Jim Knippenberg - Home Study Course on Energy Balls For Seduction & Covert Influence

Jim Knippenberg - Home Study Course on Energy Balls For Seduction & Covert Influence digital download. Info: [3 DVDs - MP4 1 eBook - PDF] | 823.33 MB. So...

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Jim Knippenberg - Home Study Course on Energy Balls For Seduction & Covert Influence

Type: Digital download

Format: [3 DVDs - MP4 1 eBook - PDF]

File size: 823.33 MB

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I've got two FREE "crash course video tutorials" here for you, with information you can start to use right away, so make sure you read this entire page....

In the last newsletter I said I would continue with some more information on how to use gratitude and gifting and appreciation to manifest what you desire.

Now a lot of people have the wrong idea about "appreciation" or "gratitude" and they have an idea of some "inferior" giving thanks because someone "superior" to themselves has "granted their wish".

Sort of like the mush some teenagers (and adults!) do when they are with someone, and they think their whole "miserable existence" is somehow made worthwhile because so-and-so was kind enough to like them.

That's just bull.

Now you CAN, if you choose to, influence those sorts of people by being the one who gives them their self-esteem. I prefer to stay away from that sort of thing and share my time and energy with people who actually have something going for them in life.

Now there are times when we have to deal with difficult or unreasonable people.

And if you're going to learn a set of skills, you might as well learn skills you can use in your day-to-day life, skills that help YOU get what's important for you.

Now after I wrote the last newsletter, one of the ladies bought the newly updated Dream Invader "Crash Course" that is now available as an instant download (). And I'm NOT writing to tell you about that course, nor about the 50 percent referal bonus you can get by promoting it to your own blog, online journal, newsletter, or website.

So why did I mention it?

Because the lady took one of the BONUS reports that come with that course and used it right away to make a difference in her own job AND at the same time to help some other people. She got what she wanted, in a way that was good for all concerned.

I will let her share with you what she did, and I will also give you some additional pointers. All this BEFORE we even get to the free video tutorials!

I've deleted the place where she works and slightly changed the email to protect her privacy, however you'll get the gist of what she did here:

"Hi Jim! I purchased the Dream Invaders course [the "Crash Course" that you can get now as an
instant download at ] this past week. I just wanted to
share with you about using the Radiant heart technique.

"I work in ... a fun job but also extremely challenging at times. The environment I work in has 3 ladies
... Since last sunday all 3 have been extremely wound up and increasingly
behavioural. Sometimes all the tricks the staff has to diffuse that sort of thing
just doesn't work. Yesterday and today I have been working diligently applying the
radiant heart technique on them. It seemed like they felt a great relief from that.
Took nearly 24 hours of using it for them to get back to themselves, and they just
went happily [on their way] instead of fighting and screaming at the tops of their
lungs. Wow. I am thankful. What a great bonus.

"I bought the Dream Invader course to help me understand better what it is that I
already do, and to maybe be able to do it more consistently. I have no desire to
control or manipulate anyone. But I do find that when I do a dream visit with
someone who I had been having difficult communication with, we find it easier during
the waking time to sort things through. Not always. But usually. Sometimes
language barriers continue on during the dreamtime too.

"Oh well. Just thought I'd share.

"Appreciating you!"

Ms. X.

Thanks for sharing that email, and what I really like is how she went and found some context she could use the materials in right away and did something with the BELIEF that it would work, and she was persistent.

Now in that sort of situation, you could also combine things like reducing the Triple Warmer, or one of the techniques to correct scrambled energies, however notice she used a Radiant Energy, a "liking energy," an energy that is naturally activated when people genuinely LIKE and APPRECIATE each other.

I'll tell you what, you take that one energy, and you learn it, and you use it for yourself, and you learn to activate it in others (there are multiple ways to do that, and I'll show you a real good method in videos here in just a moment...), and you can do what seems like miracles.

I have used that technique to help a married couple that was headed for divorce stay together. I have used it in consultations along with timeline installations to help a good friend heal herself when she had given up hope. I have used it to get women who weren't interested or had someone else to be with me.

You do that right, and it doesn't matter if they've got a boyfriend or girlfriend, if they're engaged, if they're married....

I believe in using these techniques where you live, in ways that are important for you.

I've used this stuff to solve problems with a supervisor at work...

To help at least two different couples keep their marriages together...

To have a fun fling with someone I really wanted to have fun with, even though they were "already taken"...

To get someone I really liked to ASK ME OUT! (You know, if they're the ones asking YOU out, you never have to worry about being turned down!)

