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Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

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“Read This Page Before I Have To Legally Change It and
Make It More ‘Politically Correct’ So I Won’t Get Sued –
Supplement Companies, Health Clubs and Certain
‘Fitness Gurus’ Do Not Want You To Read This!”

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle
Best-selling author of
Fit Over 40 and
Every Other Day Diet

DALLAS TX — 06-24-2008

Dear Time-Efficient Friend,

Jon Benson - 7 Minute MuscleYou want more muscle, less fat and better health in less time. Everybody does. Hundreds of BS artists and con men have suckered smart people like you and me into buying all kinds of pills and potions to give it to us.

It has all been just a fantasy...until now.

What you are about to discover is not a pill or a potion. It is not a gimmick. This is not some hype to steal your hard-earned money. I couldn't live with myself if I tried to sell lies. I have a family and a belief that demands living up to a higher standard of ethics.

The truth is I stumbled on a way to work out that is so powerful yet so brief I had to share it with the you and the rest of the world.

Here's How I Went From Hours In The Gym
To Just Minutes In the Gym Every Week

Let me share a true story with you. Several years ago I started to notice that my entire life revolved around my workouts and eating "six meals a day". Sure, this is my job. But come on. I have a life...and I demanded it back.

I soon discovered a connection between the training routines we read about in the magazines and trainers want to put us on...and steroids. Even worse, greedy supplement companies were just sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank as real-world trainees like you and me emptied their wallets on worthless pills and powders. “Recovery” supplements became the rage. What a scam!

I'm going to cut through the nice talk and say it straight: Many of the articles you read in magazines were written by genetic freaks and drug-abusing muscle monsters who couldn't teach a REAL person to train if their pathetic lives depended on it. The same goes for most of the trainers I see in gyms today. And the supplment companies depend on this for their lives. The more you train, the more pills they can sell you. After all, you need all the “help” you can get in the gym.

It's time for some honesty!

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

"Jon Benson has outdone himself..."

As both a trainer and a bodybuilder, I am always looking for new ways to pack on as much muscle as possible. I thought I found everything that could have ever been written about building muscle (I have bodybuilding books dating back to the 1930's) but Jon Benson has outdone himself with 7 Minute Muscle.

I've written for the top fitness magazines in the country including Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness and T-nation but have yet to come across a program as efficient and effective as 7 Minute Muscle. I love bodybuilding but I hate spending all day in the gym so I needed something to give me the pump I was looking for. My arms felt like they were going to pop from the intense pump that I had after the very first 7 Minute Muscle workout. Jon, you really need to raise the price on this, it's that good!

Jimmy Smith, MS, CSCS
Author, The Physique Formula

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

"I dropped 8% bodyfat in 8 weeks!"

What can I say, other than "7MM is one of the best programs I've ever used!" In the past 8 weeks I've only dropped a mere 5-6 lbs of overall weight, but a whopping 8% bodyfat! Thanks to the combination of Jon's "Every Other Day Diet" and 7MM, I've gone from a size 33 to a 27 jean in that same time span!

Of course, 7MM isn't an easy "walk-in-the-park" type program. It's tough, challenging, but so much fun! Our family and friends are now paying attention, wanting to know the recipe of our success (that is, until they hear it's not just popping a pill and keep eating junk while sitting on the couch). Do I recommend 7 Minute Muscle? A nice, loud YES to that!

Sarah Wolk
Personal Fitness Coach

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

“Jon, Were You Angry?”

Darn right I was angry...and I'm a nice guy! I rarely even get angry. But I wasted months, even years of my life trying to get the perfect body. And I see people like you doing the same thing every single day in the gym. I bought into the BS these so-called "experts" were selling...

The so-called “experts” want you to eat 6-9 times a day!
— Who has the time or the desire to do that? Plus eating all the time is not good for your organs!

The so-called “guru trainers” want you to workout 5-15 hours a week!
— How long do you think you or anyone else with a LIFE can keep that up?

The self-proclaimed “pro trainers” want you to take 10-20 supplements a day!
— Look, you only need a FEW supplements at most...the rest are wasted money!

These same trainers want you to use 10-15 sets per muscle group!
— Are you *#@! kidding me?? I tried this and wound up sick, burned out, and all for nothing!

Other guys want you to use only ONE set per muscle group!
— This is a step in the right direction, but it's also a great way to injure yourself!

But Everything Changed When
I Asked Myself One Simple Question...

