Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

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Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

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Dear Friend,

My name is Jim Kwik, of Kwik Learning (yes, "Kwik" really is my real name.)

For most of my life, I've searched for the answer to a burning question:

“What are the real secrets to a Faster, Smarter and Better Brain?”

For almost two decades, I've traveled the world, teaching what I have learned, to everyone from entrepreneurs to educators, homemakers to Harvard MBAs.

And what I've discovered, is some REALLY GREAT NEWS FOR YOU:


Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Despite what you may think, you already have an incredible mind and memory, you only need to be shown exactly how to use it!

You're about to discover 2 MUST HAVE SKILLS, that will catapult your career, your business, and your life.

These are little known secrets that most people will never know about tapping the real rewards of the most powerful supercomputer on the planet… your BRAIN!

WARNING: After having these time saving techniques and superpower productivity skills, you will scratch your head wondering why you weren't taught them in back in school and then how you lived without them.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

These tools can make you faster, smarter and better, so you can enjoy better results and rewards in practically every area of your life.

And when you use your new abilities around others... it will appear like you are a natural genius and some will even think you have magic or super powers!

Because much like the technology that once resembled cell phones on old Star Trek episodes, today it is no longer science fiction, but science fact.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

DID YOU KNOW?: There has been more discovered about the human mind in the past two decades then in the previous two thousand years?

That's greater and practical awareness about your mind's real potential, power, and performance.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Watch Jim's audience challenge him to memorize
a long list of random and peculiar words.

Just imagine how would you feel if you could…

  • Read two or three times faster (while actually comprehending more)
  • Remember the names of more people you meet
  • Learn a new language, memorize a book, recall more dreams and even confidently give a speech WITHOUT notes


Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Several years ago I reached a point where I was so desperate, frustrated, and overloaded with information that I needed to learn...Maybe you can relate?

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

The information was coming so fast and furious, it was like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hose!

From piles of paperwork to shelves of unread books and magazines.

To all the numbers, names and tasks slipping my mind.

The information anxiety became so intense, that after weeks of cramming to keep up, I passed out from sheer exhaustion, and woke up days later in a hospital bed dazed and confused.

After I came to my senses, I remember thinking "there has to be a better way."

But what was the better way? And where can I learn it?

I always thought it was interesting that back in school...

We were taught 'what' to learn, but not 'HOW' to learn.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

I guess knowing 'how to learn' quickly was not necessary back a hundred (or even fifty) years ago. BUT in today's competitive information age, knowledge is not only power, it's PROFIT.

And I don't mean just financial profit, but all the treasures in your life.

Today the amount of information, because of technology, is now doubling every couple years.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

But here's the real problem: HOW we learn information is exactly the same (even slowing down.)

I other words, we live in an age of jet planes and spaceships, but our vehicle of choice is the horse & buggy!

I made a decision to figure it out for myself. I read every book, attended every seminar, listen to every audio/video program on the subject.

I became obsessed and started studying everything I could get my hands on that had to do with memory, intelligence, reading, thinking, learning and more.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Along the way, I met, interviewed, and studied people who could do extraordinary things with their minds.

But here's the thing. When I went deep, and really started to pull back the curtain, I discovered that many forms of


Sure there is the occasional genius savant, but when it comes to most things, especially your memory and reading, success is learned.

In fact, to achieve new and exciting things, we must commit ourselves to life long learning.

Hear what success experts Brian Tracy and Mark Victor Hansen, have to say about the power of learning:

Jim is one of the foremost authorities in the world on this subject.

Brian Tracy
Chairman of Brian Tracy International & Best-Selling Author

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle
Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

What Jim Kwik teaches is how do you quick study, how do you have a quick mind, how do you have quick recall, how do you have quick memory. How do you do it.

Mark Victor Hansen
Founder & Co-creator of
"Chicken Soup for the Soul"

One of the people who is really my hero is Jim Kwik. I was so impressed with his level of integrity, his level of authenticity. He is a fantastic speaker, fantastic teacher and just somebody who will add so much value to your life.

Dr. Barbara De Angelis
Author, TV Personality, Relationship & Personal Growth Adviser

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle
Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Jim is just a master at teaching people speed reading, memory enhancement and really how to keep your brain young.

Dr. Daniel Amen
Clinical Neuroscientist, NYT Best-Selling Author

So when it comes to learning…

There is no such thing as a good or bad memory,
just a trained and an untrained memory.

The same goes for reading.

There are no poor readers, just people with good and bad reading habits.

There is a METHOD to the MAGIC.

