John Ullmen - Executive Coaching

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John Ullmen - Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

By: John Ullmen

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 57m 16s

Released: June 21, 2018


Leadership isn’t a skill you ever finish learning. Rather, it continues to develop over time, with each problem and project adding new reference points and skills to your toolkit. Executive coaches guide leaders through this learning process, supporting them as they discover how to lead even more effectively. If you’re interested in executive coaching—or just want to learn practical new leadership strategies—this course can help. Here, join UCLA professor and executive coach John Ullmen, PhD, as he explores the transformational features of executive coaching. John explains how to build a coaching relationship with an executive or leader, establish an informed development plan, take measures to support your leader’s progress, and accelerate your growth as a coach.

Topics include:

• What is executive coaching?
• Establishing your credibility and character
• Building your coaching relationship
• Understanding your leader’s specific situation and aspirations
• Establishing development priorities
• Creating a development plan
• Gathering data and synthesizing it
• Supporting your leader’s progress
• Engaging strategic stakeholders


1. Understanding Executive Coaching
2. Crucial Early Impressions
3. Build your Coaching Relationship
4. Establish Development Priorities and Create a Development Plan
5. Support your Leaders Progress


John Ullmen is an executive coach and professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

John Ullmen, PhD, is an internationally acclaimed executive coach who oversees and is on faculty at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where his course on interpersonal communication was voted by students as one of the “top 10” experiences in their graduate program.

Dr. Ullmen is a frequent keynote speaker on how to influence for results without resorting to authority or relying on rewards and penalties. His most recent book, Real Influence: Persuade without Pushing and Gain without Giving In (Amacom, 2013), coauthored with Mark Goulston, is in print in many languages, and was chosen as one of the 30 Best Books in Business for 2013 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

Spanning a wide range of industries, his clients include industry leaders such as Apple, Bain & Co., Cisco, Deloitte, Disney, Genentech, Frito-Lay, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, NASA, Nike, Oreck, Raytheon, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, UBS, Verizon, Yamaha, and many others.

Dr. Ullmen also works with senior leadership teams, and one of the programs he created for a leading global firm was featured in a Harvard Business School case study on successful strategic and human capital change.

He received a BS from the U.S. Air Force Academy, a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University, and a PhD in organizational behavior from UCLA. He began his career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, where he served in a global top-secret intelligence program and later at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development.