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Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Library digital download. Info: [16 (PDF) + (EXE) + 8 (MP3)]. "These are the secrets you need to create marketing messages (ads, a...
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Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Library

Type: Digital download

Format: [16 (PDF) + (EXE) + 8 (MP3)]


Hypnotic Library

NOTE: Digital Download

"These are the secrets you need to create marketing messages (ads, articles, sales letters, emails etc.) that force your target prospects to stand up and take your desired action..."

“Who Else Wants To Learn A Simple, Step-By-Step 'System' For Crafting Hypnotic Marketing Messages That Practically Force YOUR Prospects To Whip Out Their Plastic—Every Time?"

Here's what you'll receive when you get a copy of Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Library Super Package on CD-ROM:

Hypnotic Writing & Advanced Hypnotic Writing
Joe shares with you all of the powerful secrets to crafting hypnotic sales materials and also teaches you advanced persuasion techniques that have earned him and his students millions of dollars.

Here's a small sample of what you will learn...

  • Learn the top hypnotic secrets that master hypnotists have been jealously guarding – which empower you to get all the orders you desire from your customers
  • How to easily lead your prospect into a hypnotic state, and program him to be receptive to your offer – without his realizing you're doing it
  • How to skillfully enter the hypnotic threshold of your prospects’ minds so that they will accept, act upon, and obey your commands
  • The top 3 things you must do to satisfy a primal need that lies deep within your prospects – and make them want to buy whatever you’re selling
  • How to secretly penetrate your prospect’s subconscious mind and fill it with your powerful hypnotic suggestions 
  • How to instill in your prospects a visceral need they can feel at the gut level – and create a desire for a resolution that only your product or service can satisfy
  • How to dazzle people with hypnotic sales letters that make them follow your commands
  • How to use outrageous creativity as a hypnotic mechanism to pull in more sales
  • Learn the ultimate secret to controlling the public mind – this is a diabolical principle of hidden selling that creates cash automatically outside of human perception
  • Hidden commands you can use to make people do your bidding
  • 8 hypnotic devices you can use immediately to get a guaranteed “yes” to your offer
  • The 7 deadly things marketers do that make their prospects “snap out” of the hypnotic state and make the sales process grind to a screeching halt
  • How to melt the resistance of even the most stubborn, skeptical prospect. [This slick hypnotic technique moves mountains.]
  • Learn the greatest hypnotic secret ever revealed – this is an advertising “formula” that is absolutely indispensable as you embark on your hypnotic marketing expedition
  • How to install a post-hypnotic suggestion in your readers’ brains so that if they can’t buy right now, they will be hypnotically compelled to buy later
  • How to write intriguing headlines that cast a spell on your reader
  • What to write in your website that makes people want to visit it, talk about it, and then, in the end, buy whatever you are selling
  • Learn how to saturate your writing with intense, emotion-provoking language that sells every time
  • Learn the exact words you can use in a sales letter that will make your customers whip out their wallets and buy from you
  • How to write tantalizing copy that makes your reader’s mouth water with anticipation
  • Learn the psychological tricks that make your sales letters impossible to ignore
  • Discover little-known hypnotic language patterns that literally dissolve your prospect’s objections
  • Get the Top-Secret Checklist – Joe Vitale uses this to pre-test the hypnotic quotient of his letters – pure gold!
  • How to write a hypnotic headline – in under 15 seconds
  • How to craft embedded commands in your writing that make people feel compelled to act now 
  • How to create mesmerizing stories and scenarios that grab the attention of your reader, and hold him captive all the way to the order page
  • Discover the little-known loophole in the public’s mind that allows you to easily engage your prospects hypnotically
  • How to drop hypnotic cues in your prospects’ subconscious that create an instinctive desire for your product or service
  • What hypnotic strategies work online, but not offline – and vice versa
  • Create your own hypnotic news releases using these proven models
  • How to exploit the one proven hypnotic ad format that always works
  • How to use hypnotic suggestion to compel editors to call within minutes of receiving your press release
  • Plus much, much more... 

Hypnotic Marketing
Marketing techniques on how to make your publicity, emails and websites hypnotic. (Value: $67)

Here is your 3-Step Hypnotic Marketing Formula and what you will specifically takeaway from this read...

