Joshua Riskin - Activity Based Costing

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Joshua Riskin - Activity Based Costing digital download. Info: [WebRip (19 MP4) + (19 SRTs) + (5 XLSXs)]. In this course, master the fundamentals of act...
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Joshua Riskin - Activity Based Costing

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip (19 MP4) + (19 SRTs) + (5 XLSXs)]



Linkedin: Learning Activity Based Costing

By: Joshua Riskin

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 57m 48s

Released: July 9, 2019


How accurately does your organization understand and assign overhead costs for the products it produces and the services it delivers? In this course, master the fundamentals of activity-based costing (ABC). Discover how to design and implement activity-based costing to grasp overhead costs and the activities that drive them, and assign costs appropriately. Instructor Joshua Rischin begins by pinpointing how ABC can help organizations make more informed decisions on its product and services. He then dives into the foundations of ABC, helping you understand the process, as well as how to define ABC model cost drivers. He then details how to source data, build your ABC model, and present your insights to stakeholders.


  • Introduction
  • 1. ABC Foundations
  • 2. Sourcing Data
  • 3. Building the ABC Model
  • 4. Presenting the Results
  • Conclusion


Joshua Rischin is company director of Axium Solutions, a management consulting firm.

Joshua has worked in the professional services industry for more than 10 years and has delivered quality outcomes to over 20 organizations in both private and public sectors. He undertakes his work with a high degree of professionalism, using an outcomes-based approach to meeting client deliverables. At Axium, Joshua provides tailored, practical, and sustainable solutions to current and emerging business challenges.

Joshua is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD) and is also a senior member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS Snr).

He has attained a PMBOK Foundation accreditation, and holds a Negative Vetting Level 1 Australian government security clearance.

In 2001 Joshua completed the bachelor of commerce and bachelor of economics undergraduate qualifications at Monash University in Melbourne.

When Joshua isn't busy delivering quality outcomes to his clients, he enjoys spending time with his family, bike riding, playing guitar, and listening to music (anything pre-2008).