Josh Braun - Know Your Lines

Josh Braun - Know Your Lines.  Know Your LinesHow to diffuse objections in a radically honest and natural way. Chances are at some point during the sa...
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Josh Braun - Know Your Lines

Josh Braun - Know Your Lines


Know Your Lines
How to diffuse objections in a radically honest and natural way.


Chances are at some point during the sales cycle your prospect will say one or more of the following things:


“We need time to think this over.”
“Your price is too high.”
“We don’t have a budget.”
“What’s the ROI?”
“What’s your hourly rate?”
“Can you send me some information?”


When your prospects put you on the spot, you can feel off balance. Your initial instinct might be to say something to push things forward. To overcome your prospects’ objections so that you can get the sale and make quota. Yet often when you try to move things forward you end up creating sales pressure which pushes prospects away.


Know Your Lines teaches a different sales mindset; it will help you understand what your prospects are really thinking so you can respond in a calm and honest way. These techniques in conjunction with specific phraseology will help you create a safe environment where people feel comfortable opening up.
Strangely enough, when your intent is to understand your customer, you end up creating an open and honest environment that allows them to feel safe to share what they really think. The result? More truth and less time wasted chasing your tail. Ultimately, this will result in more sales and long term relationships that lead to even greater dividends.
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Josh Braun
Josh Braun


I teach people how to sell without selling their soul. It’s as simple as that.
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How to get better


“We don’t have a budget.”


“Can you send me some information?”


“Your price is too high.”


“Your price is too high.” (Option 2)


“I need a better price.”


“We’re using another vendor.”


“What do you do?”


“What’s the ROI?”


“I need to discuss this with my boss.”


“Why should I pick you?”


“I need to think it over.”


“The timing is off.”


“What if this doesn’t work?”


“What is your hourly rate?”


‘We’ll buy if you can match the price.”


“I don’t want to commit to a 12 month contract.”


“I’d like to speak with some of your clients.”


Can You Get Back in Touch Next Quarter?


“Send me a proposal.”


“We’re all set.”


“I’m interested but the timing is off.”


New Lecture


“Your competitors are less expensive.”


How I just defused “Your price is too high” to win a deal


“Your agency is too small.”




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