Jon Mercer - Fire Breathing Introvert

Jon Mercer - Fire Breathing Introvert digital download. Info: [9 MP3's,1 Text and 7 WMV's] | 563.22 MB. The Fire breathing Introvert is a coaching series...

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Jon Mercer - Fire Breathing Introvert

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"Are You a Loud and Proud Introvert?
Here's Why You Should Be!"~Jon Mercer

So many introverts
go through life feeling inferior to their extrovert friends and family members. Society has done it's best to marginalize introverts for years, to try to convince us that we can't succeed and achieve great things out in the world unless we somehow "become" extroverts. Wrong!

The truth is introverts haveall the real advantages in life. By nature, introverts tend to be the deep thinkers in society, the introspective and creative people that make almost all real substantiative changes in the world--in other words, the REAL movers and shakers.

Many of the real power players in the world today are introverts, including a majority of the wealthiest people in society. Introverts are primarily responsible for the great novels, ideas, art, music and even businesses that change the world.

So why would any introvert not be proud of who they are? Because they've been told a lot of, shall we say... "mistruths." Society has perpetuated myth after myth about introverts. For example, many people actually believe that introverts don't like people! haha This is simply insane!

Being an introvert has nothing to do with how you feel about people, and EVERYTHING to do with where your energy comes from.

In the following video, Jon Mercer lays out the case for becoming a Fire Breathing Introvert, and explains the enormous power introverts have, once they START USING IT!

Welcome to the Fire Breathing Introvert!


From: Jon Mercer, MA
Personal Development Coach/Fire Breathing Introvert!
Creator of EasyCalm, AttractAnything! , UltraConfidence and many other personal development programs (and apparently, the owner of way too many blue shirts ;-)

Despite their amazing strengths and powerful personal qualities, most introverts continue to go through life "apologizing" for being who they are. Sadly, many become content with playing second fiddle to the more outspoken members of society. What a shame...

If more introverts realized that their personality type is not a "curse" or a hinderance, but actually a great gift, the world would be a much better place. And that is what becoming a Fire Breathing Introvert is all about!

What about you? Are you sick of feeling insecure and inferior because you're an introvert? You should be! 

If you areready to begin DEMANDING MORE out of life, I can show you the same advanced strategies I use to live an absolutely amazing life as a "loud and proud," Fire Breathing Introvert!

The 'Fire Breathing Introvert' coaching series:

Jon Mercer - Fire Breathing Introvert

The coaching and NLP techniques used in this series are designed for one purpose: to make you into an proud, successeful, fire breathing introvert. The series is delivered in video and audio format to teach, inspire, motivate and kick your ass a bit where necessary! ;-) 

Everything in your life changes when you begin living from your core; and that's exactly what these sessions teach you to do. Once you learn this, the sky is the limit...

The Fire Breathing Introvert Series will teach you:

- Why being an introvert is actually AWESOME, and how trying to be an extrovert robs you of your real power.

- How to 'Shmooze' comfortably in social situations.

- How to psych yourself into any state of mind you want!

- The key to socializing easily with extroverts, and why THEY NEED YOU more than you need them!

- Powerful NLP techniques to stay on top of your game, including "The Hemisphere Technique," one of the fastest ways to change your mood ever created.

- Tricks to raise your self-esteem and convince yourself that you are an unstoppable Fire Breathing Introvert (while remaining true to who you are).
- What is a 'Meta Alpha,' and why YOU need to be become one ASAP!

- Motivation and coaching to inspire you to take on the world, and why the world desperately NEEDS you to do this!

- How your natural introspection and creativity can make you into an unstoppable force of nature!

- An awesome NLP technique to calm obsessive "over thinking" and move forward to greater success in life!

- And much, much more...

"This really changed my mind about me"

I'm 38 and I feel like I've wasted the last 20 years feeling insecure around extroverts and wanting to be one. This really changed my mind about me. I only wish I had known this 20 years ago.
Peter K. - Burlington, Vermont

"I'm getting a damn attitude now"

Jon, I have to thank you for this wonderful video series. I feel like you were speaking directly to me because all the mistakes you point out that introverts make sound just like me. But don't worry, I'm getting a damn attitude now, and I won't be following for any of that BS in the future!
Theesa M - Tampa, Florida

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"This series changed my life in the best way"

Thanks you so much Jon! I have felt all my life that I had advantages over the extroverts in my family and school but I never believed in it until I watched the video where you explain why us introverts have so much they don't have. This series changed my life in the best way. I got a much better attitude about who I am now I wont be putting up with any shit from extroverts when they are more limited than I am! Takk!
Anna S. - Sweden

"You really nailed it"

This was life-changing for me Jon! You really nailed it about introverts being the real movers and shakers. It's about time we stopped letting the loud extroverts convince us that we are somehow less than them. If anything we are much better! haha
Mariel Thompson - Florida

"I was crying realizing how I never took advantage of the introverts strengths"

I want to order this series for my niece. When I watched it I was crying realizing how I never took advantage of the introverts strengths you talk about. And I know you are absolutely right. I don't want my niece to make the same mistakes and I know it can help her just as much as it's helped me.
Martha McVie - San Diego, California


The hemisphere technique works awesome for me. Every time I feel my energy is low or I have to speak in front of people I just use it. I have had 10 times more energy lately doing this and my wife even noticed I was more comfortable when we are out among people. I really appreciate your coaching Jon. Keep up the great work!
Stephen D. - Birmingham, Alabama

It's a No Brainer!

The Fire breathing Introvert is a coaching series whose time has come!Introverts have been underachieving in society for years, and it's time to stop the maddness.

The Fire breathing Introvert combines 7 coaching videos and 7 audio sessions -- over 150 minutes of techniques, strategies and motivational tools to turn YOU into a loud and proud introvert in no time! If you or someone you love tends to be introverted, it is critical to learn how to make the most of it, if you're going to succeed in the world of extroverts.

PLUS: you'll get two all-new NLP hypnosis sessions designed specifically for introverts:

1) Self Image Magic! and 2) Social Charm
F.B.I is the ONLY coaching series designed specifically for introverts BY introverts. People around the world are already changing their life with this series. Now is your time!

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"Kicked me in the butt"
"I love all your stuff but this series really kicked me in the butt and made me look my self in a much better way. Playing to your strengths makes so much sense. That's what I was doing wrong all the time. Just excellent Jon!"

Zach J., Orlando, Florida