Jonathan Goldman - Sacred Vibrational Frequencies

Each week, you’ll experience firsthand the healing effects of several sound-healing modalities to optimize your wellbeing and heighten your consciousness. ...

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Each week, you’ll experience firsthand the healing effects of several sound-healing modalities to optimize your wellbeing and heighten your consciousness.

Jonathan Goldman - Sacred Vibrational Frequencies

Jonathan Goldman - Sacred Vibrational Frequencies

Experience powerful sound medicine — from humming to tuning fork ‘acupressure’ — to help heal your body at the cellular level.

Activate heart-brain coherence to raise your vibrational frequency, calm and balance your nervous system, and heighten your consciousness.

Have you experienced the healing power of sound?

Perhaps you’ve received a “sound bath” via a gong or tuning fork, or drift off nightly to specially composed sleep-inducing music…

Sound healing has proven, positive effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual being — from shifting your DNA… to balancing your brain and nervous system… to reducing stress and enhancing relaxation… to heightening consciousness and improving psychic ability.

Studies on humming alone show it can decrease stress, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure, as well as increase lymphatic circulation, melatonin production, and release of endorphins — and even create new neural pathways in the brain.

Other sound-healing modalities include sonic yoga, tantric toning, and electronically modified music…

There’s even a specific tuning fork frequency that can attune you to the consciousness of the Earth’s field, and “sono-puncture” — acupressure using tuning forks.

You’ll learn about all of these sound-healing modalities in this powerful vibrational healing journey with Jonathan Goldman, the founding pioneer in the modern sound-healing movement.

Each week, you’ll experience firsthand the healing effects of several sound-healing modalities to optimize your wellbeing and heighten your consciousness.

You’ll also discover ancient traditions’ secrets of manifestation through sound, and the extraordinary benefits in deep listening — found in the silence all around and within us.

Jonathan’s own exploration of the science behind sound healing reveals that self-created sounds such as humming can literally rearrange our molecular structure.

During this first-ever Shift Network training with Jonathan, you’ll discover:

  • The fundamental physics of sound: frequency, resonance, entrainment, and waves
  • How sound affects your cellular structure and nervous system
  • How to shift your DNA through sound
  • Deeper wisdom around the power of intention — and how to encode it on sound, resulting in more powerful manifestation
  • The basics of the hum and why the simplest sound may be the most profound
  • A humming practice that allows you to experience a whole-body healing vibration
  • Ways to shift stuck energy to accelerate healing
  • Brahmari Pranayama — an ancient shabd yoga technique for experiencing health and transformation
  • Tantric toning for bringing ease and calm to relationship triggers
  • Why the most powerful prayers throughout the world are vocalized
  • The power of heart-brain coherence and how to amplify this through sound
  • How harmonics can help heal and expand your consciousness
  • And much more…

Jonathan will also share fascinating insights into the varying types of tuning forks and their frequencies, including a particular electromagnetic frequency of the Earth that enhances healing and intuition…

His self-healing methods are accessible to all. “Even if you have no musical ability,” Jonathan stresses, “we are all sound healers.”

After more than 40 years as a sound-healing pioneer, Jonathan offers comprehensive wisdom about foundational practices as well as important emerging concepts in this highly transformative and always growing field.

He’s studied with masters of sound — both scientific and spiritual — from around the world, including the Dalai Lama’s Chanting Gyuto and Gyume Monks. He’s also been empowered by the Chant Master of the Drepung Loseling Monastery to teach Tibetan Overtone Chanting.

There’s so much to discover and experience through the power of vibrational frequencies — they’re a non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing that has only positive side effects, including better health, more happiness, and deeper spiritual awareness.

Sound-healing modalities, such as humming, can also serve as triggering mechanisms for the manifestation of your conscious intentions — and can help you raise your awareness and deepen your spiritual journey… specifically though practices such as sonic yoga techniques.

This virtual vibrational journey with Jonathan will show you how to use sound for personal and planetary healing — opening your mind, body, and soul to a wide variety of sacred vibrational frequencies.

Sound healing can act as a revitalizer… a calming, healing ritual that can complement your meditation practice or become a self-soothing, self-empowering practice on its own — one you’ll look forward to experiencing daily.

Please note that the purchase of a tuning fork is NOT required, and the full benefit of this course is designed to be achieved without a tuning fork in hand. However, if you’d like to purchase a tuning fork, you’ll receive a recommendation when you register for the course.

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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Jonathan will guide you through experiencing sacred frequencies — from humming to tuning fork “acupressure” — as powerful sound medicine for your whole-body and spiritual wellbeing.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Jonathan. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to shift your DNA, activate heart-brain coherence, calm and balance your nervous system, and heighten your consciousness — to heal yourself and the planet.

Module 1: Sound, Your Original Creative Force — Foundational Principles & Practices, Part 1

In this opening week, you’ll dive into the fundamentals of why the subtle energy of sound is the original method for creativity.