To get someone who had already said "NO" several times...

See, when you can connect with someone at the energy level, and you can communicate with them what you like and appreciate about them in a way that no one else can do, you instantly magnify your own personal power, charm, and charisma many, many times more than the "average chump" out there.

It all boils down to your ability to like and appreciate yourself, first, though!

Because then you can come from a position of power and authority where YOU are the one who knows how to activate those good feelings in others!

At that point, you don't have to care one way or the other if you get "accepted" or "rejected".

Because you'll have the ability to connect with the energies that cause people to like each other anyway, and if someone doesn't respond well, then you've just found out in the first 3-5 seconds (or less!) they would have been a waste of time anyway, and you can go find others who are capable of responding to what you have to share with them.

There was a well-advertised show on cable in the last few months, and they had guys who got one-on-one personal training from some of the best pickup artists in the world. (And, yeah, those guys ARE good at what they do...)

But those guys who got that personal training were put in a public place, and their "assignment" was to get someone who was walking by to stop and engage in a conversation.

They fell flat on their faces. I really felt bad for them.

I'm NOT a pickup artist, and I don't want to be, either.

I do know that it's real easy to stop someone and strike up a conversation with them. Now if they're training for a marathon, and they're out running, maybe they're so well motivated you won't get them to stop... But most people don't have that kind of a well-formed outcome. Even when they're supposedly in a hurry.

Well, one of the ways you can use mesmerism and psychic influence along with radiant energies to get someone else's attention is with Energy Balls.

Do it covertly; do it overtly where you TELL them you're going to throw an energy ball at them. Heck, I've done it both ways, and they light up like a friggin' pinball machine. And I just happen to know the way to USE it to get them to TILT in your favor.

I've got two free crash course tutorial videos I'd like to share with you. All you got to do is click on them to activate the control and press the play button:

And after you watch that video, here's Part 2:

Now if you will just go practice what I shared with you in that free tutorial, you'll soon begin to improve the way people respond to you.

Of course my real motive here is I want you to like the FREE tutorial so much, you'll want to buy the entire Energy Ball Training Course.

Last year, I advertised an email course, and those who signed up for it ALSO got THREE DVD's with the course...

Well, I've also added some additional bonuses...

So, you can get the email course that I taught to those subscribers AND the THREE DVD's AND a Rare And Valuable Manual On Mesmerism And How To USE It to influence others...

PLUS an additional bonus you'll be pleasantly surprised to get, and you'll just have to order the package to find out what that bonus is.

Anyway, I charged those who signed up for the email course $149 bucks JUST for the email course...

And you're getting THREE DVD's with it also... A $297 value...

That's $446 Bucks Right There, BEFORE Adding In The BONUS materials!

And if I were to charge that price, it would be damn well worth it to you...

I've done some pretty incredible things with these techniques... I even got a total stranger to make out with me... (She was FINE, too...!) I don't know her name, and she doesn't know mine... She was a damn good kisser, though!

I can't promise you'll have the same results, because I don't know how much you're willing to train with the techniques...

I know the BENEFIT of being able to do these things has been EXPONENTIALLY GREATER than the small amount of effort I've invested to learn...

Here's what I can do for you, though.

I KNOW these techniques work.

Doc taught them to me, and I've shared them with others, also.

I know this stuff works, so I'll just tell you up front, you get this course, and I'll give you 6 months to try it out...

If you don't like it, for whatever reason, no hard feelings, just return it for a full refund, minus shipping & handling.


I'm going to be doing some marketing with this course that I SHOULD have been doing all along with my other materials, and I want as many of you as I possible can get to try this course out for me...


Not only am I going to give you an INCREDIBLE DEAL on these 3 DVD's, a Manual with the Email Course in it, the Rare And Valuable MESERMISM Manual, AND the Special Valuable Bonus you'll only find out about when you order this course...

For the FIRST FIVE WHO ORDER RIGHT NOW, you also get an ADDITIONAL BONUS worth at least $30 Bucks...

But only if you're one of the first five to Buy This Course Now!

Like I said, this is worth well over $446 bucks...

And you can get it for JUST $197....

AND you get my no-hassles, 6 month, iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

The risk is all on me, but I'm not the least bit concerned, because I KNOW this stuff WORKS!

You agree as you Buy Now that these materials are for your own personal, private use only, and you will not sell, copy, or redistribute these materials in any way. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you have a full 6 months to try these materials out and see how well they will work for you when you follow these simple instructions. So click that Buy Now button. You don't even need a paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account, just follow the prompts after clicking the "Buy Now" button for your location.