Jorden Roper - Killer Cold Emailing 2019

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Jorden Roper - Killer Cold Emailing 2019

Jorden Roper - Killer Cold Emailing 2019


the proven, step-by-step system for starting your full-time freelance writing business from scratch!

By Jorden Makelle of Writing Revolt

Ready to ditch your shitty job and start a full-time freelance writing business WITHOUT resorting to “clients” who want to pay you $10 to write 1,000 words?

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

  • You fantasize about working from home and having the freedom to do what YOU want. Whether that means traveling, hanging out with your kids, or being able to drink a big-ass glass of wine in the middle of the day. (Hey, I’m not here to judge.)
  • You feel like you’re not meant for the traditional office environment. Doing something you can’t stand while navigating office politics and putting up with your d-bag boss? Um, no thanks.
  • You just want to write. And make a damn good living doing it. You’re not trying to buy a Lamborghini or anything - but you’d love to make enough to pay your bills and still have plenty left over to live comfortably.

Maybe you’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t stick… you feel stuck and you’re not landing high-paying clients!

You’ve read tons of free blog posts and watched a bunch of free videos on how to start freelance writing, but there’s SO MUCH INFO out there! It’s all conflicting and confusing, and you’re so LOST as far as what step you should take next.

You feel like you’re trying… but you’re not actually making any REAL progress and landing high-paying clients.

You see other writers sharing their success stories online, and you feel like you’ve GOT TO be missing something! It feels like you’re trying what they’ve done (or thinking about trying it)but you aren’t getting any amazing results or high-paying clients.

You’re so confused about what you can actually do to grow your income and become a full-time freelance writer.

…You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order so you could FINALLY build a writing business!

Imagine what it will be like when you’ve finally grown a full-time freelance writing business…

Imagine landing a high-paying client, just by sending a cold email from your laptop while wearing your PJs and enjoying your morning coffee!

Imagine feeling confident as FUCK when pitching potential clients and charging what you’re worth. Finally, you have control over your time and income!

Imagine having the FREEDOM to work from home OR travel and work from ANYWHERE in the world - all you need is an internet connection!

…Imagine FINALLY achieving your goal of becoming a full-time freelance writer. You’ve FINALLY broken free from your shitty job so you can travel freely, spend more time with your family, and NEVER have to answer to a boss!

You’re excited to start getting high-paying freelance writing clients and build your business, but you have some questions…

“I want to make a full-time income writing, but I’m so scared because of certain things… like, I have no experience and no college degree!

How do I pick a profitable freelance writing niche and figure out which clients to target in that niche?”

Where do I even start with marketing myself and sending cold emails?”

I get it. There can be a LOT of questions when you’re first starting out building a freelance writing business! And maybe you feel like there’s a LOT on the line. If you don’t have a PROVEN plan and support, it can be tough to make any progress at all, much less hit a major goal like $5,000/mo freelance writing!

…That’s EXACTLY why I created my best-selling course:

Killer Cold Emailing!

…My friend, welcome to your one-way ticket OUT of the hellhole otherwise known as your current job and INTO the freedom-filled life you want!

This course teaches you the best way to break into freelance writing quickly - EVEN WITH NO EXPERIENCE!

No bidding on gigs. No content mills. No bullshit.

The Killer Cold Emailing program IS the step-by-step, proven method for starting a writing business from scratch.

It’s based on EXACTLY how I landed high-paying clients as a beginner by cold emailing… which allowed me to scale to $5,000/mo in just FOUR months after getting fired!

Meet Sarah, who went from working in content mills to making $9,000-$12,000 per month writing after taking Killer Cold Emailing!

Before I took Jorden’s Killer Cold Emailing course, I was working for content mills that were totally taking advantage of me. I was feeling so defeated and beginning to wonder if I could make it as a freelance writer.

I took her email course and pretty much the whole time dragged my feet because of how defeated I felt. BUT I did everything she said as she laid it out and it has changed my life.

In the first month after I took her course, I made $1k more than I ever had before.

And now, I make between $9,000 and $12,000 per month!

After about 5 months, I stopped needing to reach out for work as it started coming to me by word of mouth. The course was seriously a game changer for me. Thank you, Jorden!

Meet Krystal, who landed 3 high-paying clients at over $1,200 each (that’s a total of $3,600) within just TWO WEEKS of enrolling in Killer Cold Emailing.

“I was hesitant to enroll in the course at first because I’ve enrolled in two previous cold-emailing courses and used their templates and strategies. I’ve personally found them complicated and it wasn’t a bang for my buck or advice I haven’t heard before. I thought this was just another cold-emailing course with little substance like the previous courses.

After changing my cold-emailing strategy and Linkedln profile, I was able to attract and write for three high-paying clients all over $1,200 for each project the second week since enrolling in the course. As compared to previously having zero or one client response (usually stating my services were not needed) to 6-8 clients a week responding and at least 4 wanting me to write for their company. That is a major improvement!”

…That’s over 1,000% return on investment in the course!

Your life before Killer Cold Emailing…

You’re confused and lost, and you feel TOTALLY HOPELESS about getting high-paying clients. You struggle to market yourself, and you wonder what everyone else is doing that you’re not. You FEEL like you’re trying, but you’re not actually making progress. Making your first $1,000 freelance writing feels completely unattainable - much less growing to $5K/mo and beyond.