There are tools, tips, and techniques you can use RIGHT NOW to do remarkable mental feats and achieve incredible real life results. Results that will blow your mind and the minds of people around you.

So over the years, out of what I learned and assembled, I created what has become my TWO FLAGSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMS.

Kwik Recall and Kwik Reading

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”

Arie de Geus
Management Strategist,
Royal Dutch Shell

There are 2 vital skills that are sure to give you a massive competitive advantage in life and business.

Kwik Recall is for frustrated people who are tired of memory lapses and are ready for a real life advantage. You discover revolutionary techniques to quickly and confidently remember the information you need, when you most need it.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Imagine having people's names, client information, speeches, numbers, sales scripts, business vocabulary, foreign languages, facts, figures and more...all at your mental fingertips!

Kwik Reading is for overloaded individuals who are struggling to keep up with the information they need to learn and are ready to save valuable time by increasing reading speed while improving focus, comprehension, enjoyment and retention.

Since leaders are readers, the ability to read faster is a huge competitive advantage that can save you years of productivity while making life a whole lot easier.

See what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the two richest people in America have to say about it.

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

I probably wasted 10 years, reading slowly.

Warren Buffet
Chairman & CEO of
Berkshire Hathaway

Interestingly I didn't create these programs with the intention to teach them, but rather for me to use so I could help my own life.

In other words, I designed Kwik Recall & Kwik Reading as the programs
I wish that I went through all those years ago!

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

And as my life and business improved, I had to share these two superpowers with others so they could enjoy the same!

And for more than a decade and a half, that's what I've done. I've traveled the world, addressing audiences from 60 nations, and sharing the stage with leaders of companies to countries, from Sir Richard Branson to the Dalai Lama.

But in all this time, I have NEVER found an effective way to offer this training material outside of my office in NY or our corporate clients and universities.

Until now.

For the FIRST TIME, in an effort to help more people, I am taking both power programs entirely online.


You can now have a

Front row seat from any computer, watch anytime, from
anywhere, with those you love, as many times as you want.

With your permission, I'd like to be your coach, and share with you the very best tools, tips and techniques I've used for improving your memory, reading abilities, and so much more.

In other words, I'll show you the EXACT STEPS and specific directions to help you get more out of your mind, NO MATTER what your AGE, EDUCATION or CIRCUMSTANCE.

And I am committed to making this fun and simple! You are no longer alone, because...


Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

As your coach, I will not only share with you the best skills and ideas to help you take your mental performance to the next level, but I will also be there to support you as you learn and train.

In fact, when you have questions you can post it in our member forum and I'll answer them PERSONALLY.

I'm going to teach you in these TWO PROGRAMS what it took me a TWO DECADES TO LEARN.

There will be more surprises, just register and you will receive your login and everything you need to know.


I look forward to supporting you, and will see you on the other side.

Keep living and learning.

Your success is my success,

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Jim Kwik

P.S. This program has a full 30-day money back guarantee. We believe in it and we believe in you. Take the entire memory program, and if your memory has not dramatically improved, just send an email to [email protected] for a full and prompt refund.

A Special Kwik Invitation

To a Faster & Smarter You

Join Jim Kwik and get complete access to his 2 renown life transforming online coaching programs, Kwik Recall & Kwik Reading. Until now, these programs have never been offered outside of Jim's corporate clients or trainings in our NY office.

In a fun, super convenient and interactive manner, Jim will show you how to be more mentally efficient so you can…

  • Make more money
  • Have more free time
  • Enjoy less stress & anxiety
  • Advance your career
  • Get better grades
  • Have the memory you've always wanted
  • Process information faster than ever before
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Improve mental performance
  • Impress your friends and coworkers
  • Have greater confidence
  • Think and focus more clearly
  • Catch up, keep up and get ahead
  • Get the competitive advantage

Kwik Learning Recall/Reading
Online Training Series

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle
Weeks 1 - 8 (includes 3 bonus weeks)

Program 1 - Kwik Recall: How to Achieve Super Power Memory ($997 value)

8 online sessions over 8 weeks.

There is no learning without memory. Over the last 20 years, I've been teaching this course to individuals to top organization clients like Nike, Virgin, Zappos, Marriot, and Harvard University. Many have written back saying they're amaze at how much they are able to memorize now because of going through this program. From names, faces to numbers... they're literally astounded. Over 8 weeks, I'll show you how to...

