Jim Labadie - Ultimate Publicity Kit for Fitness Professionals

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Jim Labadie - Ultimate Publicity Kit for Fitness Professionals digital download. Info: [7 CDs (MP3)]. HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A HOUSEHOLD NAME? ...
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Jim Labadie - Ultimate Publicity Kit for Fitness Professionals

Type: Digital download

Format: [7 CDs (MP3)]


Ultimate Publicity Kit for Fitness Professionals


This is the type of information fitness professionals simply cannot find anywhere else! Here's what you'll learn in this cutting edge program:

  • The difference between a "pitch" and a press release
  • How to keep your press release from being thrown into the trash
  • Exactly what type of headshots you MUST have to create a celebrity fitness image
  • Why you should never say "no comment" when faced with a fitness related question or story that you are unprepared for
  • How to handle yourself on live TV so the producer can't wait to have you back on (and what most fitness pros do wrong!)
  • Why you must have a press kit and what it must contain
  • Exactly what to say to producers when calling them to "pitch" your fitness story ideas
  • What makes a great press release
  • How you can get quoted in newspapers without ever even speaking to the reporter who wrote the story
  • Why wearing makeup (yes, you too guys) can make the difference between your TV appearance being a great one and a terrible one
  • Exactly how many times a month you should be sending out press release
  • How a simple "Letter to the Editor" got my name in front of untold thousands of potential clients (and how easy it is for you to do it!)
  • How to "recycle" your publicity so you gain a never ending stream of FREE exposure to thousands of prospective clients!
  • Exactly what you should and shouldn't say to a reporter after sending out a press release
  • Why a press release sent out in January got me on live TV on a major news channel three times in the month of May - and how it can happen to you!
  • How producers pick which stories to use on-air
  • How to make the most out of your interview with a reporter so it most benefits you and your fitness business
  • Why you must send thank you cards and exactly what to write
  • How to "piggy back" on current events so you reap a publicity windfall
  • How to use your press kit as the ultimate marketing tool
  • Exactly how to write "Tip-Sheets" and "How-To" articles to get you more press than you ever imagined!
  • Learn "off the wall" ideas that will literally have the media begging to cover you and your fitness business on national holidays (this alone is worth the entire cost!)
  • How you can find a reporter's "hot buttons" so they always come to you looking for a story on fitness
  • Learn how to "hook" journalists so they can't help but read your entire press release
  • Find out how to gain the upper-hand on your competition so you never see them on the evening news
  • And much, much more...