Jose Prager - Sync

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Jose Prager - Sync digital download. Info: [1 DVD - ISO] | 3.328 GB. A spectator is asked to think of an image that can be drawn on the back of a busines...
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Jose Prager - Sync

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - ISO]

File size: 3.328 GB



SYNC's demo video has been edited to protect the secret. You will need to briefly touch the card. We're so sure that you'll love SYNC, that if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, just let us know within 30 days of getting it for a full refund.

Jose Prager's SYNC is a very easy, practically self working method to perform realistic looking mind reading effects. With this never before seen method you will be able to perform very direct and very clean mentalism like never before.

A spectator is asked to think of an image that can be drawn on the back of a business card or some other type of paper that is around. After the spectator draws their image you take the business card resting it on your palm so you can allow them to replace the cap on the sharpie. It is important to note that you NEVER see the writing side of the business card, you simply place the card on your palm and hand it back to the spectator. With no sleights, tears or switches you are easily able to divine the spectators thought.

With this specially made gimmick(Included) you will able to perform SYNC within minutes of watching the explanation. The method is so easy and so clever that it is sure to make you smile and because the method is so deceptive spectators will have no clue how you performed this miracle.

As an added bonus we have included some magic related applications presented by Justin Miller that takes this idea to an entirely different level.

Important Points to Remember:

    • Easy(almost self working)
    • Deceptive Method
    • Never Before Seen Method
  • Includes a Custom Made Gimmick