Step One: Hypnotic Publicity

  • How to Hypnotize the Masses with "PO" Ideas
  • Flying Midgets and the PR Folk Hero
  • Eight Proven Rules for Getting Publicity
  • Pitching a Heavyweight Boxing Champion and His Sausage
  • Show Your Bra!
  • 21 Ways to Identify Story Ideas About You or Your Business
  • Running Water
  • Selling Bloody Games
  • One of the Easiest Ways in the World to Get Publicity
  • How to Install a "Success Wish" in Your Mind
  • The Top Three Ways Guaranteed to ALWAYS Hypnotize
    the Media 
  • 10 Tips on Becoming Newsworthy from a Media Tigress
  • The Seven Laws of Baseball's Greatest Publicist
  • The Psychology of Hypnotic Publicity
  • Edgy Top Secret Ways to Absolutely Nail Media Attention
  • How to Get Rich With P.T. Barnum's Secret
  • The Amazing Breakthrough Formula Called "E-DR Publicity"
  • A New Way to Get 30 times More Replies from the Media!
  • 14 Instant Ways to Send Out Your News
  • Two Words that Can Get You on Virtually Any Radio or TV show (And a Secret Way to Even Get on Oprah)!

Step Two: Hypnotic Websites

  • Your Keys to Hypnotic Websites
  • A Master Copywriter Reveals His Inner Secrets
  • A Forbidden Persuasion Master Reveals His Secrets
  • A Practical Mystic Reveals His Website Secrets
  • Declan Dunn Shocks Me with His Website Secrets
  • What Are the Hardest-Hitting Direct-Selling Websites Online?
  • Some Sexy Advice from the World's Greatest Hypnotist
  • How to Transform a So-So Website into a Truly
    Hypnotic Website
  • How An "Inspirational Folk Musician" Can Create a Hypnotic Website
  • What You Can Learn from This Really Stupid Website

Step Three: Hypnotic Emails

  • The Secret Nobody Wants You to Know About Making Money Online
  • How a Famous Street Magician Can Help You Create Hypnotic E-mail
  • How to Create E-mails that Secretly Seduce Your Readers
  • The Five Best Ways to Create Hypnotic Email Openers
  • "How Can the Right Question Bring in 317% More Orders?"
  • E-mail Sales Letter Samples that are Making Me Rich
  • A Little Known Secret for Doubling Responses to
    Your E-Offers
  • How to Make Even More Money With This Unusual E-mail Secret
  • What are Five Ways to Get People to Open Your E-mail?
  • A Truly "Killer" Hypnotic Sales Letter Used Online AND Off
  • The World's Most Unusual Way to Strengthen Your Hypnotic Writing
  • The Hidden Secret to Getting Rich -- In Only 79 Days


  • Bonus #1: How to Create a Hypnotic Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Bonus #2: The 10 Most Dangerous Marketing Books of All Time
  • Bonus #3: How to Create Your Own Hypnotic Business Cards
  • Bonus #4: Dangerous Selling -- A New Way to Increase Your Profits
  • Bonus #5: What Bernice Taught Me About Advertising
  • Bonus #6: How to Create Sales After Creating Relationships
  • Bonus #7: The Three Real Secrets to Success Today

Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File
Joe Vitale's personal swipe file of over 1550 copywriting gems that have been proven in the trenches. (Value: $197)

Previously, only a trusted few had access to and were able to benefit from the Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File -- and now you can too. Here are just a few of the ways you'll benefit:

