Joe McCall - Simple Lease Options

Joe McCall - Simple Lease Options digital download.

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Joe McCall - Simple Lease Options

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Joe McCall - Simple Lease Options

Joe McCall - Simple Lease Options

Here’s Some Of What Joe Covered On The Video:
​What is a Lease Option - simple definitions… The benefits to sellers and buyers
The difference between Sandwich Lease Option and Wholesaling Lease Option deals
Lots of case studies and example deals - see how the numbers work
How to get more offers accepted and triple your deal flow
The best kind of free seller marketing - to get more leads than you can handle
The text and email scripts our VA’s use to send to sellers
The simple questions to ask sellers and introduce Lease Options
How to calculate different Lease Option offers (and get Joe’s calculator for free if you stick around to the end of the webinar)
REI Simple Demo - Oh boy… So much to talk about… Automated follow up, integrated calling and texting, easy websites, match buyers to properties, powerful document / contract creation, digital signatures, how to send physical mail inside of REI Simple, and much much more…
The simple Lease Option Proposals that you give to sellers that does the selling for you
How to use the one page contract that ties up the properties
How to get involved in Joe’s all NEW & SIMPLIFIED Lease Options training - a 6 week master class.
Learn how to get your entire investment back in Joe’s new course with the “Completion Challenge”

What you ‘ll get:



1.Introduction to Lease Options
A comprehensive overview of how lease options work and how this business works.

2.Marketing For Sellers
The best marketing strategies to find the best sellers for lease option deals, in any market.

3.Talking To Sellers
Exactly what to say, and what questions to ask, when you are talking to sellers.

4.Making Offers & Contracts
I will show you how to make the right offers, and how to present winning offers to your sellers.

5.Marketing For Tenant-Buyers
Where to find tenant buyers, and how to structure deals for win-win scenarios.

6.Alternative Financing Options
How to use land contracts and Subject-To’s to have even more tools in your offer toolbelt.

7.Systems & Delegation
Build the right systems, and hire the right people, so you can work less and make more.

8.Using Options to Flip Vacant Land
How to do lease option deals with vacant land, and why this is currently one of my favorites!

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