John Demartini - Empyreance IX - Mysteries of Hermes the Divine

John Demartini - Empyreance IX - Mysteries of Hermes the Divine digital download.

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John Demartini - Empyreance IX - Mysteries of Hermes the Divine

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John Demartini - Empyreance IX - Mysteries of Hermes the Divine

John Demartini - Empyreance IX - Mysteries of Hermes the Divine

I welcome you in advance to Empyreance IX - The Mysteries of Hermes the Divine. You are about to embark on a truly inspiring study of one of the greatest philosophical and theological mysteries ever investigated. I have been working on this presentation for many decades and I am grateful that I am finally able and ready to present this important body of knowledge and wisdom. It is a synthesis of the greatest teachings on the mysteries I have been able to gather and compose.

You will receive a selected body of knowledge and a profound text obtainable from nowhere else. It is more than a summary of just hundreds of books. It is a distillation of the greatest cosmological, philosophical and theological mysteries available through time. If you in any way appreciated Empyreance I, then you will certainly even more appreciate this concise and deeper exploration of the great Hermetic Mysteries, for they will take off where I previously left off.

Empyreance IX will reveal the essential principles and laws that underlie the greatest philosophical and religious leaders that have left their marks in history. This is truly a great and unique opportunity to have your inner fire rekindled and reignited.

I have delayed this special program until now, for the mystery teachings of Hermes the divine is not meant for babes or neophytes of learning, but only for the advanced students of wisdom, or initiates who will be able to understand the immensity of the importance. Weaklings and those without inner self-governance cannot hope to cope with the tremendous wisdom concealed in all the aspects of Hermes; or with the illusions and misconceptions and fantasies to which Hermes in all his various forms has given rise, so that confusion reigns where light could shine upon the understanding of the true seeker.

I shall deal with true and undiluted teachings of Hermes. This alone will constitute a college of learning, or as I have titled it since October 12, 1982, a Concourse of Wisdom, such as the world of inner thought and wisdom has never seen before.  Though fantasies and illusions will be analyzed, do not expect to be entertained with lovely tales which have no real, nor significant meaning. For you will soon be starting upon a challenging and occasionally grim quest for truth. And no idea or concept will be spared. For that would be misleading as all the rest of the superstitious ideas and teachings with which the world has been bombarded spiritually.

I look forward to sharing this inspired knowledge with you.

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