  • 2 irresistible mind-grabbing words that are the most powerful copywriting words of all time and should be used repeatedly in your copy to get immediate results.
  • 5 hypnotic agreement questions that will put prospects in a "yes" trance where they will be conditioned to agree with your next statements.
  • 31 hypnotic headline words that will get your sales copy read and can drastically increase your sales.
  • 178 psychological copy connectors that you can weave into sentences and paragraphs to compel readers to take the actions you want.
  • 5 hidden commands that are so good, people won't even realize you are secretly commanding them.
  • 7 "confusers to take control" statements that will confuse readers and allow your hypnotic words to get past their mental censors.
  • 5 forbidden hypnotic words that will slip right into your readers' minds just because they end in "ly."
  • 33 subliminal closings/P.S.'s that will persuade undecided readers to order your product immediately.
  • 163 emotional provoking words that can trigger your prospects' emotions and persuade them to buy your product.
  • 860 fill-in-the-blank sentence starters that will reel in your readers and get them in the proper state of mind to buy your product.
  • Insert any of these 11 powerful embedded commands into your sentences to compel people to obey you. These are so sneaky -- your prospects will never see them coming!
  • Dominate your prospect with 13 hypnotic hype action phrases that surround your offer with an invisible field of magnetism that very few people can resist.
  • Slip these 5 forbidden hypnotic words before your command -- and people will feel compelled to do exactly what you say.
  • Discover 32 camouflaged headline templates that disguise your ad as riveting editorial content -- thereby skyrocketing the readership of your ad.
  • Discover 63 hypnotic opening statements that take command of your prospects' mind, put them under your spell -- and keep them tantalized by every word of your sales letter.
  • 7 hypnotic devices that make your prospects virtually “dizzy” with information that they have no recourse but to agree with whatever you propose.
  • 11 simple prefixes that disguise your command as a gentle statement -- thereby making it immensely likely that your prospect will follow your hidden command
  • 7 “stop commands” that immediately grab your prospect’s attention and make him receptive to any hypnotic suggestion you say next.
  • 3 hypnotic story-telling methods that mesmerize people -- and lead them to do exactly what you want.
  • Countless specialized communication patterns that cast a spell on your prospects, and make them want to do whatever you say.
  • 41 bullet modifications that elevate excitement and curiosity -- and make your bullets even more powerful.
  • Choose from 22 visual, auditory and kinesthetic phrases that give you the exact language patterns that appeal to any type of prospect.
  • 55 “logic generators” give validity to anything you write -- use these words to get people to respect you as an authority or a leader – a person to be listened to, admired and followed.

Hypnotic Selling Tools
Receive 1739 proven to be effective hypnotic words, phrases and sentences you can use today to instantly make your material hypnotic. (Value: $47)

By reading this powerful ebook you will quickly:

  • Learn 800 hypnotic sentence starters that will bypass your prospect's conscious mind and persuade their subconscious mind to order your product.
  • Uncover 440 mesmerizing copy connectors that will release the floodgates of your prospect's mind and lead them straight to your order page.
  • Possess 60 subconscious openers that will crack open your prospect's subconscious mind and make them receptive to your suggestions.
  • Own 25 seductive story starters that will pull your prospects directly into your sales letter.
  • Discover 131 embedded commands and benefits that will be persuasive and totally invisible to your prospects!
  • Know 21 psychic influences that will telepathically penetrate your prospect's mind over the Internet! 
  • Hold 19 sensory persuaders that will give convincing proof to anything you write!
  • Learn 12 'unforeseen' closes that will mysteriously close each sell without your prospects realizing it!
  • Extract 16 penetrating P.S.'s that will help loosen your prospect's mental buying defenses and give them confidence in purchasing!
  • Unearth 160 mind opening questions that will automatically unlock your prospect's brain and trigger persuasive, mental movies! 
  • Find out 20 unorthodox suggestions that will influence your prospect's mind to absorb and believe your information!
  • Use 25 forbidden benefits that will condition your prospect's to persuade themselves to buy!
  • Master 10 emotional triggers that will arouse your prospect's inner buying feelings!
  • And be gloriously RICH!

How to Write Hypnotic Articles
Shows you how to get free publicity by writing hypnotic articles that people want to publish. (Value: $37)

Would you settle for being able to write a hypnotic article in less than 7 minutes? Yes? Well, good, because here's just 17 things you'll learn...

