John Cooksey - Digital Lighting Magic

John Cooksey - Digital Lighting Magic digital download. Info: [18 Videos (17 AVIs + 1 SWF)]. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great shots; ...

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John Cooksey - Digital Lighting Magic

Type: Digital download

Format: [18 Videos (17 AVIs + 1 SWF)]


Digital Lighting Magic

Elite Video is proud to present Digital Lighting Magic 1,2 & 3

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great shots; all the shots you see in this ad are from our DVDs and were shot on a low budget – and we guarantee you the same results with your camcorder.

All of the sequences were taken with the Sony PD-150, Sony VX 2000 and Canon XL-1 camcorders. In the past, top-level lighting secrets have been available to only a select few. People pay $2000 or more in workshops to learn what you will learn quickly and easily by using our DVD set.

John Cooksey reveals the insider secrets to creating breath-taking videos that look like you hired a big lighting crew! He takes you step by step through each setup. Some of the shots are so easy, all you need are lights from your local hardware store!

Each DVD is 75 minutes long (you get 3 of them) and they take you step-by-step through amazing ways to get fantastic results using your digital camera to create low cost light set ups.

No complicated formulas or history of lighting, just the great stuff you need to go from dull to impressive. All the shortcuts are revealed. Your clients will be blown away by what you can do!

Get the edge over your competition and become the videographer others look up to for your great lighting expertise!

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Learn the secrets of interview lighting, wedding lighting, tiny studio lighting, Hollywood style lighting, low budget movie set lighting, outdoor lighting, the one light to making your own gels, making your own soft lights, background lighting, camera control effects, event and reception lighting, three point lighting “B.A.S.S. lighting system, chromakey lighting secrets, MTV-style lighting, hair lights, portrait style lighting, five point lighting, reflector secrets, news interview style lighting, and much more…

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or check out the samples here of just some of the things you’ll be learning.

Free bonus online Lighting Simulator included

If you are a professional videographer, you can’t afford to be without these DVD’s. 3 DVD set!

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