  • How to memorize almost every name and face you meet!
  • Recall any number, no matter how long, with ease (pin, credit card, phone, etc.)...If you've ever seen me speak, you know that I can memorize up to 100 or more digits live on stage!
  • Remembering vital client and product info -- imagine if you can ask your client's about their family by name without notes? They'd be surprised and feel cared for instantly!
  • How to memorizes sales scripts, speeches and give mind-blowing presentations without notes!
  • Go through and memorize difficult facts and technical information for important projects where legal, medical or technical information can cost you money!
  • Spend more of your day "doing" instead of "organizing" by memorizing to do lists, processes, strategies and more! And much, much more!

Retail Value: $997.00

(Tuition for Similar Class Training at Jim's Office)

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle
Weeks 9 - 16 (includes 3 bonus weeks)

Program 2 - Kwik Reading: How to Read 3X Faster ($997 value)

8 online sessions over 8 weeks.

This year, I've read close to 200 books. Many clients tell me after going through this program, they're reading a book a week, some even more. Just imagine how powerful that would be. You would be able to drink in the wisdom of experts authors, leaders and researchers... as if you were gulping down a "smart shake". You'd know things nobody else in the meeting room knows. You'd see things everyone else misses... just because you have more knowledge, more intelligence and more facts in your head.

Here's what I'll teach you in this course...

  • Read 2-4 times faster using my proven 3-step strategy. Best part, you can reduce sub-vocalizing, and reading one word at a time. I'll show you how to "fly" through the words!
  • Scientifically proven techniques for better comprehension -- you'll understand what you read even if it's heavy technical, legal or medical jargon using what I'll show you!
  • Better yet -- you'll discover a simple way to remember anything and everything that's relevant and useful... while cutting out the fat and gristle!
  • How to build laser focus -- you'll instantly reduce your mind from wandering, day dreaming and getting distracted!
  • Our Rapid Online Reading method - Instead of spending hours on emails, websites, and more... you can speed read everything in 30 minutes or less. No more eye strain from staring at the monitor!
  • Plus, you'll learn how to PROPERLY study new information. Most of what you learned about studying or used back in school is actually drastically inefficient!
  • And much, much more!

Retail Value: $997.00

(Tuition for Similar Class Training at Jim's Office)

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle


To Replays & Updates for BOTH PROGRAMS!

Retail Value: $997.00

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

"Best of Jim's Training" Modules

When you register now, you will also receive these special one time unique bonus training gifts:

  • LEARNING FOREIGN LANGUAGES - Do you want to learn another language? A lot of people want to learn foreign languages but don't know the best place to start. This program will help you to memorize foreign vocabulary with greater ease and speed!
  • HOW TO REMEMBER JOKES - Have you ever heard a great joke and then try to remember it and retell it the next day? This program will help you to memorize all kind of jokes, with real examples!
  • HOW TO RECALL YOUR DREAMS - 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping. How well do you recall your dreams? This program can help!
  • BRAIN HEALTH INTERVIEW SERIES - Receive instant access to exclusive interviews with brain health experts like Dr. Mark Hyman (NYT Best-Selling Author of "Ultra Mind," Dr. Mark Stengler (America's Natural Doctor,) Dr. Daniel Amen (NYT Best-Selling Author of "Change Your Brain Change Your Life," and many more.
  • And Much More

Retail Value: $497.00

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

Kwik Learning On the Go!

Make Jim your mobile memory mentor! All your trainings are now also available to stream direct to your iPad and iPhone!

"Well presented with fun learning tools. Your life can be changed through this course."

Linda S
United Nations

"You saved me a lot of time and money. You make learning fun. You're phenomenal!"

-Fortunato Calabro

"Jim Kwik is excellent. Very engaging, high energy and informative. It's very valuable for your business and your life."

Valerie Maitland-Smith
President, SCI Business Consulting


Watch a conference of business owners give Jim a
50 digit number to remember forwards and backwards.

Our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Jim Kwik - Kwik Learning Bundle

This program has a full 30-day money back guarantee. We believe in it and we believe in you. If you are not impressed with your results, just let us know for a full and prompt refund.

Order Now and Start Kwik Learning in 5 Minutes

Enroll and Receive Immediate Access to Session #1. Each Week Receive An Email With Your Next Lesson (Each Approximately 60-90 minutes in Length). Register NOW and Receive as a Bonus: Life Time Access to this Training & All Future Updates. Watch at Your Own Pace & Schedule.
"Jim Kwik improved my memory personally & professionally to the point where I impressed myself!"
Rita Treadwell, Director of Sales & Marketing, Marriott Hotel
"My reading speed increased 3x with better comprehension. My memory is sharper with more focus and has enabled me to improve my business."
Rich Hartman, Agency Director, MetLife Financial