John Wingert - Advanced Shadow Scout

John Wingert - Advanced Shadow Scout digital download. Info: [3 MP3s] | 45.96 MB. "Who Else Wants to Experience the wealth and abundance of the Advanced ...

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John Wingert - Advanced Shadow Scout

Type: Digital download

Format: [3 MP3s]

File size: 45.96 MB



Advanced Shadow Scouts Crash Course! For a Very Limited Time Only! Let John Wingert teach you how to effortlessly enhance any skill you have and get EVEN MORE effortless results...

"Who Else Wants to Experience the wealth and abundance of the Advanced Shadow Scout… If you liked John Wingert's Shadow Scout course, you'll be drooling all over your shoes once you have - the ADVANCED Shadow Scout course in your hands.

- Using these almost lost INVISIBLE secret methods will transform what you thought you knew about Persuasion, Energy Healing, NLP, EFT, Invisibility, influence and almost every skill you thought you knew about." "Give me less than 2 hours and I'll show you how to.... READ ON!

Want to be next?"

- John Wingert, cutting edge trainer, developer and REAL LIFE innovator shares with you more of secret INFLUENCE methods of the advanced shadow scout and reveals how to influence and optimize your results invisibly and instantly.

Here is a short list of what this 3 CD crash course contains:

  • Use these methods to…
  • Diffuse ANY tense situation, with what seems like just a shift in gaze.
  • Use this method to take almost ANYONE into a trance THAT THEY WON'T EVEN KNOW they are in. Breathtaking!
  • Use PROVEN energy dynamics that will energize or diffuse anyone's will instantly.
  • Generate and control instant animal attraction.
  • Have direct access to the master switch in ANYONE'S brain - Experience deeper rapport than you could have ever imagined.
  • Become invisible and make what you do invisible at will. Or become The Primary Focus of Attention of anyone or instantly. Apply this to GROUPS. Make millions.
  • Make anyone hyper or laidback instantly… invisibly
  • Learn IMPRINTING secrets and HOW imprinting has been used for centuries by the Japanese Ninja, King Arthur, Daniel GreyWolf and more!
  • The shocking truth about unconscious installation and what the REAL BENEFIT is of…
  • The most valuable resource you have for instant change… and personal transformation.
  • Understand why some folks can take charge easily and others are doomed to a life time of struggle, pain and trying to figure it all out.
  • In just 7 minutes optimize your body, energy field, and ability to receive and generate wealth. No long drills or new age bullshit.
  • Learn the exact 7 minute drill used by Apache Shadow Scouts for centuries - the drill they NEVER MISSED before…
  • This drill will teach you how to go to "level" while awake. Better than ANY Mind Control trainer or expert.