Jim DiVitale - Commercial Photography Lighting, Part 1 & 2

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Jim DiVitale - Commercial Photography Lighting, Part 1 & 2 digital download. Info: [DVD (ISO)]. In this two-part course, Jim goes through a series of pr...
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Jim DiVitale - Commercial Photography Lighting, Part 1 & 2

Type: Digital download

Format: [DVD (ISO)]

Commercial Photography Lighting Part 1 & 2

Jim DiVitale has spent his entire career working as a commercial ad photographer. The skills and techniques he has honed over the years apply not to just studio photography, but to all other types of photography as well. In this two-part course, Jim goes through a series of product shots and demonstrates his workflow; everything from lighting and shooting in the studio to post production on the computer. In part one, Jim works through the challenges of product shots of jewelry, carbonated soda, perfume bottles and more. Follow along with this course and let him show you how it is done.

Commercial Photography Lighting, Part 2

Jim begins part two talking about the importance of color calibration and working with camera profiles. He moves on to shoot some product shots and shows his processing methods after he gets the images back his computer. Jim points out that it is important for all photographers to have the ability to maintain consistent lighting and to be able to capture good, clean images. This class is specific to product photography but the skills covered are universal.

Part 1 & 2 Lessions:

  • Lesson 01 Introduction (1:13)
  • Lesson 02 Camera Profiles and Color Calibration (11:20)
  • Lesson 03 Athletic Shoe: Studio Shot (18:52)
  • Lesson 04 Athletic Shoe: Retouching (19:34)
  • Lesson 05 Purses: Studio Shot (7:26)
  • Lesson 06 Purses: Retouching (15:55)
  • Lesson 07 Multiple Shoes: Studio Shot (18:22)
  • Lesson 08 Multiple Shoes: Retouching (11:43)
  • Lesson 09 Golf Club: Studio Shot (15:08)
  • Lesson 10 Golf Club: Retouching (17:25)
  • Lesson 11 Toy Plane: Studio Shot (11:15)
  • Lesson 12 Toy Plane: Retouching (11:57)
  • Lesson 13 Bottles: Studio Shot (10:57)
  • Lesson 14 Bottles: Retouching (10:09)
  • Lesson 15 Jewelry: Studio Shot (10:15)
  • Lesson 16 Typewriter: Studio Shot (6:26)
  • Lesson 17 Typewriter: Retouching (4:17)
  • Lesson 18 TV Clock: Studio Shot (7:12)
  • Lesson 19 TV Clock: Retouching (7:02)
  • Lesson 20 Glass of Coke: Studio Shot (18:19)
  • Lesson 21 Glass of Coke: Retouching (5:46)
  • Lesson 22 Clear Globe: Studio Shot (9:44)
  • Lesson 23 Clear Globe: Retouching (7:11)
  • Lesson 24 Perfume Bottle: Studio Shot (13:22)
  • Lesson 25 Perfume Bottle: Retouching (10:45)
  • Lesson 26 Silver Bowl: Studio Shot (15:23)

Jim DiVitale

Jim DiVitale has been an Atlanta commercial advertising photographer and instructor for over 28 years, specializing in digital photography and computer photo illustrations for corporations and advertising agencies nationwide.

He is a PPA Master Photographer, Master of Electronic Imaging, Photographic Craftsman, Fellow of the American Society of Photographers, a Canon "Explorer of Light," and serves as Director of Education for the "Digital Imaging Institute for Science and Medicine".