John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

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John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013 digital download. Info: [18 Videos (MP4s) + 6 Documents (4 RTFs + 1 Txt + 1 PDF) + 14 Images (PNGs)]. John Carlton ga...
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John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

Type: Digital download

Format: [18 Videos (MP4s) + 6 Documents (4 RTFs + 1 Txt + 1 PDF) + 14 Images (PNGs)]


Action Seminar 2013

I gathered some of the best in the business to teach you...

How to find and attract more prospects,
explode your website opt-in and conversion rates,
close more sales, and generate more income.

All in a surprisingly short amount of time and for a fraction
of what you'd expect to pay for these super advanced
strategies and tactics.

And here's the best part...

You'll do it all on your own schedule and without leaving home.
Learn it all and start making more money in a few days (like the folks did at the live training event)... or watch the videos and implement over several months. Make progress at whatever pace works best for you.

From: Stan Dahl; The Big Guy at Marketing Rebel

Hello. I'm glad you've found your way to this website. Stick with me for just a few minutes and you will learn:

  • About the remarkable collection of experts I lined up to share their marketing magic with you. It costs a small fortune to hire even one of these folks for just a few hours.
  • How those experts presented hundreds of specific income-generating tips at The Action Seminar, and how you can get all of them without having to leave home.
  • How to create a Personal Action Plan to guide you from "lots of ideas"... to "implementation"... and then all the way to "results & money in the bank".
  • How you can start applying proven success templates TODAY.

Let's get right to it:

The Presenters...

"We've got professional doers. Not professional talkers or stage pitchmen."

Everybody you'll hear from is a professional or experienced business owner. They earn their living from doing what they talk about, not just talking about it. There are no professional speaker or "pitchmen" who churn most of their income while "on tour", hyping their personal training program. These aren't your typical presentations in any way, shape or form.

You'll learn from actual business owners and real-world entrepreneurs, who will share with you their best strategies, techniques, and tools.

I handpicked the presenters and topics from my vast network of business partners, clients, and mastermind members. I know what strategies and tools are working in 2013, what the trends are, and (just as important) what has either stopped working or never really worked all that well (even while it was getting all kinds of hype).

Besides the latest and greatest strategies and tools, you'll be getting a healthy dose of the timeless fundamentals that every business owner and entrepreneur needs to understand.

You may have seen other marketing events where the main topic of most of the presentations was why you should buy the speaker's high-priced coaching program. This is NOT how we do things at The Action Seminar. All presenters explained and demonstrated actual strategies, techniques, and tools they are using in 2013. In other words... What's Working Now. Not a sign high-pressure pitch here.

Here's a partial list of the experts and topics:

John Carlton...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"The 5 Old-School Revelations That Changed My Life"

All your plans and high-end technologies and cash-dense marketing won't do squat for you... if you ignore the fundamentals of good salesmanship. Thus, some essential "Get It Right The First Time" advice from a grizzled old-school professional can transform the way you launch any project or career. If you don't close sales, you've got yourself a hobby, not a business. John Carlton ("The most ripped-off writer on the Web and the most respected copywriting teacher alive.") stocks your tool kit with essential street psychology... old-school salesmanship tactics... and the high-end skill sets for tweaking interest, persuading and closing the modern ADHD-addled, trust-damaged, skeptical prospect.

Jon Correll...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"Website Conversion Techniques You Could Learn On Your Own... If You Had 5 Years and $500,000,000 Burning a Hole in Your Pocket."

Jon Correll is the co-founder and CEO of Conversion Voodoo. They provide landing page and conversion rate optimization services. Many companies do that.

Conversion Voodoo is somewhat unique in several ways. First, they charge their clients $0 to get started. They only get paid if they increase profits. Client's profits don't go up? Conversion Voodoo doesn't get paid. Second, if your company doesn't already do many, many, many millions of dollars a year in sales, they won't work with you. You can try begging. Others have. It doesn't help.

Jon Correll rarely gets on a stage. He didn't spend any time on marketing theory. Instead, he produced steady stream of specific examples (most of them very easy for even the most tech challenged to implement) that have proven - over and over and over again - to increase website opt-ins and sales closing rates.

Jon shared his vast experience at the Action Seminar because he's a friend and a member of the Platinum Mastermind Group I co-host. And because I begged and made it clear I would continue to beg until he agreed.

If you want to learn what Jon Correll knows about increasing landing page opt-in rates and website sales closing rates, you've got a few options. You can either already have, or quickly build, a business that does over $300,000,000 a year in on line sales... or you can grab these videos.

Mike Koenigs...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"6 Strategies That Made This Past Year My Most Profitable"

Mike Koenigs, the CEO and Founder of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, left his standard presentations on marketing technologies at the office... and gave us something new and unique. Sharing techniques he adopted out of desparation... brought on by an extremely serious health scare that reduced him to about a 45 minute work day for much of the past year... Mike figured out how to shortcut even the remarkable shortcuts he was already using.

