Joseph Kao - iAwake Technologies - Journey to the Depths of the Soul

Joseph Kao - iAwake Technologies - Journey to the Depths of the Soul. CaveJourney to the Depths of the Soul,  created by iAwake developer, psychothera...
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Joseph Kao - iAwake Technologies - Journey to the Depths of the Soul

Joseph Kao - iAwake Technologies - Journey to the Depths of the Soul

Journey to the Depths of the Soul,  created by iAwake developer, psychotherapist, and master hypnotherapist Joseph Kao, is a step-by-step system for coming back to your true nature, and for rediscovering your calling in life.

At the core of this program are three, profoundly deep guided meditations, supported by a gentle but powerful matrix of brainwave entrainment frequencies, artfully interwoven with the music and nature sounds.

These precisely-calculated, rhythmic sound pulses are designed to evoke deeply relaxing theta brainwaves, in combination with bursts of clarifying gamma waves.

Each of these tracks serves a different purpose, from attuning to what calls to you most in this life, to clearing out negative programming from the past, to living true to your unique soul path.

There are also three music-only tracks with the same brainwave entrainment technology which guide you into the very deepest levels of theta. These can be used to extend your meditations, or for doing self-guided inner work.

Theta (3 to 7 Hz) Collapse

thetaTheta brainwaves are naturally occurring during the hypnagogic state (pre-sleep), REM sleep, and often predominate during deep meditation and healing states of visualization, hypnosis, trance, and psychonautic exploration. This brainwave bandwidth is typical when awareness of the information coming in through our physical senses decreases, as we turn our attention inwards and our body rhythms (heart and breathing rates) slow down. It’s the gate to our buried memories, unresolved issues, and emotional trauma, and reviewing this material can sometimes be unpleasant as we might access and feel our raw emotion (previously supressed). Even though REM sleep already serves that purpose, it is important to include deep relaxation exercises in our routines, so healing and restoration of mind can occur. Theta brainwaves are related to insight, visualization, and deep states of meditation, although they can also make you drowsy and be responsible for distractibility, moodiness, and lack of focus.

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Gamma (26 to 99 Hz) Collapse

gammaGamma brainwaves are fascinating. First because they disappear during anesthesia, suggesting an intrinsic relationship to consciousness itself, but also because they abound in the brains of Tibetan monks, who are long-term loving kindness meditators. So gamma waves seem to be central to harmony— perhaps even the brainwave signature of compassion itself. Gamma arises while processing all that comes in through our senses, as if they are the glue that helps us have a coherent picture of all the sensory data we receive moment to moment. They’ve been found to be linked to heightened perception, extremely creative states of high performance, focus, and clarity, as well as to high intellectual comprehension and acute self-awareness and spiritual insight.

Journey to the Depths of the Soul  can help you to:

    Dive into a deeply absorbed, centered state of inner knowingness
    Discover the profound, embodied connection you have with your soul, that's always present in every moment
    Feel a renewed sense of meaning, purpose, and inner fire
    Experience fresh insights and spontaneous epiphanies
    Release negative programming from the past
    Make important decisions with greater clarity and intuitive wisdom
    Live your life with more boldness, authenticity, and courage

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Listen to the 3-Minute Sample Now

Use of headphones will provide the most optimal experience.

To fully experience the potential of this program, please get comfortable, close your eyes and relax for the next 3 minutes. Allow the ambient music soundtrack and Joseph Kao's guided meditation immerse you in a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Don't be fooled - this is not just beautiful music and words - it is the design of the hypnotic induction and the technology infused in the soundtrack that evokes the powerful response.
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     You can use Journey to the Depths of the Soul:

    to find the meaning for your life
    to create a soul retreat at home or in a retreat setting
    as a daily centering tool to accomplish your deepest goals
    as a guide to re-engage your creativity and motivation and courage for what really matters
    as a tool to re-orient to your life purpose
    to activate or reactivate your innate intuition and insight
    to regain clarity and focus when the path has become muddy and weary