Jon Snedeker - Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Course & Certification

Jon Snedeker - Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Course & Certification digital download.

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Jon Snedeker - Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Course & Certification

Type: Digital download

Jon Snedeker - Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Course & Certification

Jon Snedeker - Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Course & Certification

Your Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Course Comes With:
America’s Top Online Training & Certification includes EVERYTHING you need to be wildly successful as a Notary Signing Agent. Step by Step videos, documents, and support so you can finally make it happen for yourself… all in one convenient location!

  • Boost Your Confidence By Seeing How Jon Performs His Closings. You’ll See 6 Live Closings on Video: Purchase, Refinance, Equity Loan, Seller, Equity LOC & a sample Online Closing! Boost Your Income With 120+ Highly Rated Companies for Orders, and Get the Printout With Co. Names & Phone Numbers in our Private Team Group
  • Get Instant Access to our 180+ Step By Step Online Videos, and Follow Along Course PDF! Enjoy 6 Different Kinds of REAL Document Sets That Are Completely Filled Out, So You’ll Know Exactly What To Do, and Can Say YES to Higher Paying Orders With Ease! (Purchase, Refinance, Seller & More!)
  • Unlock ALL Forms in Jon’s Personal Document Library! Swap Your Name & Logo For Easy Custom Forms (Sample Docs Below)
  • Learn How to do a PERFECT Closing… 100% of the Time! You Will Even Get Links to ALL ITEMS That Jon Uses For His Successful Signings Business, Saving You Valuable Money & Headache!

Jon’s Start Right System
Are you ready to get started? Just follow his system, and let’s get you the Fast Track and open up doors for yourself! For an exact Video by Video description, please see Course Curriculum below!

6 critical things so you set yourself up to WIN every single morning

Why Signing Agents make more than Notaries, and how you think like a successful Signing Agent

Learn the big picture, and even 10 places you can get work from as a Signing Agent

Learn the transactions out there to get signings everyday, so you can make it happen

11 reasons why Refi’s will never stop entirely, and 5 personal & 5 economic factors that keep transactions moving daily, so you can do signings daily making great money

Why companies want more NSA’s in database & 3 things they look for

Learn how Jon started making $150 a closing

5 critical things to pick when getting started, to eliminate any future headaches now

15 real estate specific business streams, and 15+ non loan signing opportunities as notaries

Learn how to get loan signings in ALL 50 States, even in attorney states!

Jon’s Market Right System
Are You Looking for DIRECT FROM TITLE $150-$200 Orders? You’ll learn the 9 places he finds Title Companies & how he makes it all happen! As you know, those orders pay the absolute MOST in this business! Learn everything you need to know with getting business, beating the competition, and pricing! Learn to market yourself like a true professional.

Learn the EXACT system Jon uses to find, and get the $150-200 orders, so you can do the same

Learn how the Title Companies work, so you have the edge you need

Learn all about Marketing & Pricing, so you can get calls FIRST in your area

Maximize your income by learning EXACTLY what you can charge more for

Learn how Jon gets the edge over other local Signing Agents, and how you can do the same

6 ways to beat the competition working for Signing Service Companies, so you are called first

The ONLY 1 way to beat the competition working for Title Companies, so you make more money

6 Must Know tips when working with Title Companies directly for $150 orders

Learn 9 Specific things Jon did to become more successful with $150-200 orders

What to do if you are getting too many orders, and 19 Questions to ask yourself if you are getting too few orders

Jon’s Sign Right System for Paper Closings & Online Closings!
Looking to finally BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE? Get 18 different Strategies, and REAL closing documents for you to succeed in this business part-time or full-time! Learn everything you need to know about signings and documents to be very comfortable taking on any call and making more money! We’ll discuss common scenarios & questions so you can handle them with ease. He’ll show you how to print in your vehicle!

  • Get your BLUEPRINT! Learn EXACTLY how Jon runs his successful business everyday with activities & links for you to model it
  • Learn 18 different strategies so you can make it happen right now
  • Learn the KEY differences with Brand New vs Existing Notaries, so you can “talk the talk, & walk the walk”
  • FINALLY Boost Your Confidence. Watch 6 LIVE CLOSINGS with follow along CD’s (Purchase, Refinance, Equity Loan, Seller, Equity LOC & Sample Online Closing!), and get 6 Real Document sets (Purchase, Refinance fixed, Refinance arm, Seller, QCD Quit Claim Deed, & Home equity loan) No other program comes even close to this at all.
  • Learn the 10 steps to a PERFECT closing every time, so you know you’re not making mistakes
  • Learn the 6 common questions and scenarios at closing, so you you can handle anything with confidence
  • Learn great tips before going to a closing, during closing, and 2 things you NEED to do after closing to get more business
  • Learn EXACTLY how Jon finds and gets the $150-$200 orders from Local Title Companies, so you can replicate this right now in your business
  • Learn EXACTLY where he goes to find the TOP lenders in the country to work with
  • How to make 100K/YR with loan signings, plus how to print in your vehicle, so you can make this happen

Jon’s Personal Document Library Sample
This is a small sample of ALL of the 22 documents you’ll receive with our Blueprint Course! With our Blueprint Course you are able to customize forms easily!

  • Swap Name/Logo to Customize these Invoices & Job Completion Marketing Sheets
  • How to provide the absolute most value to clients
  • Custom excel Income/Mileage Job Tracker with full Video
  • When calling to confirm appointments
  • How to accept orders to beat the competition
  • New business checklist, everything he does when he takes on a new client!
  • All loan documents explained

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