You'll learn state-of-the-art strategies for... Becoming an Instant Expert and Authority...How to leverage the power of video marketing (you can't just slam the same videos everywhere any more)... Using Crowd Capture to build your list fast... and three different closing strategies, including the Mobile Convenience Close that bumped attendence at a recent live event by 20%.

You'll also see some of the techniques Mike's most successful clients have put into action.

Harlan Kilstein...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"How to Generate Mega Traffic... Without SEO, Paid Ads, or Black Hat Shenanigans."

One year ago, Harlan Kilstein started an ordinary blog about dogs. Nothing special there.

Fast forward to just one year later... and his blog is getting nearly 300,000 page views a month. Some of his posts generate more than 10,000 Likes. Three times his bone crushing traffic has brought the site crashing down... forcing him to buy bigger and bigger servers.

If you want to discover how sites get traffic without buying it or doing SEO, turn up the speakers as Harlan explains "The SuperSite Formula".

Brian Johnson...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"Really Big (I'm Talking HUGE) Marketing Mistakes. How to Repeat Them and How to Avoid Them. It's All Up to You."

I've invited Brian Johnson to every Action Seminar because I don't know anyone more knowledgeable about improving the overall performance and profitability of any business. When I met him, he was managing operations at Strategic Profits. Today, he advises multi-million to billion dollar companies like Precious Moments, Nordstrom's, Rue La LA, U.S. Postal Service, and 101Financial on advanced conversion techniques and multichannel marketing. Brian recently contacted many of the businesses he's worked with and asked them, "What were the biggest 'ah ha' moments you got from working with me? What didn't you know before I showed up?" Brian shares these moments and the resulting profit breakthroughs with you.

Bond Halbert...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"The Online A-Pile / B-Pile Speech (How to Get Your Emails Opened & Read)."

Updating the principles in his father’s now world famous A-Pile / B-Pile Speech, Bond Halbert shares a very simple and very powerful technique that consistently gets email open rates way beyond the industry standards. Whether you are a professional wordsmith or flunked English class... you will be able to boost your email marketing profits using these simple tactics starting with the first email you send after watching this presentation.

Kevin Rogers...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"60 Second Sales Hooks"

Former stand-up comic turned big dog freelance copywriter, Kevin Rogers, teachs you how to write very short high-impact sales messages that trigger "gotta-have-it" impulses and convert like mad, even to your most jaded and distracted prospects.

SPECIAL NOTE: I'll bet you this is going to be the most entertaining hour of your week. Even if there wasn't a killer marketing lesson, I'd watch this again for the laughs. Former stand-up commedians are just plain funnier on stage than the rest of us.

John Paul Mendocha...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

"Google is a slot machine and Facebook is like counting cards in Blackjack."

John Paul Mendocha came to Internet Marketing 11 years ago, having already established himself as top sales rep (helped taking one company all the way to a Top 20 spot on the INC 500 list) and an acknowledged business turn-around expert.

He's spent the last 3 years working as the Director of Sales for Perry Marshall (of AdWords and Facebook advertising fame), building sales funnels for Perry’s business and many of Perry’s top clients.

Over 80% of the people John works with are, on the day they land in his world, losing money on both their Google Adwords campaigns and their Facebook ad campaigns.

John shows them how to turn that around.

In this Action Seminar exclusive presentation, John explains the important "mindset" difference between different types of paid traffic, and then some memorable analogies that will help you turn those PPC/PPV minus signs into profits.

Ben Morris...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

In the late 1800's, John Wanamaker said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

In the early 2000's, Ben Morris and his amazing collection of tools has finally solved that problem for you.

In "Big Data For The Little Guy", Ben shows you how small businesses (even one man/woman shops), can reduce ad budgets and multiply profits... at the same time! The "trick" is to use his simple and affordable tools and techniques to access and unlock the power of psychographic and demographic data. Until very recently these marketing powers were only available to the biggest of the big companies.

If you are spending any money on advertising, and would like to learn how to get your ads in front of prospects proven to be likely to purchase your products and service... and at the same time quit paying to put your ads in front of people are almost certainly never going to buy your stuff... you owe it to your profits to learn see what Ben has to show you.

The Infamous Copy Court...

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2013

Watch as Simple Writing System coaches critique the effectiveness of attendee's websites and sales letters. Take notes (that you'll be able to apply to your own copy) as they point out weak headlines and sales angles... and then transform those weaknesses into compelling hooks and offers.

Watch exactly how they break an ad down into its essential components. Just like they do in their super-expensive private consultations.

You'll see what it's like to get personal attention from top writers...

... like Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (author of the "She Factor" and our first-choice for brainstorming on female-oriented markets)... Harlan Kilstein (the notorious "Jedi Copywriter" and master of NLP-infused ads)... and Kevin Rogers (master of the video sales letter whose campaigns have earned his clients over $20 million is sales)...

... who are all laser-focused on finding shortcuts to beef up your sales copy, and make your website as powerful as possible.