John Demartini - Online - Synchronicity Jul USA 2020

John Demartini - Online - Synchronicity Jul USA 2020 digital download.

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John Demartini - Online - Synchronicity Jul USA 2020

Type: Digital download

John Demartini - Online - Synchronicity Jul USA 2020

John Demartini - Online - Synchronicity Jul USA 2020

Online - Synchronicity Jul USA 2020

What if you could look back on your past with nothing but gratitude?

What would it mean to you to be able to look back on the decades of your life and see “meaningful co-incidences” that were all working together for your greater benefit?

You are invited to join Dr John Demartini for a brand new inspiring two-day Synchronicity masterclass, exclusive to graduates of The Breakthrough Experience.

This two-day Synchronicity workshop will provide you with tools on how to:

  • Dissolve years of emotional baggage
  • Clear your mental slate of disempowering distractions that have been accumulated since childhood.
  • See the higher purpose and perfection of your life-past, present and future.
  • Operate from your ‘executive centre’ and live with foresight; instead of operating from a place of impulse and living with hindsight.

Get ready to reveal the Grand Organized Design and Loving Matrix that has surrounded your mental and physical existence since birth in this inspiring and extraordinary masterclass with Dr John Demartini.

Here’s what previous attendees had to say:

“This course in an intensive work out for the mind it makes you reach the unreachable and tap into your inner intelligence to see the hidden order within your life.”

“I recommend this course to anyone that really deeply wants to look into their lives and truly begin to heal and love themselves for who they are.”

“Out of all of John’s courses this is now my new favorite.”

“I have accessed memories and charges that were buried deep in my subconscious, and now realize how these hidden perceptions were influencing my decisions today.I feel more integrated, certain and present.”

“I found Synchronicity to be an amazing program-in 2 days I found, dissolved and released issues that have had been creating havoc in my life for decades. With a sense of deep gratitude, I am now looking forward to the next phase in my life.”

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