Judy Satori - The 21 Energy Keys of Re-Creation

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Judy Satori - The 21 Energy Keys of Re-Creation digital download. Info: [1 CD - 4 MP3s] | 151.36 MB. Each time you listen you will entrain more to the be...
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Judy Satori - The 21 Energy Keys of Re-Creation

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 CD - 4 MP3s]

File size: 151.36 MB

The 21 Energy Keys are 'Light Language' sound and light energy activations transmitted by the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God. Each time you listen you will entrain more to the benefits of each key. Repetition will enhance the results.

Each sequence of 7 keys is designed to be listened to 21 times. How to Use the Mp3s Scroll down for activation program.

Please ensure that you use this program according to instructions for best results. LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE CLASS FIRST, AND THEN YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE MP3 TRACKS 1, 2 AND 3 FOR EASY REPETITION. The first three tracks, 1, 2 and 3 are the audio tracks that you listen to as part of the entrainment process for 21 repetitions. They have been abridged and edited to cut out extraneous information and keep only the pure energy entrainment so that the activations are quick and easy to use. The complete version of the 2 1/4 hour Auckland event is on 4th MP3. You may listen to the information tracks whenever you wish, but don't mix the energy tracks.

The Expected Outcomes As Explained to me By Spirit

  • Rapid and accelerated positive change in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Activation of soul gifts, knowledge and ability
  • Amplification and strengthening of the heart's physical capacity
  • The ability to more easily let go of fear states and Be Love
  • Strengthening of the spine and a clearing of toxic build up around nerves, improving nervous system function
  • Enhancement of transmission between the right and left brain, improving transmission from spiritual sources
  • Remaining in sync with changing Earth vibration so you feel better and more grounded
  • Opening of chakras in the feet to draw Earth energy into your body
  • Opening of axiatonal lines to allow for more energy to enter your energy systems
  • Clearing and restructuring of the chakras 1-12
  • Enhancement of energy production within the cell
  • Mitochondrial DNA repair and activation • Work with the bones and skeleton to strengthen and improve nutrient uptake
  • Tuning of the pineal gland to enable you to receive spiritual information from other dimensions of reality
  • Clearing of energy distortion in neuron pathways
  • Improvement in thinking and long term memory
  • Improvement of soul memory information
  • Work with the myelin sheath to improve nerve transmission • Clearing of bacterial, viral and karmic distortion from nerve pathways
  • A better frequency connection between your mind and God mind
  • Amplification of your capacity for spiritual telepathic thought transference
  • Heightening of the senses connected with love, beauty, wisdom and grace
  • A better alignment with Divine Will and Soul Purpose
  • The receiving of Grace and blessings from Spirit How to Listen to this 21 Energy Key Activation Program Step One: Listen as desired to the entire Auckland event of the 4th MP3 before moving to Step Two. Step Two: Begin with listening to Track One - energy keys 1-7 for the physical body 21 times. The new energy programs must be entrained and consolidated by repetition. This audio track has been edited to 14 minutes for ease of listening. Sit in an easy chair with your back straight or lie down. Drink a large glass of water before and after listening. You may either listen three times per week for seven weeks, a total of 21 times (recommended if you are not well, going through emotional challenges or this work is new to you), or daily for 21 days (only recommended if you have done a lot of spiritual work and feel grounded and well). Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise...slow and steady progress is better than fits and starts! If you lapse and don't listen at least three times a week, then begin the process again from the beginning. This is not a bad thing and will create a firm foundation and consolidation for the work. After completion wait at least one week before moving on.Step Three: Listen to Track Two for aligning with the Mind of God 21 times. This edited version has been abridged to nine minutes. Follow the instructions for Track One with respect to drinking water and frequency of listening.