Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson - Subconscious Internet Marketing

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Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson - Subconscious Internet Marketing digital download. Info: [PDF]. Is it possible to bypass a person's conscious mind? Can peo...
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Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson - Subconscious Internet Marketing

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Subconscious Internet Marketing

746 Proven Ways to Get People to Buy

by Larry Dotson

Is it possible to bypass a person's conscious mind? Can people be persuaded to buy products and services?

The answer is yes, and if you're interested in learning how to do this, then I have just the right tool for you.

How many times have you bought something that consciously you knew you couldn’t afford, but subconsciously you imagined the pleasure and positive emotions you would receive as a result of buying it? Most people have been guilty of doing this. It's a normal thing because, as you know, people buy for emotional reasons.

As a business, your main goal should be to bypass your prospects’ conscious mind and influence their subconscious mind to so that the subconscious "desire" will win

Clearly, Subconscious Internet Marketing contains valuable information. Just take note of how you'll benefit simply by investing in Subconscious Internet Marketing:

  • Get prospects to believe anything you say -- whether it's true or not. You'll be amazed at how easily it is to persuade people. (See Chapter 1)

  • Learn 17 ways to get prospects to open up their subconscious minds. You've probably done most or all of these things more than once. (See Chapter 2)

  • Get 52 subconscious suggestions that will open up your prospect's mind to your sales offer. (See Chapter 3)

  • Learn 3 different angles you can use to guide your prospects' imaginations, that will influence them to buy. Also find out 29 mind-guiding words you can use. (See Chapter 5)
  • See a list of 152 reality-changing tactics that will persuade to buy your product, simply by having them imagine something from the past, present or future.  (See Chapter 6)

  • Find out 217 emotional triggers that will put your prospects in a receptive buying mood! (See Chapter 7)
  • Learn the 69 communication influencers that have other people encourage prospects to buy your product. (See Chapter 8)

  • Get the 194 special "mind" effects that get prospects to visualize your product solving their problem. (See Chapter 9)

  • Learn how to add hypnotic examples in your copy that will entertain, explain and brand your sales offer into your prospects' inner minds. (See Chapter 10) 

  • Find out the 33 persuasive mind tips that will make your sales letters so enticing that prospects won't dare pass up the opportunity to take advantage of your offer. (See Chapter 11)