Joey Ragona - Strategic Marketing Blueprint

Joey Ragona - Strategic Marketing Blueprint digital download.

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Joey Ragona - Strategic Marketing Blueprint

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Joey Ragona - Strategic Marketing Blueprint

Joey Ragona - Strategic Marketing Blueprint


Connect With Your Dream Clients with a Marketing Message Framework That Draws Them In Organically…

…so you don’t need to push, poke, persuade or puke hard sales scripts on anyone…ever.


Let me show you how to market your message to ideal dream clients so you can multiply sales… even if you took plenty of marketing courses that didn’t work before.

If You’re Losing Sales or Can’t Grow As Fast As You Want Because Your Marketing Message Strategy Doesn’t Work…It’s NOT Your Fault

Start To Market Your Message With A Fascination Marketing Message and Connect With Ideal Customers So That You Are The Clear Choice When They Want To Buy!!!

When it comes to selling most marketing courses teach how important it is to use emotional triggers.

Contrary to popular belief emotion DOES NOT make the sale.

Emotion is the feeling.   Turns out it’s impossible for us to ‘sell’ to a feeling.  And even though emotional triggers are critical to our marketing…

the truth is…we need to sell to a DESIRE!!

DESIRE is the ‘thing’ your customers really WANT.

Emotion is how they FEEL when they GET what they desire.

So when you speak (market) to the desire,  you ignite a fascination at the same time.

Fascination messages speak to the internal triggers that make it easy for your ideal customers to choose you over anyone else.

It’s kinda like finding a hidden radio station inside your customer’s mind.

As soon as you discover the frequency the right customers tune into everything you say.

Then it’s simple to communicate the value, benefits and promise of your product.

You automagically stand apart from all mass marketers who follow templates everyone and their mother use.  But end up with almost identical marketing messages.

So EVERYONE (including your customers) have seen and heard it all.

And after hundreds of hours of hard work, most online entrepreneurs only have a few sales.

The Niche Marketing Blueprint (NMB) is NOT another course pushing useless mass-marketing tactics that only last a month.

Instead you discover how to engineer a personal  fascination marketing message that speaks to the customers you want to attract. So that you become the clear choice when they want to buy.

Not too long ago it was easy to use BIG promises and shout the same message to everyone.

But that DOESN’T work anymore.

Simply apply the unique blueprint to create your fascination marketing message.  It creates an instant bond with your ideal customers like never before!  As easily and logically as this sounds, you differentiate from competitors and it motivates your customers to make a clear buying decision - without using hard pushy sales tactics

Here’s What You Get When You Join
The Niche Marketing Blueprint

You get immediate access to the core training & phase 1 materials including worksheets, quick-reference, all available within the online student portal. Then every 7-days over 3 weeks the next phase is released to you.

95% of the videos are under 10 minutes so you can consume bite sized chunks quickly. You walk through the process, step-by-step, so you can use it in your business to move forward.

The Unique Marketing Message Blueprint Phases

The Niche Marketing Blueprint consists of 4 unique phases that make up your fascination marketing message foundation.

Phase 1: Club Experience™

During this phase I’ll take you through a deep dive that reworks your avatar (ideal client). You learn to ‘crawl inside their mind’ and discover what they really want.  You understand WHY they want it. And you learn how to speak ONLY to them, in their language. Make no mistake. Even if you think you already know your market well, this phase opens hidden doorways that lead into your avatars’ emotional gateway. Which means it is easier to persuade and influence them to buy from you. Without resorting to hard, pushy sales tactics.

Phase 2: Spotlight Stories™

In this phase you learn how to utilize 3 distinct stories. Your story, the story your customer tells themselves about their problem, AND the story you tell you customers about the value you have.  You discover how to frame and position your spotlight stories so people CARE about what you do. And it makes them want to buy. Because people do not buy your product or service. They buy the difference you make. You sell when people FEEL connected. You connect through marketing stories. And you amplify your difference by telling a better story than your competitors. The old method of making BIGGER promises to get people to buy is over.

Phase 3: Message Frequency™

During this phase you perfect your marketing message so you communicate clearly and directly with your avatar (ideal customer). In the most interesting way possible. Because they are distracted.  So you NEED to capture their attention. The hard pushy sales tactics don’t work anymore. You get clarity on how to position your product to sell without the hype. Your marketing messages appeal to your avatar’s existing desires and allay their deepest fears and pains.  And it creates urgency for them to act making your product or service irresistible.

Phase 4: VIP Treatment™

Here’s where you learn to deploy a simple and effective marketing that bonds with your audience.  You discover how to build a long-lasting relationship & selling system to attract your ideal customers effortlessly. So people look forward to hearing from you.  And they buy more products.  You learn both organic and paid methods. With the Magnetic Content Multiplier method and the Preeminence Process you build social media audiences and your dream email list at the same time.

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