I started digging around in some of my old muscle books from back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I begin reading the words of real experts. These were trainers who knew how to get results before all this steroid-induced "hours in the gym" nonsense began. I found out that many of these men and women were getting results in just minutes a day rather than hours. Most of them didn't take many supplements either. (I reveal which ones they took and why.)

This led me to ask one simple question. This is the question led to over three years of research and testing to create the ultimate time-saving muscle-building System ever created:

“How can I get the most results in the least amount of time?”

Sounds too simple, right? Then how come everyone seems to be doing just the opposite—training LONGER and getting no results?

I guess you could say I got a bit carried away. I became totally determined to flip the muscle-building and fat-loss industry upside down faster than a burning pancake. I spent the next three years of my life researching and perfecting the ultimate System for building muscle in minutes and burning fat faster than you ever dreamed possible...

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Introducing 7 Minute Muscle!

“The Fastest Way To Build Lean Muscle–Guaranteed!”

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Available in Instant Download! Includes E-Book And 6 Digital Training Videos!
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! Only $77!

NOTE: This System is not magic. In fact it's damn hard work. If you want another quick fix scam, then leave this page. I didn't create 7 Minute Muscle for daydreamers who are afraid of breaking a sweat. But if you are willing to put just 7 minutes of honest effort a day in the gym just five days a week, then I'm talking to YOU.

7 Minute Muscle is perfect for you if you are interested in...

  • Saving your valuable time
  • Saving money on wasted supplements
  • Saving your body and your joints from needless abuse
  • Saving yourself from a life of "six meals a day" to get lean and muscular
  • And more than that...

You Need To Get Your Life Back!

Want something more valuable than all the money on earth? Dumb question, right? I can help give it to you if click the red “Order Now” button above and take some no-risk action today. Use my new System and videos for just 60 days at NO risk. You will not only gain lean muscle and burn fat, but you will also save time. We're talking months of time...even years!

Think about it: What if you could could get a fantastic body exercising under an hour per week? Most people spend five hours or more every week in the gym. That's a difference of 4 hours, right?

4 hours gained every week = over 1 year of extra lifeif you are 30, and more if you're younger. Even if you are a bit older like me, do you really want to throw your days away like yesterday's garbage? No way! You want to live every minute of your life to the fullest.

Let's not kid each other: What I'm talking about is truly priceless.

“What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?”

Tremendous...if you are willing to learn the System (that takes a few hours) and work hard mentally and physically. I will say this again: This is fun but challenging. No wimps allowed. No whiners, no quitters. Anyone can do it—male or female, young or old, beginner or advanced lifters. That doesn't matter.

Just get ready to FORGET everything you know about building muscle and give me 60 days to prove my point. This System has never been revealed to the public until today. Rarely is there anything “new”—but 7 Minute Muscle is truly revolutionary.

If I'm wrong, you are not out a penny. If I'm right (and I am) you will have more muscle, less fat, and at least a few extra months of life handed to you.

Do we have a deal?

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Introducing 7 Minute Muscle!

“The Fastest Way To Build Lean Muscle–Guaranteed!”

Available in Instant Download! Includes E-Book And 6 Digital Training Videos!
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! Only $77!

Most everyone who works out is wasting their time. Plain and simple. I don't mean to sound negative but it's the truth. Plus the vast majority who exercise are not getting the results they deserve. Hey, I've been there myself. I know what that feels like. Smart people can fall into this trap very easily.

The rest see results but at a great price. They spend anywhere from 5 to 15 hours a week in the gym alone...and that does not count cardio, food prep, and endless hours spent dwelling on how to get those abs, that chest, those legs or those biceps they long for.

Sound familiar? If you have trained as long as I have it should.

Now, my System demands that you workout in a gym, but only for 7 minutes. If you're really ambitious or if you're a bodybuilder, I have you covered too. You only have to workout for 14-21 minutes. Sound reasonable?

Okay, You Have A Lot of Questions...

