthy well-balanced meals as well as the right permission and ability to enjoy exercise!

Week 4 - Master Hormone glands - Balancing and improving we’ll be doing a regeneration of the adrenals, pancreas and ovaries. Even if you’ve had a hysterectomy, the ovaries in the blueprint play an important role in maintaining healthy weight.

Week 5 - Fat Ratio Correction. Often this setting or what we refer to as a set point goes up as an individual ages, the resetting of BMI back to a youthful vibrant healthy body will be accomplished in this session!

Week 6 - Fine-tuning trouble areas. This week we work with our group specifically on needs that have not yet been address specific to the requests of our students.

Week 7 - Digestion ease clearing and regenerating the digestion with the focus on health assimilation and health absorption of nutrients as well as an easeful release of excess fats and ease in ridding toxin from the body.

Week 8 - Owning your body - clearing blocks for safety and joy in an attractive body. Sometimes we hold back from being beautiful, and trim because there is a fear of being unsafe or we won’t be able to handle the attention. We clear this so you’re comfortable in your own skin easily and naturally, not prone to attracting problem energies associated with being beautiful.

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