John Schaub - Advanced House Buying Techniques

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John Schaub - Advanced House Buying TechniquesJohn Schaub - Advanced House Buying Techniques

Advanced House Buying Techniques
Here are some of the topics John Covers:

Setting Bigger Goals
Controlling More Equity Without More Responsibility
Setting different Goals for Different Entities
Identifying Which Houses You Need to Own for the Next Ten Years
Restructuring Your Financing to Increase Your Cash Flow
Using Blanket Mortgages
Buying in Different Price Ranges for Different Benefits
Knowing When to Sell
Trading Up to Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Management
Borrowing on Creative Terms
Variable Payment Notes
Self-Discounting Notes
Negotiating the Security
Borrowing from Related Parties
Double Factoring
Separating the Payments from the Note
Banking the Note, Not the House
Buying with Others
Sandwich Leases
Separating Land from Improvements
Roth IRA Strategies
Buying Specific Houses for Specific Reasons
Buying from and Selling to Related Parties
Investing in Groups
Guaranteeing Payment for Equity
Controlling the Profits without Owning the Property
Using Life Estates and Remainder Interests
Financing and Exchanging Leasehold Interests
Participating Paper
Partnership Interests
Managing for Part of the Profit/Equity
Working with Builders
Building New Homes to Hold
Building New Homes for Resale
Financing New Homes
Model Leasebacks
Dealing with Developers
Buying from Builders in Distress
Creating Paper to Sell
Retaining Control of Paper You Sell
Getting Creditor Proof

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