Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Writing & Advanced Hypnotic Writing

Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Writing & Advanced Hypnotic Writing digital download. Info: [Ebook (PDF)]. Joe shares with you all of the powerful secrets to craf...

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Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Writing & Advanced Hypnotic Writing

Type: Digital download

Format: [Ebook (PDF)]

Hypnotic Writing & Advanced Hypnotic Writing

Joe shares with you all of the powerful secrets to crafting hypnotic sales materials and also teaches you advanced persuasion techniques that have earned him and his students millions of dollars.

Here's a small sample of what you will learn...

  • Learn the top hypnotic secrets that master hypnotists have been jealously guarding – which empower you to get all the orders you desire from your customers
  • How to easily lead your prospect into a hypnotic state, and program him to be receptive to your offer – without his realizing you're doing it
  • How to skillfully enter the hypnotic threshold of your prospects’ minds so that they will accept, act upon, and obey your commands
  • The top 3 things you must do to satisfy a primal need that lies deep within your prospects – and make them want to buy whatever you’re selling
  • How to secretly penetrate your prospect’s subconscious mind and fill it with your powerful hypnotic suggestions 
  • How to instill in your prospects a visceral need they can feel at the gut level – and create a desire for a resolution that only your product or service can satisfy
  • How to dazzle people with hypnotic sales letters that make them follow your commands
  • How to use outrageous creativity as a hypnotic mechanism to pull in more sales
  • Learn the ultimate secret to controlling the public mind – this is a diabolical principle of hidden selling that creates cash automatically outside of human perception
  • Hidden commands you can use to make people do your bidding
  • 8 hypnotic devices you can use immediately to get a guaranteed “yes” to your offer
  • The 7 deadly things marketers do that make their prospects “snap out” of the hypnotic state and make the sales process grind to a screeching halt
  • How to melt the resistance of even the most stubborn, skeptical prospect. [This slick hypnotic technique moves mountains.]
  • Learn the greatest hypnotic secret ever revealed – this is an advertising “formula” that is absolutely indispensable as you embark on your hypnotic marketing expedition
  • How to install a post-hypnotic suggestion in your readers’ brains so that if they can’t buy right now, they will be hypnotically compelled to buy later
  • How to write intriguing headlines that cast a spell on your reader
  • What to write in your website that makes people want to visit it, talk about it, and then, in the end, buy whatever you are selling
  • Learn how to saturate your writing with intense, emotion-provoking language that sells every time
  • Learn the exact words you can use in a sales letter that will make your customers whip out their wallets and buy from you
  • How to write tantalizing copy that makes your reader’s mouth water with anticipation
  • Learn the psychological tricks that make your sales letters impossible to ignore
  • Discover little-known hypnotic language patterns that literally dissolve your prospect’s objections
  • Get the Top-Secret Checklist – Joe Vitale uses this to pre-test the hypnotic quotient of his letters – pure gold!
  • How to write a hypnotic headline – in under 15 seconds
  • How to craft embedded commands in your writing that make people feel compelled to act now 
  • How to create mesmerizing stories and scenarios that grab the attention of your reader, and hold him captive all the way to the order page
  • Discover the little-known loophole in the public’s mind that allows you to easily engage your prospects hypnotically
  • How to drop hypnotic cues in your prospects’ subconscious that create an instinctive desire for your product or service
  • What hypnotic strategies work online, but not offline – and vice versa
  • Create your own hypnotic news releases using these proven models
  • How to exploit the one proven hypnotic ad format that always works
  • How to use hypnotic suggestion to compel editors to call within minutes of receiving your press release
  • Plus much, much more...