Your life after joining Killer Cold Emailing…

You’re finally seeing results! You’ve landed your first $1,000 in writing client work from cold emailing, and you’re on track to grow even more and enjoy the FREEDOM to work from home and travel when YOU want to. You’re making a solid income from writing, and you feel SO confident in your pitching skills that you know you can get more clients whenever YOU want them.

You’ve implemented what you’ve learned and finally, you’re a full-time freelance writer making thousands per month from home!

Killer Cold Emailing is an incredibly in-depth, 6-module course that includes tech trainings, downloadable resources, and over 30 video lessons.

What you’ll learn inside each module:

M1: Foundations for freelance writing success

You’re officially in business, baby!

You’ll start by learning how the most successful and profitable freelance writers shift their mindset to get the best, highest-paying clients in the shortest time.

On top of that:

You’ll discover exactly how to manage your time and schedule your day for maximum productivity. See an example of exactly how to schedule your time and structure your days so you can get shit done!


…Because, ya know… “The riches are in the niches, bitches.”

You’ll get my in-depth, step-by-step process for choosing the right niche AND the right target client from day one so you can create a profitable business right away!
Also, you may know by now that a one-page portfolio is NOT enough to make high-paying writing clients want to work with you. You need a professional, niche-optimized freelance writer website!

Inside Killer Cold Emailing, you’ll learn exactly how to set up your site and structure it (includes tech trainings!) so it effortlessly sells your services!

Plus, you’ll learn how to create client-winning writing samples - even if you have no experience and have never worked with a client before!

M3: Find The Right LEads and Easily Locate Client Email Addresses

Learn exactly how to find the best companies to target and the right person to cold email based on your freelance writing niche.

You’ll never wonder “How the heck do I find client email addresses!?” again!

You’ll get access to video tutorials explaining my step-by-step, simple methods for easily snagging virtually ANY potential client’s email address.

M4: Write Killer Cold Emails That Get You Hired (even as a beginner!)

In this module, you’ll learn something I don’t share ANYWHERE else online:

My proven, 6-point method for writing client-winning cold emails (that is incredibly effective, EVEN if you have NO experience!).

Steal my EXACT, psychology-backed method for writing a cold email that gets you hired. You’ll also learn my proven client follow-up process (with templates!).

The sales techniques you learn in this module will also help you land clients on social media, land guest posts, and more.

This module also includes high-converting cold emailing templates that I (and my students) have used to land THOUSANDS of dollars in client work - just copy, paste, and make a few quick changes based on your client!

M5: Close the deal, handle phone calls, and onboard your clients

Discover how to easily, professionally onboard clients.

No complex processes or expensive tools necessary!

Learn the simplest way to onboard clients like a pro so you can spend more time writing.

And with my client phone call lesson, you’ll feel crazy confident going into your client calls, even if you’re a beginner.

Learn exactly how to handle client calls and easily use them to close the deal, even if you have phone call anxiety.

M6: How to manage your business moving forward

You’ll learn about exactly what you should do next after you get your first high-paying clients using cold emailing.

You’ll also discover the best way to think about setting your rates, and make an important mindset shift that will allow you to scale your business even more!


✅LIFETIME COURSE UPDATES, including transcriptions for the course videos and the most recently added content:

>>>> NEW! What If You STILL Can’t Pick a Niche?: Learn exactly what to do if you’re still agonizing over the dreaded niche decision. Maybe you have multiple niche ideas, or you just feel too scared to choose one. Either way, no matter what, you can choose a freelance writing niche after watching this lesson!

>>>> NEW! Even MORE Ways to Find Email Addresses: I’ve added LOADS of new methods for finding client email addresses, and I walk you through EXACTLY how to use each of these methods (many of which will allow you to easily get free email addresses!).

>>>> NEW! How to See if Your Emails Are Getting Opened: Learn exactly how you can quickly + easily see if potential clients are opening up your emails.

>>>> NEW! LinkedIn Connection Request Templates: Get easy, copy-and-paste templates you can use to get virtually ANYONE to connect with you on LinkedIn.

>>>> NEW! Advanced Cold Emailing Techniques: Learn two cold emailing techniques that NO ONE in this industry is talking about and exactly how you can use them to land your dream clients!

>>>> NEW! How to Follow Up With Clients: Learn exactly how many times you should follow up with clients and when to send follow-up emails. Also, see exactly how to use a specific type of follow-up email to skyrocket your response rate!

>>>> NEW! Follow-up Email Templates: Not sure what to say? Just copy these emails, make a few simple changes, and hit send!

  • Cold emailing templates and a cold emailing spreadsheet to help you stay on track
  • A freelance writer website cheatsheet to help you stay on track as you build your site
  • A freelance writer website sample home page mock-up (for reference when you create or update your site!)
  • A niche writing sample formula to help you create samples that sell your services
  • Tech trainings that show you how to set up your site using Weebly (perfect if you’re a beginner and/or not tech-savvy!) AND Divi/Wordpress

Get your questions answered and share your wins! You’ll get access to a private, students-only Facebook community full of freelance writers like you.