John Assaraf - Money 2 (Squared)

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John Assaraf - Money 2 (Squared) digital download. Info: [videos (mp4), ebooks (pdf)]. Get ready because over three deep-dive-days you will be empowered...
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John Assaraf - Money 2 (Squared)

Type: Digital download

Format: [videos (mp4), ebooks (pdf)]



JUNE 13, 14, 15, Sunny San Diego, California

The Neuroscience of Finalcal Success

Shatter Your Finalcal Glass Ceiling and Achieve Total Freedom

Are You Ready For Your BIG Financial Breakthrough?

Get ready because over three deep-dive-days you will be empowered to literally transform your financial life and finally break-free of the obstacles, habits, thoughts and fears that have kept you from your full potential.

Instead of feeling uncertain, unclear, lacking confidence or any of the many emotions and internal ideas that cause you to procrastinate and not do the things you know you should and could be doing, you will learn to identify what is really holding you back, reframe it, release it, and re-train your brain to have the confidence, certainty and total unstoppable power to achieve your financial goals.

This means that you will think, act and feel at the level of your highest financial goals and once you do that... You Will Finally Achieve Your Financial Goals... instead of just setting them. Achieving your goals will give your life more purpose, meaning and the feeling that you are in total control and fulfilled. Finally taking the stress away, you will gain the freedom and ideal life you've dreamed of.

*Recordings of the "Money 2" event.