Jonathan Budd - MLM Launch Formula

Jonathan Budd - MLM Launch Formula digital download. Info: [ 28 MP4’s, 6 PDF’s, 5 Docs]. This course is all about using Launch Strategies to propel your...

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Jonathan Budd - MLM Launch Formula

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 28 MP4’s, 6 PDF’s, 5 Docs]

MLM Launch Formula

Jonathan Budd is exposing the business models behind “Hollywood”, “Apple”, & “Microsoft” & teaching you how to use THEIR strategies in your business.

He’s already been perfecting this over the last 2 years, & has made MILLIONS of dollars from scratch using these strategies…

This course is all about using Launch Strategies to propel your business. These principles can be applied to your recruiting or to launching new and different products into the marketplace.

Course Modules:

Module 1

Module 1: “Your own ‘Pre-Built’ Ready to EXPLODE Launch”: Bypass the hassle of guessing whether or not your list will care about your launch. Instead, use this proven campaign that causes people to eagerly pull out their credit cards and buy. We literally hand you a pre-made campaign.

Module 2

The “No Fail” 2 part webinar launch – Our simple, impossible to fail formula for creating a Buyers FRENZY & enrollment stampede with two simple steps & an easy online webinar.

In this class, I’ll share with you the timeless model I’ve used to launch several of my TOP selling mentoring programs, with 2 simple pieces of content & a webinar. You’ll get the exact blue print to follow to launch anything you want in your business, just like I have.

Module 3

Module 3: The “Launch Formula Secrets” behind Becoming an Industry Recognized #1 Affiliate Income Earner – The EASY way to form relationships with the BIGGEST names in the business, get recognized as an industry SUPERSTAR, & simply CRUSH SALES on any product you promote with our MLM Affiliate Launch Formula.

Inside the “launch” of winning a completely free Audi R8 Supercar… & how to use these principles to sell ANY product you promote for the rest of time. (IE: you become the “Sales Crusher”.)

Module 4

Module 4: “The Downline Supernova Formula” – Get Mark Hoverson’s PROVEN Formula For Instilling A Culture Of “Launch” Throughout Your Entire Organization, & Use These Tactics to Get Your Team Mates Duplicating At Speeds Most Couldn’t Even Imagine…

Module 5

Module 5: “The Perpetual Launch”– How to ‘Refurbish’ your most POWERFUL money making launches, over and over and over again to perpetually sponsor more people & make more sales, almost at the push of a button.
How to perpetually launch your business, products, services, & Experience the Explosive Benefits of the MLM Launch Formula time & time again.

Module 6

Module 6: The Rapid Product Creation & Instant Celebrity Status Formula”: In This Class, You’ll Discover How to Create Your OWN Uber Profitable Products That Can Earn You More Money In HOURS Then Most Make In Weeks, Months, Sometimes Even Years. (After you take this class, you will have the “Midas Touch” power to create an instant celebrity brand, and get a taste of the true “Rock Star” lifestyle)

Bonus Modules

-The “High End Consulting Client” Formula:
Case Study of $50,000 cash in under an HOUR from using the launch formula to attract high end coaching clients.

-Mark’s $323,000+ Launch of “Leadership Branding For Direct Response Marketers”, Exactly how it was done, Where the traffic came from, how he converted it, and the thrills, chills, and spills ONLY Mark Hoverson can come up with.

-Mark Hoverson & Ann Sieg Discuss “How to Market to Baby Boomers”: A Candid Special Training on Tapping into this COLOSSAL Market with Money to Spend & Looking for More Security & Freedom.

-Tax Saving Strategies for the Home Business Owner: Special Training on How to Save MORE MONEY Than You Probably are now from the “Tax Man”.