John Romaine - SEO Business Startup Kit

John Romaine - SEO Business Startup Kit digital download. Info: [1 eBook (PDF) + 80 Templates (DOC/XLS)]. The SEO business startup kit contains a compre...

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John Romaine - SEO Business Startup Kit

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook (PDF) + 80 Templates (DOC/XLS)]


SEO Business Startup Kit

What's Included in the SEO Business Startup Kit?

John Romaine - SEO Business Startup Kit

The SEO Business Fast Start Guide

The SEO business startup kit contains a comprehensive 217 page fast start guide titled "How to Start Your Own SEO Business" This guide is absolutely crammed full with proven techniques, strategies and workflow procedures for building and running a successful SEO business.

80 Ready Made Contracts, Documents, Agreements, Work Order Forms, Proposals and Worksheet Templates

In addition to the fast start guide, the SEO kit also contains over 80 contracts, documents, agreements, letters, spreadsheets, templates and more that will have you operational in no time at all. Saving you both time and money. These are all provided in ready to use formatting. Simply fill in the blanks with your own business information and client details.

Starting an SEO Business Is Easy With the Right Advice.

The thought of starting your own seo business might seem daunting. It might even sound difficult, but it doesn't need to be. As with anything, having the right mentor, someone that can help guide you, can save you a lot of time and money - not to mention make the whole process easier and more profitable.

So what's involved? How can you get started? Is it really just a case of handing out a few business cards, building some links and making money? Well, not really. There are certain strategies and techniques that make all the difference between success and failure.

Hi, my name is Gary Ruplinger, I'm a freelance seo consultant, web designer, and full time internet marketer. I'm also the creator of the product you see here, the SEO Business Startup Kit.

The SEO Business Startup Kit is essentially the result of me being constantly asked by my web design clients if I could help them rank first page in Google. This came about because in March 2007, I quit my full time job and started my own web design business, working from home.

With each website I built, clients were asking me, "Can you help us get to page 1 in Google?" At first I turned the work down, as SEO wasn't really something I knew much about, however after a while of constantly being asked, I decided to learn more about search engine optimization, and eventually began offering it as an additional service to my clients.

In that time, I learnt a LOT. Infact, I was lucky enough to network with a close friend of mine who, at the time, was working within one of Australia's largest seo firms. The advice and help he gave me about the business processes, along with the training courses I took, helped me put together a highly profitable search engine optimization business.

Now Is Definitely The Time To Get Started.

There's no doubt that SEO is a massive industry, and the potential to make big money is obvious. It's estimated that every day over 150,000 new websites are created. Can you imagine? That's 6,250 websites every hour. And out of those, just how many want better search engine placement? Answer - a lot! So if you're now at the point of considering getting started in your own seo business - now is definitely the time to do it. The opportunities are huge.

But starting any new business always leaves you with a feeling of uncertainty and almost always a list of unanswered questions. I bet you're asking yourself right now :

  • How do I write an SEO proposal?
    How long should it be? How detailed should it be? If it's too long, will it scare off the client? What if it's too short? I really don't know where to start? What do I include?

  • Can any one tell me how to prepare a SEO Business plan?
    Do I really need one? Ive never written one before, what do I put in it? Does it need to be comprehensive?

  • How do I get a small business loan if I need one?
    What type of loan should I apply for? What type of information do I need to take with me? What type of loan rates should I be looking for?

  • How much should I charge for my work?
    Do I charge hourly? A monthly retainer? I don’t want to undercharge, and be working for peanuts, but I sure don’t want to be losing out on projects by asking for too much. What are some rates or pricing guides?

  • Should I guarantee rankings for my client?
    Should I offer refunds? How can I assure them that my search engine optimization will actually work within the requested timeframe?

  • What questions should I ask the client during a meeting?
    Do I ask them what their budget is? Do I charge for my time during meetings? What information should I get from them? What questions shouldn't I ask?

  • How can I prevent not being paid?
    Im scared of doing a lot of work then the client taking off on me. Is there any way I can be paid in advance, or have them sign some type of payment contract?

  • How can I find clients?
    Should I approach local businesses or go to sites like What about door knocking and seminars? How can I build up a portfolio?

  • How can I get clients to sign up to ongoing maintenance agreements?
    Im pretty keen on building up a reliable client base that needs ongoing month to month support at a fixed rate in order to help build revenue. How can I do this?

  • How do I keep track of all my paperwork and invoicing?
    I've got receipts, invoices and paperwork all over the place. I know I should get more organised but how do I sort it out?

  • Is there a business workflow structure that I should use for each job?
    I need something to show me exactly what to do at each step of the way and how to avoid losing control of an SEO campaign.

...and so on.

My SEO Business Startup Kit Can Help You Get Started Without All the Uncertainty.

I'm sure you may have thought to yourself ..."I'll just find some free contracts online, read a few seo blogs and ask for some help on some forums, and I should be okay". Well yeah, but is that how anyone would consider starting a real business? Besides, you and I both know that often the advice is bad, and the free stuff is garbage. And if you intend on chasing free stuff, then you value your time at $0.

That's not smart.

Listen, I want to help you acheive your goals and get started making some money. I'm confident the information and advice that I share in my SEO Business Startup Kit will have you making easy profits in your first month with just a handful of clients. There are literally people out there everywhere begging to take your money. There's so much demand for good seo's at the moment, that the industry just can't keep up. I'm not kidding.

All of the questions, concerns and uncertainties you probably have right now, are no doubt, very similiar to those that I was faced with when I first started. But relax, with me helping guide you along the way, you can get started with much less risk, and a lot more confidence.

I'll show you every step of the way, right from getting setup, right through to ensuring long term return customers and highly profitable campaigns. Infact, here's just a few things that I cover in the business kit :

  • Absolute must have tools, services and software
  • What to ask new prospects on the phone
  • How to close deals without objection
  • How to always get clients signed up for 12 month contracts
  • The importance of outsourcing
  • How to prepare your proposals and agreements
  • The most effective and easiest ways to get clients
  • How to ensure steady reliable long term income

...and more