John Dee - Bank Vault Report

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John Dee - Bank Vault Report digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. Four years on...they’ve all tried it...Shopkeepers...Cabbies...Stay-at-home mums..Of...
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John Dee - Bank Vault Report

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]


Bank Vault Report

“A work of genius.”

Four years on...they’ve all tried it...Shopkeepers...Cabbies...Stay-at-home mums..Office workers.....The retired....Actors....Scientists....Small business owners...The unemployed...people from ALL walks of life have followed THE BANK VAULT REPORT and made a lot of money to it’s your turn!




Got a reliable Internet connection and a couple of hours in the afternoon spare?

Good! Let me teach you how to make a minimum of £18,000, tax free, per year, at home in front of your PC. No scams, no tricks, no MLM... and you don’t have to even like horseracing!

What can you say about a business that lets you get up at the crack of noon and wander downstairs through heavy traffic. You then take your laptop and coffee into the garden, sit down at a picnic table and watch the birds. You then decide you’ve had enough, come indoors and watch the laptop on and off until late afternoon. By the end of the day you’ve made £50... £100 or more (you control the risk) and you go to bed knowing that tomorrow you’ll do just the same. I ask you, How close to heaven do you want to get without actually dying?

If you think the above is fantasy land, you’re wrong. I know because I do just as above and I know you can too. Like everything in life all it takes is a small investment in time to see how this amazing system can work for you. Knowledge is power.

Briefly, this is what I do and what you’ll be doing to make that £18000+ tax free income. Around 1 o’clock I log-on to a particular website and perform a basic procedure which takes me about five minutes. Around 2 o’clock I put the Plan into action, again using the same website. On a really good day I’m done and dusted by 2.30 pm with money in the bank and a smile on my face (which is good because I can go out into the garden and watch the birds again!). On an average day I’ll finish around 4 pm.

Believe me, I’ve tried just about every business going. From Futures Trading on the stock market to disastrous pyramid-selling schemes I’ve seen them all. I’m sure you have too. Now you can prove to yourself, at home in front of your PC, that you can make at least £18,000 per year in your spare time.

Imagine a business that you can run in a few spare hours at home in front of your PC. Now imagine you can take this same business with you on holiday and operate from any place in the world. You have a genuine opportunity to earn substantial tax free incomes from just about any place on Earth.

Yes, you’re right, this system is about horseracing. But hold on, I don’t even like horses and I don’t follow any sport (in fact neither do a thing for me). But I am a businessman which is why, when a good friend put this opportunity my way, I knew I’d truly struck gold. This system is ideal for any intelligent person to operate: The unemployed, the retired, the e-commerce entrepreneur, the stay-at-home parent... it makes no difference what your status is in life. If you can follow some simple maths the Plan will work for you.

But first off, what this Plan isn’t...

It’s nothing to do with casino’s

It’s not about “picking winners”

It’s not about finding outsiders or “long shots”

It doesn’t require a University degree in maths

You don’t have to know anything about horseracing

You don’t have to visit a bookies shop (ever!)

There’s no stock to carry

There’s no bad debt

There’s no customer to visit

There are no overheads

You do need...

Reliable Internet access

The desire to learn

A starting pot of between £100 - £500

1- 4 hours free per day

A calculator

The opportunity presented in this report has been tried and tested on a daily basis over four years. This Plan has evolved due to the emergence of certain online exchanges which offer an incredible opportunity for the savvy investor. This area of the Internet has been called the new frontier of business opportunity, and not without good reason!

So, can I make more than £18,000 per year? Certainly, yes. I’ll show you how. It’s not difficult but just like any well-oiled machine you need the key to get it going first.

The beauty of the system is that you set the amount of profit you’re happy with per day. You can start with smaller amounts if you like... £10 rather than £50 is an ultra low risk investment that will still net you over three and a half thousand (tax free of course!) per year.

Everything you need to operate the plan is contained within this incredible report. You can be “up and running” within minutes of downloading The Bank Vault Report which is available as a .PDF file (Acrobat Reader required, available free from What you learn may shock you, it will certainly make you look at making money a whole different way. STOP PRESS! v1.4 of The Bank Vault Report is hot off the press and now includes foreign racing, using multiple “lay ladders” and dynamite staking systems that blow every loss you’ll ever encounter clear out of the water!

General Macarthur said in life there are no certainties, only opportunities. This is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever come across. Join us on the royal road to riches!

Warmest Wishes,

Jon Dee