Hey, that's okay! I'm sitting here telling you that you can freakin' train only 7 minutes and get great results. I'd be curious if I were you too. And I'd be skeptical if I didn't have the inside track on why all this works.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, I love what you're saying...but $77 seems a bit high. What gives?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle May I ask you something personal? How much do you make an hour at work? Let's say it's $20 an hour. Are you WORTH MORE than $20 per hour? Of course you are. But when it comes to money, you are “worth” what you are paid. (Yeah, I know, most of us are worth a lot more! But hang with me...) Now, that means you have a dollar figure for your hourly worth. Whether it's $10 or $1000, it doesn't matter—we all have a dollar figure for our time. Can you really look me in the eye and say $77 for a book and an entire SERIES of training videos is not worth a fraction of your worth? Come on! I'm literally going to save you months and maybe even years of time on this program. Now, how much are THOSE hours worth to you? Besides, with 7 Minute Muscle you get a lot more than just a book. You get a proven System: an e-book, six training videos, and some serious discounts on future products. I'd say $77 is a bargain! It will MORE than pay for itself in just a matter of days...maybe even hours.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, this sounds too good to be true. Are you exaggerating?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle It's not too good to be true, and you may be cursing my name at the six-minute mark! I am not exaggerating: The exercise protocol is timed at exactly 7 minutes for Level 1 trainees. That's about half of the trainers in the world. About 25% are high-level intermediate trainees. They can try the 14-minute protocol if they want, but they probably don't need to. The only group of trainees who MAY (read: may!) need to train longer are the elite-level bodybuilders, or people who just like the gym a hell of a lot. For them I have a 14-minute and 21-minute protocol. I don't even do the 21-minute protocol.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, does this time include cardio too?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle No it doesn't. I'm just being honest with you. However, the cardio routine I give you for TOTAL fat-burning and heart health is a whopping 9 minutes extra 2-3 days per week. That's it. The protocol I outline has been university tested but I can count on one hand how many people know about it. I've used it for years! If you want the absolute best of everything, include my walking routine outline in the book. But that is optional.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle "Jon, is this just an e-book?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle No! This is an e-book and SIX (6) bonus training videos! I'm giving you everything for just $77. Videos, e-book, and even a few surprise bonuses later down the road. The book is delivered to you immediately in PDF waiting!

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, how solid is your research? Is this just a wild theory?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle Solid as a rock. My original draft had over 100 cited references to specific studies on muscle growth, natural hormonal manipulation, fat loss, mind over muscle (a vital part of the program!), and more. I edited this down to less than 50, but that took months of work. The book is FAR from "fluffy". It's short (under 100 pages) but a serious study of brevity training principles with solid, peer-reviewed research supporting the protocols behind the System.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, what is this mind over muscle thing all about? New age stuff?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle Nah. No 'chanting crystal power'... : ) My "Mental Equation" chapters are some of the most researched. The science is called "Psychophysiology", or how the mind and body affect one another to increase performance. You'll learn about my 3-Flow Technique and how just THIS will increase your training results by over 200%. You'll discover how a particular brain wave that you produce every day naturally can be stimulated without anything but your thoughts (specifically, where you choose to put your attention) that will increase your results even more.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, what's this about training videos?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle One of the professional trainers I used during my "guinea pig" testing phase loved 7 Minute Muscle so much he shot all the videos for me at no cost! They're all in digital format, not DVDs, so you can start watching them TODAY, as soon as you order. We take you through every workout in the Level 1 7 Minute Muscle Protocol. Level 2 and 3 users are advanced enough to know what to do after that. These videos, professionally edited and shot, will show you EXACTLY how to use the 7 Minute Muscle System. In fact, Vince shot these videos LIVE with a counter running! They're amazing.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, I'm a girl wanting to increase my tone, but I don't want to look like you!"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle Well, you're in luck, your muscles have no clue what the word "tone" means. And the 7 Minute Muscle System is perfect for getting the look you really want. Slightly larger muscles and less bodyfat THAT is "toned!" Hey, there are three girls in our videos. One is a doctor and a mom with three kids! One is only in her early 20s. It's perfect for women or men.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, I don't have a gym membership. Can I still do 7 Minute Muscle?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle You can, but you will not see the results a gym can give you unless you get some dumbbells for your home. Isn't a better body worth a few minutes in a gym?

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, I have problems with my butt and legs."

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle Then this is your lucky day! We include a BONUS (bonus!) audio that shows you how to get a great butt and shapely legs without going to the gym! All you need is a ball, bench, and possibly some light dumbbells. Of course you can use this workout in the gym too.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle"Jon, are you serious about the 60-day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee?"

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle Serious as can be. If you apply yourself using 7 Minute Muscle for 60 days and for ANY reason do not find it the most effective, time-saving, muscle-building workout you've ever done, I'll gladly refund your money. No questions, no hassles!

Here's What You Get!

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

The 7 Minute Muscle Training System e-Book!

The Bible of Brevity Training! This revolutionary work took over three years of effort, testing, and refining to deliver you the ultimate way to train for muscle in minutes. I cover everythingÑhow to think, how to train and what few supplements really work! All the science you will ever want put into a fun, readable format! I include all three Levels of 7 Minute Muscle training for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees, and even an "ultra-beginner" workout!

