John Iams - PRRT™ Home Study Course - Online Version

John Iams - PRRT™ Home Study Course - Online Version digital download. Info: [ Webrip - 9 PDF , 1 MP3 , 7 MP4 ] | 2.809 GB. The PRRT Home Study Course Ma...

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John Iams - PRRT™ Home Study Course - Online Version

Type: Digital download

Format: [ Webrip - 9 PDF , 1 MP3 , 7 MP4 ]

File size: 2.809 GB



The PRRT Home Study Course is designed to give revolutionary insight into how to release pain in seconds. Tomorrow you’ll be able to successfully use PRRT in your practice… guaranteed! You’ll be pleased to know that PRRT will integrate seamlessly with any and all approaches you already utilize. If you treat musculoskeletal pain and have been searching for the missing piece in the puzzle of pain… you’ve now found it!

The Brand-New PRRT Home Study Course includes:

PRRT Home Study Course DVDs You’ll rapidly learn to resolve many of the most common conditions you see each day. These  techniques will give you a great sample of what PRRT is, how it works, and how truly effective it can be in relieving:

  • Pain
  • Muscle Tightness
  • Trigger Points
  • & Restricted Motion

The PRRT Home Study Course Manual This detailed manual is a marvelous resource to supplement the treatments outlined in the DVDs; it provides a virtual “cheat sheet” to use in your clinic. The manual covers the treatments demonstrated on the video. Stress Relief Beyond Belief – Bonus! This book, the first volume published by John Iams, introduces the Iams Maneuver. The Iams Maneuver employs a simple method to alter the head position and instantly inhibit the stress reflex. This revolutionary technique often yields changes within days. Free Bonus! Online Access to PRRT Home Study Course Version 1.0 With more than 3,000 copies sold over 10+ years, this is how many practitioners started their PRRT journey. Course materials include:

  • The world-famous 1 Minute NocioceptivExam™
  • 9 Additional Techniques
  • Close to 180 mins. of video
  • PDFs of the original course manual
  • & “Mending Mankind” audio session

The PRRT Home Study Course—at any price—is a valuable investment in your practice. Priced separately, the 4 DVDs, the 2 Manual, and the book are a $400 value. For a limited time only, you can get a hard copy of the PRRT Home Study Course for just $197 plus shipping and handling. The online version, provided through a special members-only section of the website, is only $147.