John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

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John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping digital download. Info: [1 Manual (PDF) + 1 CDs (Data)]. Automatically Set Up Your Quickbooks to Keep Track of Fi...
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John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 Manual (PDF) + 1 CDs (Data)]



John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping
John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

Attorney/CPA John Hyre’s “K.I.S.S.” Guide to Real Estate Accounting

In this eCourse You Will Discover...

  • John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

    Find Profitable Deals

    You will learn dozens of ways to find great deals in your market without dealing with the MLS or brokers.

  • John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

    Build a Buyer List

    You will learn proven methods of building a large backend list of hungry buyers for your wholesale deals.

  • John Hyre - KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

    Close and Get Paid

    You will learn the mechanics of doing a wholesale deal from A to Z, including closing and getting a paycheck.

Automatically Set Up Your Quickbooks to Keep Track of Fixer or Rental Properties and Learn Dozens of Tax Loopholes for Real Estate Investors That Will Put Thousands of Dollars in Your Pocket Instead of the Corrupt Crooks in Washington!

Good bookkeeping is the most underrated way to hammer the IRS and save thousands on your tax bill. Taxes isn’t the sexiest topic in real estate, but it’s the easiest way to put more cash in your pocket without working harder. It’s the easiest way to save more money in your bank account without giving it to the greedy politicians who spend it on who knows what!

The second reason why its important to have good books is to be able to print reports and calculate profits and losses for yourself and your partners so you know exactly what’s going on. In short, you can’t manage what you can’t measure… this course will allow you to always measure your income and expenses.

The third reason, and it’s a big one, is if you get audited or sued, the fastest way to lose your corporate protection is to have bad books. If you are “robbing Peter to pay Paul” so to speak, you will be guilty of commingling and give the court or the IRS auditor an excuse to set aside the corporate form and go after you personally. Don’t fall into this lethal trap – take control of your money and your records.

The Real Estate Investor’s KISS Guide to Bookkeeping includes a “plug in” diskette that works with QuickBooks, Pro Version 2006 and later (sold separately). Using QuickBooks saves you lots of TIME, because the computer performs the tedious, time-consuming calculations and quickly summarizes relevant information for you. The “plug in” customizes QuickBooks specifically for real estate, mobile home, and note investing.

No experience needed! This course is designed for the real estate, mobile home, or note investor who has little or no accounting, tax, or QuickBooks knowledge. There are many different ways to do the same thing. This course teaches you just one way to do things, over and over and over again. That keeps things simple and drives home the lesson for non-accountants.

For People Who HATE Accounting. Most real estate investors are far more interested in making money on deals than in learning the intricacies of tax law and accounting entries. This book is for you.

Most people learn best by example. Lots and lots of them are included in the book. You still should read the text. But to help you put it all together, there are plenty of examples with numbers plugged in. And the examples are written in plain English, not “taxese.”

In The Real Estate Investor’s KISS Guide to Bookkeeping, tax attorney, accountant and real estate investor, John Hyre, shows you exactly how to do it, year after year, EVERY year, including:

  • How to keep your books and stop overpaying your tax preparer or bookkeeper
  • How to save thousands of dollars on professional fees
  • How to do the books right and get the deductions you deserve
  • How to break out certain assets and increase depreciation deductions, creating tax losses to wash against other income and get you a bigger refund every year
  • How to get tax savings of up to $2,000 to $6,000 per year.. guaranteed!
  • How to take the right deductions and avoid IRS penalties
  • How to keep your books so you can survive an IRS audit or lawsuit
  • How to train your accountant (if you use one) to do it RIGHT!

And much, MUCH more