Joe Staiber - Dropshipping University 2020

Joe Staiber - Dropshipping University 2020A Revolutionary Way Of Dropshipping. Changing Ecom Worldwide.Your InstructorJoe StaiberDropShipping University Is A ...
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Joe Staiber - Dropshipping University 2020

Joe Staiber - Dropshipping University 2020

A Revolutionary Way Of Dropshipping. Changing Ecom Worldwide.

Your Instructor

Joe Staiber

Joe Staiber
DropShipping University Is A 20+ Video Series Documenting The Exact Step-By-Step Formula I Use To Setting Up My Shopify Store. Not Only Will You Learn An Advanced Method of Website Design, But I also Dive Deep Into The Marketing & Advertising Tactics I Use For Facebook Ads, Which Is the Biggest reason I See People Fail In Ecom. That Have Generated Success Time & Time Again.

Wether You’re A Beginner, Struggling To Make It With Your Store, Or You Just Need To Scale A Successful Product, This Course Is For You. Upon Enrollment You Will Gain Access To My Private Group Chat With A Community Full Of Dropshipping University Students To Help You Along The Way.

The Biggest Reason I See People Fail At E-commerce Is Not Understanding Facebook Ads, Upon Enrollment You Get Way More Than A Course, You Get Structured 1-on-1 Mentorship on Exactly How to Structure Your Ads to Generate Sales At its Maximum Potential. Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Check Out Some Of My Student’s Results & Let Them Speak For Themselves!



Course Curriculum

Course Intro.
  • Welcome To Dropshipping University! Join The Chat!
  • Course Introduction. (3:11)
  • My Story (4:21)
Setting Up Shopify
  • Beginning Your Shopify Journey
  • Setting Up The Back End Of Shopify (5:16)
  • Installing Shopify Apps & Code (7:23)
  • How To Find Winning Products (12:07)
  • Creating Collections & Tagging Products (5:09)
  • How To Setup Your Home Page (Theme Design) (7:10)
  • Editing Theme Coloration To Fit Your Niche (6:23)
  • Finalizing Your Store (4:59)
Setting Up Social Media
  • Setting Up Instagram (7:18)
  • Integrating Your Facebook Pixel & Business Page (3:33)
  • Influencer Posts & Linking Business Pages (7:19)
  • Guide To Getting Sales Before Advertising


Running Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Breakdown (6:13)
  • How To Create A Targeted Facebook Audience (7:53)
  • How To Create A Well Targeted Facebook Campaign (17:20)
  • How To Use Audience Insights (4:40)
  • How To Retarget Using Custom & Lookalike Audiences (11:49)
  • Facebook Recap/Understanding Scaling (6:49)
  • My Facebook Ads Strategy For Every Product
Facebook Ads Breakdown
  • Facebook Vocabulary & The Value Ladder (7:12)
  • Awareness Category (4:59)
  • Traffic Objective (3:06)
  • Engagement Objective (5:25)
  • Video View Objective (10:05)
  • Lead Generation Objective (6:48)
  • Conversion Objective & Pixel Data (5:38)
  • Catalog Sales Objective (DPA’s) (4:24)
  • Facebook Rules (6:38)
Creating Ads & Ad Copy
  • Setting Up An Ad & Finding The Perfect Audience For Any Niche (26:24)
  • Creating Professional Ad Copy That Converts Like Crazy (38:59)
  • Using The Creative Hub (6:13)
  • How To Spy On Top Sellers In Our Niche & Implement Their Already Proven Strategies (17:44)
Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Creating An Engagement Ad & How To Convert Social Proof Over To Any Other Objective (17:53)
  • Split Testing & Micro Split Testing (18:12)
  • Setting Up Dynamic Product Ads (DPA’s) (9:01)
  • Creating Custom & Lookalike Audiences To Retarget (11:07)
Student Requests
  • Submitting Video Requests
  • Parting Message (3:26)

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