Joe Vitale - 1800 Copywriting Marketing Conversion Tips

Joe Vitale - 1800 Copywriting Marketing Conversion Tips digital download. Info: [(PDF)]. "Which of these 1,800 Hypnotic Conversion Techniques Will Trigg...

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Joe Vitale - 1800 Copywriting Marketing Conversion Tips

Type: Digital download

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1800 Copywriting Marketing Conversion Tips

Ebook (PDF)

"Which of these 1,800 Hypnotic Conversion Techniques Will Trigger A Dramatic Boost In Your Sales -- Almost Instantly!?"

- Dr. Joe Vitale, creator of Hypnotic Writing and Hypnotic Marketing, star of the hit movie The Secret

Dear Friend,

How do you convert browsers into buyers?

How do you increase sales at your website?

What are the secret ways to improve what you are already doing to get better results?

All these questions and many more are answered in my latest book:

1,800 Copywriting/Marketing/Conversion Tips:
The Hidden Secret of Making Sales

This book is nothing like anything that I have ever written.

Joe Vitale - 1800 Copywriting Marketing Conversion Tips

Unlike a mass publication, the ONLY way to get this secret manual is to arrange to have it delivered right to you.

Oh, and did I mention that one major online company refused to sell the manual at all?

It’s that red hot!!!

As you know, much of my recent work has been focused almost exclusively on spirituality and teaching the Law of Attraction.

What you may not know is that I was an Internet Marketer and Copywriter long before I was involved in hit movies such as the Secret.

For over thirty years I have been the source that professional marketers turn to when they want to turbo-charge their sales copy, increase website sales and convert prospects to buyers.

In fact, I’m credited as being the world’s first Hypnotic Marketer.

Lately, I’ve had this nagging feeling that I had some unfinished business as a Marketer. Perhaps there were some secret techniques that I had yet to disclose.

Well, 1800 to be exact

That’s when I decided it was time to retreat to my secluded office hidden in the Texas hill country and compose my master list. I was like a mad scientist – writing down all of my secret formulas at a frenetic pace.

Once I started I couldn’t stop.

When the dust settled, I looked down at my paper and didn’t see mathematical equations but something much more valuable to you and me.

1,800 Hidden Secrets to Making Money!!!

Think of this manual as your Sales Oracle. Flip to a page and select a tip at random, or one that resonates with you and implement it. It’s as easy as that.

You have 1,800 to work with, and any one tip has the potential to have a profound impact on your sales and bottom-line.

  • Are you experiencing writers block?
  • Are you having challenges partnering with the right affiliates or helping them drive revenue?
  • Are you having problems converting clicks to sales revenue?
  • Are you challenged coming up with new ideas to promote your product?
  • Do you want to build more rapport with your list?
  • How to integrate Social Networking in your message?