Sound is, of course, all around you every day — yet you’ll find there’s so much still to discover about this (seemingly) mysterious force, including the details of its vibration and its healing power.

During this first class, you’ll discover:

  • The fundamental physics of sound: frequency, resonance, entrainment, and waves
  • The vibro-acoustic and psycho-acoustic power of sound
  • How sound affects your cellular structure and nervous system
  • The work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, MD, and the power of deep listening — including a guided exercise demonstrating the extraordinary benefits of this sonic practice to expand and enhance our ability to perceive sound around and within us
  • The powerful meaning of frequency + intent = healing
  • The ancient wisdom all spiritual traditions share — and secrets of manifestation through sound

Throughout this week, you’ll be experiencing a variety of sacred sound-healing instruments, including ancient Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, and more. You’ll have important homework assignments that will enhance and amplify your ability to use sound for healing and transformation so you can begin bringing everything you’re learning into your life outside of class.

Module 2: The Secrets of Cymatics & Listening — Foundational Principles & Practices, Part 2

How exactly does sound create physical form? By the end of this week’s class, you’ll deeply understand the processes that make this phenomenon possible, including cymatics and heat thermography. You’ll also come to understand how, as sound shifts and changes physical form, the results affect people differently.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Be given a demonstration of how sound can shift and change physical matter and create form
  • Explore two different methods of using sound for healing, based upon the work of Royal Rife and the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners
  • Appreciate the unparalleled power of conscious listening
  • See how Masura Emoto’s water crystals and John Diamond, MD’s kinesiology show that intention affects our body and energy fields
  • Discover how to shift your DNA through sound
  • Examine the visual manifestation of the “OM”
  • Experience Deep Listening, featuring Jonathan’s unique healing music

Module 3: Breath Is Life — The Basics of Breath & Toning

Breath is essential for healing and transformation, and in this week’s class session, you’ll receive powerful wisdom about the benefits of self-created sounds.

You’ll also learn exactly how to amplify your life force and your energy field through your own breath, as well as the importance of Pranayama, the life energy of breath.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience the resonance of sacred vowels in different areas of the body for balance and harmony
  • Literally feel through practicing how the whole body can vibrate — not just your throat
  • Shift your stuck energy and enhance healing
  • Learn the basics of the hum and discover why the simplest sound may be the most profound
  • Discover deeper wisdom around the power of intention — and how to encode it on sound, resulting in more powerful manifestation
  • Receive guidance and instruction for how to access the most powerful self-created sound
  • Participate in powerful personal exercises — including initiation into the first level of the humming effect

To solidify all you’ve learned this week in class, your homework will include spending five minutes a day just experiencing your first hum, then writing down what you feel and observe.

Module 4: Advanced Humming — Discover the Harmonics & Healing in Self-Created Sound

Humming is an extraordinarily powerful tool that everyone has access to — it can shift and change your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields. Among its many abilities, it is the most powerful vibro-acoustic sound we can make. This week you’ll discover why it’s the original creational sound and how you can use it for deep meditation.

You’ll also discover how the OM came from the hum, and learn about the brain hum involved in creating new neural synaptic connections. Humming is a powerful treatment for neurological disorders. By the end of this session, you’ll have mastered these elements of humming, and more.

You’ll also discover:

  • Why we hum, including its many physiological benefits
  • How humming may be used for neurogenesis (new connections in your brain)
  • Conscious humming — and how you can resonate different portions of your body, brain, or etheric field by mastering this practice
  • How to hum for manifestation
  • The original sound of creation: the hum (as Jonathan likes to say, the Big Bang was a hum!)
  • Brahmari Pranayama — an ancient shabd yoga technique for experiencing health and transformation
  • Tantric toning for bringing ease and calm to relationship triggers
  • A set of powerful humming exercises to hum throughout different parts of your body

Module 5: The Secrets of Sacred Ratio Tuning Forks

This week, you’ll learn about the healing powers of tuning forks — what they are, how they came to be, and the concept of tuning fork ratios.

You’ll also discover that true healing doesn’t stop with single frequencies — you’ll actually find it in the intervals. For example, the sacred ratio of the fifth interval can balance brain, body, and etheric fields.

You’ll also discover:

  • The 3 purposes for these special tuning forks: balancing brain and nervous system, reducing stress, and enhancing relaxation
  • The fascinating dynamics of tuning fork harmonics— the color of sound
  • The power of using two tuning fork frequencies to create fields of balance and healing
  • How harmonics can help heal and expand your consciousness
  • How to deepen your awareness of sound through harmonics to amplify healing and your energy field
  • The foundations of Sacred Ratio Tuning Forks based on ancient Pythagorean Sacred Geometry
  • How to use the Sacred Ratio Tuning Forks on yourself and on others for balance and healing

Module 6: Resonating With the Earth Through the Gaia Frequency Body Tuners

The Gaia Frequency Tuning Forks are designed to help you resonate to a very special frequency — the Schumann Resonance — which is the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth. This frequency is said to be a carrier wave of information that enhances healing and psychic abilities.

