John Motson - Domaining Manifesto

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John Motson - Domaining Manifesto digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. Discover The Secrets To Making Big Money With Domain Names... The Domaining Man...
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John Motson - Domaining Manifesto

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Format: [eBook (PDF)]


Domaining Manifesto

Discover The Secrets To Making Big Money With Domain Names...

Domaining is big business and there is no stopping it!

Every day, domain names are bought and sold for big profit. Over a hundred thousand domain names expire daily.

Here are some of the things they are hiding from you:

  • Domaining is not hard. Anyone can succeed with domain names with the right information.
  • With the right instructions, you can use every day common knowledge to find quality domain names to register.
  • You Do Not need thousands of dollars to buy quality domain names.
  • You can find new domaining opportunities every day if you know where to look.

The Domaining Manifesto provides you with easy to follow instructions and uncovers Professional Domainer secrets that guarantee success.

Who is this ebook for?

Anyone who is serious about domaining will find something of use in this book, I personally found an interesting source for finding “expired domain names” after about 90 minutes of casual reading. Of course it is important to understand that no ebook or course can hand over the “secret sauce” to internet riches and this book is no different. Domaining takes time, energy, and persistence. However this course can help those that are just getting started in the business and will point newbies in the right direction.

The Domaining Manifesto Book Covers:

  • Trademark issues
  • Whois data and what you need to know
  • Understanding expired domain names, pagerank, fake pagerank and banned names
  • Domain negotiation & safe guarding the transaction
  • How to approach domainers without inflating prices
  • Where to find domain name gems
  • Domain research
  • Expired domain resources