PLUS You Also Get These Incredible Free Bonuses!

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Video Bonus 1:

"All About 7 Minute Muscle!"

Learn about the 7 Minute Muscle System first-hand from master trainer Vince Delmonte and our 7 Minute Muscle trainees! In this video, Vince covers the basics behind the System, why it works, and exactly how each workout is constructed!

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Video Bonus 2:

"An Amazing Chest In Minutes!"

Vince and Kevin team up for an intense 7 Minute Muscle chest workout that hits all the high points of the System: varying reps, varying rest intervals, and pushing toward a single goal I call your "AR Record." One goal, one focus, 7 minutes long! (Video delivered instantly in Flash and Quicktime Digital Format!)

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Video Bonus 3:

"A Sculpted Back In Minutes!"

Kevin joins Vince again for a killer back workout 7 Minute Muscle style! You'll watch Vince give Kevin some pointers that will help you really target the back muscles without stressing the shoulders and biceps. Watch as Kevin destroys his previous AR best by SIX reps from the previous week. Gains like this are just amazing! (Video delivered instantly in Flash and Quicktime Digital Format!)

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Video Bonus 4:

"Sexy Shoulders In Minutes!"

Folks, take a look at Adina, our guest trainee for the 7 Minute Muscle shoulder video. She's hardly a "bodybuilder." This System works for anyone at any fitness level! Wait until you see her shoulders...after only a few weeks of 7 Minute Muscle training, Adina has built nice, defined shoulders! (Video delivered instantly in Flash and Quicktime Digital Format!)

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Video Bonus 5:

"Hot Legs In Minutes!"

Guys and gals, meet Dr. Heather Waters, a 36-year-old mother of three (wow!) who trains with rocking intensity. Vince puts Dr. Waters through the 7 Minute Muscle leg workout in "superset" fashion. This is just one of the variations you can use if you want. Also pay close attention to what Dr. Waters says at the end of the workout about the aerobic power of 7 Minute Muscle. Many trainees find they don't even need cardio or that they can cut it way down on this System! (Video delivered instantly in Flash and Quicktime Digital Format!)

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Video Bonus 6:

"Great Arms In Minutes!"

Ready for a "gun show"? Fitness model Rob joins Vince for a biceps and triceps workout 7 Minute Muscle style. One look at Rob's arms will let you know how well this System works for building biceps and triceps! (Video delivered instantly in Flash and Quicktime Digital Format!)

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Special Bonus Video:

"Your Best Butt & Legs...At Home In Minutes!"

The lovely Laura joins Vince In this 7 Minute Musclebonus video to show you three of the best in-home movement you can do for your lower body. Plus Vince shows you the best butt and hamstring movement there is using nothing more than your body weight and a rubber ball. Perfect for training right in the comfort of your own home! (Video delivered instantly in Flash and Quicktime Digital Format!)

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Available in Instant Download! Includes E-Book And 6 Digital Training Videos!
No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! Only $77!

"Why Did You Say You May Have To
Legally Change This Page, Jon?"

Good question. I kinda already did. My attorney freaked when I started naming names of certain magazines, supplement companies and so-on. I'm not trying to be negative, and there are a lot of very GOOD supplement companies and magazines out there. Please don't get me wrong. I just wanted to steer people clear of the ones I know are bogus.

If you subscribe to my E-Zine, you'll find I mention specifics from time to time...let's put it that way...

One thing I had to change right off the bat were the names of three very popular gym franchises who practically make their entire fortunes SOLEY on the fact you training too much. How is that? Simple: Overtraining leads to burnout. (I cover the exact statistics in my e-book.) These health club giants want you to burn out. They depend on signing up far more people than they could actually service, knowing full well 90% of them will never walk through the door more than a few times.

This is just sad folks. Over a BILLION (with a "B") dollars a year is wasted on memberships people never use.

For a long time I thought it was just laziness...but I am not lazy! And I bet you are not lazy either. True, some of us (including me) need a good kick in the butt from time to time, but overall we are NOT lazy people, right?

The fact is this is not your fault. Exercising too long just burns out your body and your mind. What you need is a better method. That's what the 7 Minute Muscle System is all about. It gives you the tools you need to stop wasting time AND money.

Jon Benson - 7 Minute Muscle

Introducing 7 Minute Muscle!

“The Fastest Way To Build Lean Musc