John Truby’s - Comedy Audio Course

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John Truby’s - Comedy Audio Course


Learn the professional techniques guaranteed to create laughs for a full two hours.

Comedy is the single most successful story form.  But one reason comedy is so difficult is that it has at least eight different structures, each with very different story beats.  If you approach comedy as a professional, you can become of the few writers to work steadily in this popular form.

The COMEDY AUDIO CLASS is among the most popular  at Truby’s Writers Studio because  it gives you all the techniques of this perennial favorite. We guarantee you won’t find a third of them anywhere else. This is a monster course, covering comic characters, movie comedy structures, all the beats of the major comedy story forms, comedy dialogue and much, much more. If you are serious about your comedy writing, get this course.

Table of Contents: 

1. How Comedy Works
2. 9 Best Character Types
3. Boor, Trickster & Traveling Angel
4. The 15 Comedy Story Beats
5. Setting Up the 4-Point Opposition
6. How to Create the Comic Nightmare
7. Scams, Disguises & Mistaken Identity
8. Ending the Comedy
9. Comedy Scenes & Dialogue
John Truby’s - Comedy Audio Course
10. Myth Comedy Beats
11. Action Comedy Beats
12. Romantic Comedy Beats
13. Buddy Picture Beats
14. Traveling Angel Beats
15. Farce Beats
16. Black Comedy Beats
17. Satire Beats
18. 10 Keys to Comedy

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