As we explore the Gaia Frequency Brain Tuners, you’ll learn about binaural beat frequencies, and how they can entrain and synchronize your brain. You’ll also discover how these body tuners can be used to project the healing Earth frequency of the Schumann Resonance into the body to promote optimal wellness.

During this powerful session, you’ll:

  • Discover the power of the Schumann Resonance — the frequency of the Earth herself
  • Experience the Gaia Matrix Tuning Forks in 2 powerful ways: listening to the frequencies, and attuning to the consciousness of Earth’s field
  • Learn about Binaural beat frequencies and how they can entrain your brain to the frequency of Gaia Matrix
  • Encode cells with the frequencies of extraordinary healing
  • Learn the foundations of sono-puncture — the practice of putting tuning forks in acupressure body meridians
  • Learn about how to use the Gaia Frequency Tuning Forks on yourself, friends, and family
  • Discover why the earth frequency is the most powerful and potent

Module 7: Personal & Planetary Healing — And the Global AH

As your time in this transformative new training draws to a close, Jonathan will walk you through a review of all you’ve learned — and reveal practical tips for sharing your knowledge with others.

You’ll also move through a powerful exercise, “Heart-Brain Coherence — Global Meditation with AH Sound.” Through this exercise, you’ll learn how to amplify the phenomenon of Heart-Brain Coherence through your own sound! This extraordinarily important initiatory experience will allow sacred vibratory waves of positive life-affirming energy to spread throughout our planet, changing the consciousness of all sentient beings.

As your take your transformational new knowledge into the world, you’ll find that with your light, your love, and your sound, you can always make a difference — you’ve learned to shift reality through sound.

During this final session, you’ll discover:

  • Why the most powerful prayers throughout the world are vocalized
  • The power of heart-brain coherence and how to amplify this through sound
  • A guided initiatory meditation utilizing sound to activate evolutionary consciousness, bringing the power of sound to your intentions for personal and planetary healing
  • The majesty and power of the “AH” to bring healing to the planet
  • A positive vibratory shift in the planetary consciousness for Global Harmonization
  • A review of self-created sound techniques — the power of listening, toning, humming, and more…

The Sacred Vibrational Frequencies Bonus Collection

In addition to Jonathan’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Personal & Planetary Healing

Video Teaching From Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman explores the history and power of sound healing with a live audience in this 70-minute video created by an award-winning filmmaker. Jonathan explains how different sacred traditions use sound as a way to balance and align the electromagnetic field, and explores different exercises designed to elicit higher states of consciousness. This video will leave you relaxed, informed, and in greater resonance with the power of sound to heal and transform on both a personal and planetary level.

Dolphin Dreams

Audio Recording From Jonathan Goldman

This unique hour-long sound experience with ocean, heartbeat, choral voices, and dolphins is a classic, award-winning bestseller! Jonathan Goldman has created an amazing sonic environment for birthing, meditation, and deep relaxation. A powerful listening experience, it has the sounds of the ocean, choral voices singing a wordless lullaby found throughout the world, a slow heartbeat, specially recorded quartz crystals and other soothing sounds, including the mantra OM. All these sounds are encoded with frequencies and intention to create peace and tranquility for all who hear it. Many listeners over the years have hailed Dolphin Dreams as the most beneficial sleep aid and relaxation recording they have ever experienced!

Celestial Reiki II

Audio Album From Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji With Sarah Benson

In this follow up to the highly successful Celestial Reiki, Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji again unite to create an extraordinarily hypnotic music that channels the energy of reiki for healing and transformation. Performing on synthesizer, guitar, bells and zither, Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji create ambient and fluid music that’s also great for relaxation and meditation.

Joining them on flute is sound healing pioneer and musical master Sarah Benson.

Feel the loving energy of this album as it subtly shifts and changes you.

Celestial Yoga

Audio Album From Jonathan Goldman

Celestial Yoga is gentle and soothing instrumental music designed to assist all aspects of yogic practice, including meditation. It features synthesizer, guitars, choral voices, bells, and zither, creating a sonic landscape which allows you to float in the sound current, transcending space and time.

The three musical compositions are ideal for relaxation. They’ll calm you, assisting in achieving the primary yogic goal of samadhi — enlightenment or union with the divine. Feel your consciousness expand as you listen to this recording.

Celestial Yoga may also be used simply as background music to soothe and relieve stress and as a tool to enhance sleep induction. It is also ideal to enhance any form of bodywork or healing such as massage, Reiki, or guided visualization.

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Here’s What You’ll Get in Jonathan Goldman - Sacred Vibrational Frequencies

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