  1. The 17 benefits of writing and submitting free reprint articles to e-zines and Web sites
  2. The secret formula for writing articles at warp speed
  3. How to quickly and easily roll out one or two articles every week
  4. 30 possible reasons your article won't get published
  5. How to persuade someone else to write most of
    your articles for you -- for free
  6. How to put your article writing on auto pilot
  7. 10 ways to increase the perceived value of your article
  8. How to avoid writer's block all together
  9. How to write articles with just a few clicks of your mouse
  10. How to write articles regardless of your writing ability
  11. How to write totally original articles
  12. 11 fast and effortless ways to write articles
  13. How to cut your article writing time into virtually
    just a few minutes
  14. How to have your articles practically write themselves
  15. How to write an article by sending just one simple
    e-mail message
  16. How to get free advertising writing your own articles
  17. 6 ways to persuade other people to write articles for you for free or for no upfront costs

How to Write Hypnotic Joint Venture Proposals
Shows you how to use hypnotic principles to pull in lucrative joint ventures that produce a huge number of sales, commissions and signups. (Value: $37)

Here's just some of the information that's inside...

  • The 7 most popular types of joint venture deals. You probably haven't even thought of some of these. (See Chapter 1)
  • Find out who your first resource should be, plus 18 others people who will want to sell your products for you. (See Chapter 2)
  • Know exactly what your joint venture prospect needs and wants most from you -- and get a list of 25 specific needs and wants your joint venture prospects have. (See Chapter 2)
  • Where to find qualified, targeted joint venture partners -- and how to know exactly what they want from you. (See Chapter 2)
  • How to evaluate a joint venture candidate to make sure they can help you. (See Chapter 3)
  • How to pre-sell your hypnotic proposal before you even send it. (See Chapter 3)
  • How to subconsciously persuade people to accept your proposal -- and the 6 words that will make your offer irresistible. (See Chapter 4)
  • Know what to say when you are negotiating a joint venture proposal -- even when they want more than you're willing to offer. (See Chapter 5)
  • How to put the odds in your favor even if they don't accept your offer. (See Chapter 5)
  • How to get free products and services from your joint venture deals. (See Chapter 6)
  • Get 36 templates that will influence your prospects to read the rest of your proposal and accept your joint venture offer. These can be altered for any offer. (See Chapter 6)

How to Write Hypnotic Endorsements
Shows you how to easily write hypnotic endorsements to pull in huge sales, commissions and signups. (Value: $37)

Here's just some of the information that's inside...

  • How to pick the most profitable products, services and affiliate programs to endorse
  • A simple 7 step formula for writing your very first personal endorsement
  • 290 fill in the blank personal endorsement templates that will allow you to write an endorsement in just minutes
  • 20 specific tips for writing a hypnotic personal endorsement
  • How to transform your personal endorsements into multiple marketing tools
  • 12 ways to make your endorsements credible even if you're not an expert
  • How to virtually eliminate your competition even if you're reselling the same product

Hypnotic Selling Stories
Shows you how to easily write hypnotic stories that people relate with, builds their trust in you and increases sales and signups. (Value: $47)

Here's a few things you'll learn when you read HSS...

  • How to write Hypnotic Selling Stories with little or no writing
  • A Step-By-Step Example of How to Create a Hypnotic Selling Story
  • What Everyone Will Always Read
  • Joe's Secrets for Writing Hypnotic Selling Stories?
  • 80 Hypnotic Selling Story Ideas that Sell!
  • 58 Formulas for Creating a Hypnotic Selling Story
  • How to Turn Your Selling Stories Into Multiple Marketing Tools
  • and much, much more...

Hypnotic Traffic Tools
Shows you how to use hypnotic tools to generate massive traffic to your websites. (Value: $47)

Here's a sneak-peek at a few things you'll find out about...

  • The Amazing Benefits of Hypnotic Traffic Tools
  • The Most Popular Types of Hypnotic Traffic Tools
  • 15 Places to Find YOUR Next Hypnotic Traffic Idea
  • 12 Reasons People Won't Use Your Hypnotic Traffic Tools
  • 99 Ways to Persuade People to Use Your Hypnotic Traffic Tools (and do so with a smile).
  • How to Easily Create Hypnotic Traffic Tools Without Writing Them Yourself!
  • 16 Important Elements to Include In Your "Content Requests"
  • 10 Places to Send Your "Content Requests"
  • 11 Ways to Persuade People to Give Up Their Ideas