Jo Han Mok - Recipe For Riches

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Jo Han Mok - Recipe For Riches digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. You can lay your hot little hands on my 13-part 'plug and play' template for craft...
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Jo Han Mok - Recipe For Riches

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]



Recipe For Riches

The Amazing Formula For Rapid Wealth Revealed!

Jo Han Mok - Recipe For Riches

For the first time ever...

You can lay your hot little hands on my 13-part 'plug and play' template for crafting almost magical offers that will reach out and suck up cash like an out of control vacuum cleaner.

You can start put this recipe to work in just minutes. And in the hands of ANYONE with even half a brain, this means MONEY. Instant money.

And it'll work for almost any market... any product, or service!

This is a complete 'paint by numbers' approach that is guaranteed to work for you, even if you've flunked English previously.

You'll discover:

  • My 96 point killer checklist for crafting irresistible offers

  • How to get people to push their own 'buy now' button (No hard sell required)

  • The 7 part 'invisible' selling formula that will supercharge any sales message

  • The mysterious 'x-factor' in your sales message that can potentially trigger a buying frenzy

  • How to flood your prospects with "primal" buying emotions

  • The lost secret of advertising great, Clyde Bedell (This one secret can significantly boost the power of ANY sales message)

  • How to get your prospects riveted by your every word, and follow what you ask them to do as though they were in a hypnotic trance.

  • The 9 hidden pathways to 'YES'

  • How to get your prospects are salivating non-stop over what you’re offering

  • How to turn your sales message into a money magnet

  • Exactly 'what' to say to 'arouse' your prospect, drive them wild with desire and catapult them into action

  • The copywriter, and ads which nobody knows

  • 10 psychological subtleties which can skyrocket response

  • How to automatically pump more raw moneymaking 'mojo' into your sales message with 2 magic words

  • The great persuasion equation that will allow you to sell concert tickets to the deaf, and movie tickets to the blind

  • How to sneakily install 'psychological debt' into the cranium of your prospect and make them grateful to you by selling them your product.

  • The secret architecture of a money making message (What you say is way more important than how you say it)

  • How to actually 'disturb' your prospect into buying (lethal stuff)

  • How to magically 'erase' price resistance and make the issue of price totally irrelevant

  • How to recycle, re-engineer, re-position existing sales messages for spectacular results

  • Power pointers to beat the blank page blues and get you copy flowing with fluidity

  • A word for word exhibit of an ad written in 1925 that pulled in an 'out of this world' 100% response!

  • And much much more, crammed into over 75 pages of solid meat!