John Cerbond & Richard Nongard - Speed Trance 2.0

John Cerbond & Richard Nongard - Speed Trance 2.0 digital download. Info: [WebRip - 4 MP4 + 1 PDF] | 1.703 GB. The original DVD set was filmed in a basem...

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John Cerbond & Richard Nongard - Speed Trance 2.0

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRip - 4 MP4 + 1 PDF]

File size: 1.703 GB



Speedtrance 2.0 How to do instant and rapid inductions

Speedtrance 2.0 – Hypnotize Anyone in Just 7 Seconds
Complete Instant and Rapid Induction Training with John Cerbone and Richard Nongard

John Cerbond & Richard Nongard - Speed Trance 2.0Back in 2007 the original Speedtrance DVD revolutionized hypnosis as John Cerbone “The Trancemaster” shared his unique Cerbone Butterfly Induction with the world. This revolutionary method, combined six of the seven ways to induce trance and rocked not only the stage hypnosis world, but even revolutionized approaches to clinical hypnosis.

If you could hypnotize anyone in 7 seconds, who would you hypnotize?

When we first introduced these ideas, many said it was impossible. But in the past ten years we have hypnotized thousands of people – and in the process, we have learned even more about Speedtrance and how to use it successfully.

We want to share these ideas with you!

The original DVD set was filmed in a basement in rural Kansas. We never realized how important it would become. Just this past June, John and I met in Las Vegas, and re-recorded the original content, adding many of our new learnings, and we also spent a couple days on the Las Vegas strip and Freemont Street hypnotizing real people in just 7 seconds. If you are new to these ideas they will transform your approaches to hypnosis. If you have already viewed our previous version from 2007, you will really enjoy our new explanations, demonstrations and applications continued in this new video series.

You can do what we do and hypnotize people in 7 seconds!

You can hypnotize anyone in 7 seconds when you learn these methods. You can then actually demonstrate hypnosis on the spot when you are asked. If you are a performer, you will have a powerful tool that differentiates yourself from the many other stage hypnotists using regular inductions. If you are a clinical hypnotist, you will have a lifelong strategy when a client just “want’s to feel hypnotized” and everyone who learns this will increase their confidence level in every aspect of doing hypnosis.

Four Videos. Two Hours of content.

John Cerbond & Richard Nongard - Speed Trance 2.0
Speedtrance 2.0 is available right now and you will have instant access. You no longer have to wait weeks for the mail to learn these methods. This is not a DVD set, it is a series of streaming online videos in high definition. As soon as you register, you will download you access key to our online learning center. You have unlimited online viewing access and you can even easily download the videos to your hard drive with the press of a button.

You will learn:

  • The Cerbone Butterfly Induction that started it all!
  • Two variations of Speedtrance, including the Palm Induction.
  • You will learn how to do a standing shock inductions.
  • You will learn Speedtrance safety, and how to avoid injury.
  • You will get a printable Speedtrance script in PDF format that gives you the exact words needed for success.
  • You will see classic clips from the original Speedtrance DVD and new clips filmed just this year in Las Vegas.
  • You will learn step-by-step instructions, from multiple camera angles to do Speedtrance.
  • You will get four 30 minute videos, almost 2 hours of instructional training.

In the end you will have a skill few others do, a reliable and proven method of rapid induction that has been adapted by pros from around the world and has withstood the test of time.

Take action now and get instant access to this series. The original DVD’s sold for $89 and we can easily sell these for that price. But right now, since we have just introduced this resource set, you can get it for $47 and start viewing in instantly from anywhere in the world.