Jim Rohn - The Power of Ambition

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Jim Rohn - The Power of Ambition digital download. Info: [Audio (MP3)]. Ambition is at the very core of success and extraordinary achievement. Unlike gr...
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Jim Rohn - The Power of Ambition

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The Power of Ambition

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Ambition is at the very core of success and extraordinary achievement. Unlike greed, it's a powerful, creative and constructive force. The power of ambition turns eager desires into reality, giving you the inner drive to increase your salary ... achieve financial security ... lead a happier, more fulfilling life ... and enrich the lives of everyone around you. Now you can harness the power of your own personal ambition by mastering the six principles of ambition.

Subjects include:

- Ambition: The American Virtue
- The Fuel of Achievement
- Cultivating Positive Self Direction
- Gaining Self-Reliance
- Attaining Self-Discipline
- Building Self-Enterprise
- Working With Others
- Developing Self-Appreciation
- Investing in Your Personal Life
- The Economics of Ambition
- Understanding Success and Failure
- The Three Cornerstones of Ambition

If more people in the world would listen to Jim's program, The Power of Ambition, we would have a wealthier, healthier World overflowing with integrity and generosity. I look forward to finding similar programs on this site. --Paul Tinney, Intelligence

I had purchased The Power of Ambition and listened to it many times because it is an exceptional piece of work and I would always grasp something new each time. I still listen to it today and I have had it since it first released. I think that was 4 years ago. Powerful! -- Eileen Colgan, Blackbird Fiduciary Fund

I started my business 5 years ago, listening daily to The Power of Ambition as I drove to jobsites. After a few months I put away the tapes and purchased other Jim Rohn tapes. Currently I am again listening to The Power of Ambition... over and over and over... and I can still never run it dry of the new understanding and insights it affords me every time. -- Kathie E. Maughan, Maughan Design Inc.