John L. Anghelache - The Copywriting Crash Course

John L. Anghelache - The Copywriting Crash Course digital download. Info: [eBooks (PDF) + Audio (MP3)]. “How To Ethically Cheat Your Way To Crafting Adv...

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John L. Anghelache - The Copywriting Crash Course

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBooks (PDF) + Audio (MP3)]


The Copywriting Crash Course

“How To Ethically Cheat Your Way To Crafting Advertising Promotions That Produce Profits On Demand!”

Here's a brief (very brief) overview of what the course includes...

The Copywriting Crash Course E-Book And Audios

The e-book and MP3 audios are the "bread and butter" of the program. I've taken all the filler out and condensed the most important elements of swiping for profit into a paint-by-the-numbers process. Each step in the system is explained. I include only practical instruction so you can start writing ads that work right away. Check out a few of the secrets you'll discover when you go through this material...

  • The first step in the creation of "break-the-bank" direct response sales copy. Just in case you're wondering, the answer is not research. If you skip this step all the research in the world won't save you from getting mediocre results at best.
  • How to determine the purpose of your ad before you write it. Listen, most people just sit down and start typing away. They never bother to figure out exactly what they want from the ad. And then they wonder why the ad didn't work. Here's how to overcome this big mistake once and for all.
  • Critical questions to ask yourself... before... you write one word!
  • A single piece of advice from marketing consultant - Dan Kennedy - that saved me from the frustration of not knowing what to say in my ads. This might be the best advice you ever get on the topic of copywriting.
  • The biggest problem anyone faces when it comes to creating their own advertisments... and... how to overcome it quickly and easily.
  • How to find your market's hot buttons... without guessing.
  • Examples of how to use Martin Conroy's copywriting secret.  I actually show you how to implement the system line-by-line with ads that have generated millions of dollars. It's simple. It's fast. It'll change your business forever.
  • A little-known step in the copywriting process  that practically forces your ads to write themselves. Few know how to harness the power of this step. Those who do tend to laugh all the way to the bank whenever they put a promotion together. 
  • How to edit and rewrite your promotions  for clarity, ease of reading and powerful persuasion. If you get this wrong your ad will falter. Here's what you need to know.
  • The final step to creating ads  that produce consistent profits.
  • And much more!

Everything you'll ever need to receive the highest return on your advertising investment is in this course. You can read the e-book in a couple of hours. Then, to reinforce what you learned, listen to the audios whenever you want. But there's more...