Joel Comm - Adsense Secrets 2nd Edition

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Joel Comm - Adsense Secrets 2nd Edition digital download. Info: [PDF]. "A battle-tested AdSense Manual that picks up where Google left off, handing you ...
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Joel Comm - Adsense Secrets 2nd Edition

Type: Digital download

Format: [PDF]


Adsense Secrets 2nd Edition

What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense!

"A battle-tested AdSense Manual that picks up where Google left off, handing you the secret keys to multiplying your Google AdSense income with a series of lazy, 10-second tweaks!"

When I applied these tips and tricks to my sites, I increased my daily revenue stream 1600%! I went from $30/day to over $500/day. If you want a refresher of what that looks like, scroll back up the page and take a look at my AdSense report!

Every chapter is overflowing with practical advice, screen-shots of actual web pages and a rare insight into the nuts-and-bolts that drive a successful AdSense business, including…

  • Discover how to optimize your web site for high-paying clicks, using legitimate response-tracking techniques and software.
  • Find out how to pull highly relevant ads on-demand, using Google Search
  • Discover the secrets to getting more legitimate traffic to your web site
  • Find out the scoop on Google's new AdLinks and other new Ad Formats
  • Learn how to optimize your web pages so the search engines will LOVE your site
  • Understand how to format your ads so your visitors will want to click them
  • Discover which colors, sizes, text color and borders will generate the most clicks
  • Find out how to position your ads for maximum response

-- Explore which elements can draw instant attention to your ads, no matter where you place them

  • Learn how to prune out low-paying ads that steal clicks from your high paying ads
  • Find out how to build more pages for your web site quickly.
  • Discover how to add FREE articles to your site - Web sites with over 12,000 articles you can use revealed!
  • Learn about other pay-per-click programs. Know which ones you should keep your eyes open for.
  • Discover where to find server-side scripts and software to track down the most "click-friendly" pages and search terms
  • Learn how to read your server logs to find the hidden gold-mine
  • Discover when and how to use the Google Search Box to maximize revenue from customers searching for something specific
  • Learn how to read your visitors like a book, including:

-- what drives them to your web site (search terms they used to find your web site)
-- which ads they clicked and WHY
-- which pages they're visiting most often and WHY
-- how to diversify into new keywords without affecting the relevance of your existing pages

  • Find out how to generate revenue on visitors when they leave your site
  • Discover how to pinpoint which ads are making you the most money and which ads are producing the most clicks (and NO, those are not one and the same thing!)
  • Find out how to zero in on top-paying ads and pages with AdSense Channels
  • Learn how to employ fool-proof tests and strategies with AdSense Channels (Unless you know this, you're shooting arrows in the dark!)
  • Discover how to make AdSense work for forums and Internet communities, an incredible source of keyword-rich content that you can have created for free!
  • See my own secret list of successful websites…See how I do it with real-life examples! (And a whole lot more, including hands-on examples and actual screenshots of web pages that are raking in the cash with Google AdSense!)
  • Examine case studies demonstrating real-life examples of how others are succeeding with AdSense.

"Together, it translates to days, weeks and months of hands-on experiments, fool-proof tests and money-making ideas drawn from the best brains in web publishing --- condensed into a set of easy-to-implement 10-second changes that anybody can apply to just about any web site…And start making more money within SECONDS!"